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The first, pure generation always beat the second. That is why Gohan could not surpass his father.

Privacy coins do absolutely shit in this market.

Here's the TurtleCoin link rundown for potential newturtlecoiners:

>TurtleCoin's homepage

>TurtleCoin community on discord

>TurtleCoin subreddit

>TurtleCoin thread on

>Listen to the founder being interviewed (leave 5 stars on the blockzero itunes page, pls)

>Get Shells (TurtleCoins) for free

>Where to buy TRTL for BTC

>Play Turtle Trouble

Anything else to add?

>Tip me, please

what? why?

>widely distributed decentralized Genesis blockchain secured by miners across the world.
>Centralized premined scam coin.
Hard choice.

Fucking kill yourself you shilling shitlog. This coin was created so it could be pumped and dumped once and now that it has been its deader than elvis.
Fuck off with this turtle bullshit.

This isn't a PnD scam you mong, I started following this project a few weeks back and have been impressed at the speed the dev's are working to really make it come together and the community so far has been amazing. It's a breath of fresh air among all other stinky pajeet coins that have been shilled hourly on biz.

I wonder how much wealth this grassroots movement can create.

You do know Satoshi could crash the market at any moment.

dear god, why do i want to lick every inch of her body

why won't this fucking shit coin moon?

Fuck off pajeet

>Not a PnD
>Was pumped and dumped exactly once and now doesn't deviate from 3sats
>"the devs are really doing stuff this coin is going places it's a good coin that has something to offer fuh fuh ufh fuh!"

Just stop it. This worthless coin is dead forever. Noone is gonna pump it again so move on to something else.

Don't post in this thread then.

don't shill that shitcoin ever again and kill yourself

Who would win, 1$ or 123832183218318 bitcoins?

The butthurt alone is worth it, lol.

TRTL will be worlds reserve currency

>dear god, why do i want to lick every inch of her body

every dirty mongrel wants to taint her, uh, taint

i want to pajeet her shit up

i've got 200k turts... am i gonna make it?

TRTL is a scam:

Not private, has rich list, shows tx amounts.

Use Monero for privacy.
Use BTC for value store.

Stop shilling this cancer, it's hurting people you fucking unscrupulous cunt.

Not unless you can make it on like 50 us dollars.

that's a year salary in my country

no because it has a shit name for a currency

Every coin is better than bitcoin at this point, you can take any obscure shitcoin and it's better than BTC if you compare things like transaction speed, block size, privacy, etc.

But that is missing the point entirely and is the wrong way to value BTC

>i made 22k off of this shitcoin
I really hope you didn't fall for this scam

Fucking pajeets. Why dont you go invent a toilet that looks like a street. Youd make a million overnight.



>faggot hasn't heard the children's stories

>first generation
correction: the first

there are hundreds of first generation coins, hundreds of "second generation" coins, but nobody gives a shit.

but there will never, ever be another bitcoin, regardless of how underhyped it is compared to shitcoins, it was the first, and that property only gets more important as more and more shitcoins get released.

Turtle has some true issues (as do all coins), but you're a fucking idiot if you think a list of transaction amounts (with no source or destination addresses) is a "rich list". How do you even function being so stupid that you can't even see that the link you posted simply shows how much a transaction was, not what amount an address actually has, nor what addresses those transactions pertain to. Monero literally has the same thing dumb fuck:

You can opt to hide even the transaction amount in monero, but you don't have to, so this particular transaction exposes the transaction amount, just like turtle.

Fucking brainlet.

and why would he do that

Its fckng shit though. Absolute.fcking.shit.