I shorted BTC at 8.3

I shorted BTC at 8.3.

Have I fucked up?

4k soon

Depends on how much leverage you used.


i suspect that we are on a recovery now, the only question is how high it will go back up to.

obviously in hindsight, selling at the 16k or even 12k mark and then rebuying at 7k was the smart thing to do, but obviously nobody knows how these things happen.

does it begin to recover now? is it going to a new ATH withing the next few months?

i shorted at the exact bottom and i'm still holding through.

i'll close at 7500

user I have bad news for you. We are going to 9k straight

yes you made a huge mistake, it just reversed

New ath incoming get ready

We might see one more drop and op can b saved. But then its goin up bigly.

I shorted at 8k kek hoping for the head and shoulders


i'm not worried, i trust my ta.

i just brainfarted there, i had a shot since 8600, closed it at 7850 because that was clearly the bottom. but since my meme lines say it'll go lower i decided to reopen it, like if i never closed the short before.

so yeah

I pumped in 3k so I won't just be thrown out

take the loss, close the short

no, we're going to 4k

you'll make a decent amount if you don't get liqd today

relax op. we all make bad trades sometimes. even pros. the diference between a good trader and a bad one is the bag holding. sometimes you eat a loss quickly. dont hang on to it.

If you dont feel confident, buy back in at a small loss and accept it and learn from it. try again later.

Personally believe shorting around 12k is the next best idea



i'd take the loss if we were in uptrend, but we are in full downtrend.

my hard stop is around 8600 but i heavily doubt it will reach it

I might eat shit having said this, but i just figure the trend is that it drops enough so that people buy up, hits a new ATH, and repeat.
Obviously Jan threw this for a loop, since we 19k, 16k, 13k, and now we're in a new dip at 8k.
It'll go back up, but to what lengths?

should be easy enough to recover

You turbo brainlets never fail to make me laugh

>doing anything with btc
You're a sperg trying to make a quick buck, why should I or anyone care?

17k and then it will drop to around 12-14k for a few months

Bitcoin $5K tomorrow.

I can live with a 17k, i went full retard and bought the ATH at 19k.
I'll sell at a smallish loss, just so i can finally fucking start making money again.

Close short at $9400 then go long. No clear sign of reversal yet. Downtrend line is unbroken. Bulls are showing strength here, but we have no idea if it will last.

your waves are too big friend, unless that entire downtrend was the 5th wave, that ABC doesnt look like a correction. ABC's need to be corrections. What you have , instead of ABC, looks like 123

what does shorting mean? please dont call me retard


selling low and buying high later

ok thanks
what app is this



Shorting---- You rent a Lombo $1000 a day) and sell it to Trayvon cash ($100,000)! hoping someone will shoot him before he tries to register it.

It's the contrary of long.


shorters never learn

Robinhood, close position while you can op ur goin down

Shorting = short selling = selling something with the intention of buying it back when it is cheaper. You can short sell things that you are currently holding, or to things you don't own by finding somebody to agree to take up the other side of the bet.