IF you HAD for whatever reason to go all in on ONE single coin...

IF you HAD for whatever reason to go all in on ONE single coin, something in which you had legit faith that it'd rise in value considerably in coming years, something which you'd be forced to leave for... lets say 5 years without touching it, which would it be?
I can't take the stress of this shit any more.
Anyone who says bitcoin, please try to be more imaginative.

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Oh and this is my current choice btw. Happy to be convinced that I'm wrong. I want the price to rise, but I'm not looking to get rich. Is there a better choice?

I’d choose XMR. Slowly yet steadily rising, will be a safe haven for eventual regulation, etc.

That being said, I am not currently in XMR because I want more volatility this year and a higher chance for a legit moon mission.

CINDICATOR (CND). Will hit $5 this year, $20 within 3-5 years. Find the Palm Beach Confidential Report about it if you need to know more.


you are fucking retarded if you dont answer bitcoin to this question

>fundamentally best coin
>you would get 5 years of forks


nobody is buying your bags that Teeka sold you, idiot


Unironically some stock index. I don't trust any crypto to last 5 years, these things require at least weekly monitoring and some amount of diversification.

If I have to I'll go for Ethereum as I'm already technologically invested in it.

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This. Crypto has only been around for ten years. Five more years would make a third of it's timeline, chances are 99% of current coins are whipped out by then


Vechain, $5k+ a coin plus, 5 years of Thor generation.

I don't understand how they can be bags if I got in at .06 cents and .14 cents? Seriously, how uneducated are you? I am holding 7 different cryptos right now and I only recommended CND to OP. I am trying to help, not shill my agenda on him/her. You disgusting filth

trips. this is the future. just bought 100k

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I think the problem is that people don't understand CND. It's shit, it's at best 63% accurate which is withing normal random distribution. Both the ai and users can't predict shit. Once people realize that it's just a Ponzi where the top users get paid measley dollars for their thousands of predictions, it's going to crash. I would get out while you've made a decent profit there may be a few more months missions but this is doomed to fail so beware.

Why would teeka recommend it then? He told me to buy eth and neo and omg way before they took off.

Bitcoin cash.

If bitcoin segwit is successful, bcash will still be around as the unbroken chain that runs on older more classic tech like Etherium classic is.
But, if bitcoin segwit is not successful, Bcash will flip it, and bseg will go to zero.

It's just sensible to minimise risk

Right now, Matrix AI or HPB

I'm sorry but if Cindicator is shit, then every other coin in existence is shit too. Have you read Teek's report on CND? Have you experienced the expert trading bot? I know it is crazy accurate for people. Why do you think the token has not dipped as hard as others during this last crash? People aren't selling it because they want to know what is going to happen next. Also, CND doesn't also apply to cryptos, but it predicts political situations, stocks, oils, futures, commodities etc.

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ooooor you're not retarded and wont risk not being able to jump off the bandwagon if people decide that it's only "digital gold" because it was first horse out of the stable.

not FUD-ing, saying it's 'bound to happen', just saying that it's a possibility that shouldn't be taken out of the equation

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Besides, Bitcoin cash is going to be THE currency that will be widely adopted by merchants - both here, and in the third world.

People with no internet can already trade BCH with SMS - TODAY imgur.com/gDGpSXE

You want to be wealthy by 2025? There you go.

I'd also pick XMR

Everyone will throw it in the garbage and revert back to physical money, just like everyone did with the Kinect.

I'm already all-in on omisego.

ZCL and BTCP, no one?

They need to make the wallet it easier to use and run faster on mac. Otherwise I won't put money in it.



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