Trump tweet has "SNP" and some other stuff hidden in the "Caps Code" he does. Ideas?

If you follow Trump at all you'll know he hides codes and messages in his tweets all the time. Sometimes they're for his people sometimes they're for anyone. Spelling "mistakes" are never an oversight, and abnormal capitalization is the other most common tactic he employs. So this tweet with the "P" oddly capitalized is a dead give away. I can see SNP in there, what about at the beggining with all those caps? Anyone?

Here's a bigger one.

high school english teacher level of reach there bud

I don't know if you're just being a smartass, but if you're not familiar with these, he does them all the time, and this one IS definitely one. Guaranteed. He doesn't make capitalization mistakes on accident.

What I want to know is what about the S-U-S-A-F-N-M at the beginning. Do those mean anything to anyone? Does "SUSA"?

Or if the S isn't part of it, then it'd just be U.S.A. FNM then SNP. Does FNM mean anything?

Scottish National Party

Trump is about to liberate Scotland from it's London occupiers!!

No, it's SNM.

He's just a very very dumb old boomer
>Muh sekret code

is that a picture for ants?
its got to be at least 10x that size!

Your president is semi-litterate, sorry.

really you should educate yourself. i cant see ONE capitalisation mistake here.

> reading trump tweets for anything but entertainment

Dunno, ask Q user

SNP must be S&P. He's going to crash the market down to its "lowest level in history"


reminds me of the old /pol/ threads kek


>Does FNM mean anything?
Friday Night Magic
Trump is trying to tell us something about Magic: The Gathering
MtGox was an MTG exchange originally
and it was located in Japan
Hold on
XEM is a Japanese coin
Trump is telling us something big is happening with XEM

Damn, how’s it feel that a semi-literate retard is more successful than you’ll ever dream of being?

>implying having to be president is a good thing

You do realize he dictates his tweets to an assistant.

For all the non trolls in there. I figured out the second one. FNM is obviously Fannie MAe.

So that leaves "SUSA" which is the name of a VC firm in San Fran, and QAnon recently talked about a high value target arrested in San Fran on Friday.

Well then, your president employs semi-literate staff.

conspiracy faggots are the worst
go to your containment boards /x/ and /pol/
this place is for talking about business and finance

This isn't some episode of black mirror or the xfiles this is a fucking japanese mango imageboard

Take your meds

Q has the answers

He's trying to say SFM. I'm guessing he finally has some time away from the secret service and is trying to fap in the bathroom or something, he wants us to send him some SFM porn.

never forget covfefe meant something like "dont sacrifice children to moloch" trump is the man

This has nothing to do with Veeky Forums, fuck the fuck off OP.