How much XLM for the suck?

How much XLM for the suck?

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>thin girl with a nice face and tits is so unheard of that she can become an incredibly high end escort

she loves sucking dick. you just gotta her off the train

she's the Audrey Hepburn of whores

You can see it in her face that she loves having a cock in her mouth, most likely you just need to get her alone and pull it out and she'll take care of the rest.

Does this ever work for you?



millions after the big incoming crypto crash


>4 hours - $3000
>6 hours - $4000
>16 hours - $6500
>24 hours - $8000
>48 hours - $14000
what the actual fuck. who pays for this shit? she is maybe an 8/10 too... what the fuck

Where are you getting these numbers?

i just... wow. i'd love to see the losers who pay for this.

REEEEE get out of my Japan you white slut

Losers with money I imagine.

What a sad world we live in, anons...

being born with a vagina is like a cheat code in life.

Being born attractive is the real cheat code. No one cares about your vag if you're ugly. And ugly girls have it worse than ugly men.

yeah but even the uglier girls just have to take care of themselves and they can look decent. I see what you mean though. I guess that's the price we pay for not being irrational and vapid.

literally just dont eat like a fatass and wear a bit of makeup
Basically put a tiny bit of effort into being attractive and they can do it

Holy shit... that's unreal. She's not even that hot

if you look at her calendar she's traveling constantly so yeah... there are people paying for this slut.

why wouldn't they just hit up backpage and find a decent escort that doesn't cost thousands

She's white, decently attractive, educated, not tatted up, and can make herself pleasant to be with for a few hours. This is a scarce-enough combination of traits that the market has deemed it extremely valuable.

>That bush


that homepage video is 10/10
it's of the same caliber as a high fashion advertisement
and she's a beautiful white girl in Japan
she can pretty much charge whatever she wants

You can even play with her armpit hair.

Literally like once a week.

Thats not what i am talking about. our world is full of misery and death, imagine an alternative universe where she is a happy bride to a noble honest man and that man is you user. A world where you have a purpose and something worth fighting for, where good is good and evil is evil and you know what to do and how to act. where you know how god wants you to act and you act accordingly.

Look outside user, when was last time you did something good, not for money or pride just because it was good. Are we even capable of acting on behalf of what is good anymore? i am 24, but i fell as if i am a 100 years old, i wonder if i am alone in that regard. I already know how all the 14 year old edge lords will respond, yet i have a strong feeling that i have to say all that right now.

>i know i know, nice blog post

pretty sure she's in NA somewhere.

Ye i feel you

I helped an asian man get his car unstuck 2 weeks ago. That was pretty altruistic.

I can sympathize with you, though.

Fuck off moralfag, monogamous "muh good ole days" relationships were built on the grounds laid by sexually masochistic puritans who loved depriving themselves. Meaningful relationships can still flourish, in fact all the time, you just don't have to be such a cuck about it


>a loving relationship between 1 man and 1 woman is deprived
ok man

Also, the world and people's morals are too varied and diverse for there to ever have and ever will exist an objective good and evil dichotomy, it all just depended on how in according with someone acted with popular opinion, or could manipulate popular opinion to make themselves to look in the "Good". And even on a basic emotional response level, altruism doesn't exist either, you'll still feel a bit better for doing something even if you get no physical, tangible return. Our universe is a deafening silence of grey with some darker and lighter patches, not a black to white gradient scale.

still rather have the ideal brah

Real men dont pay for women. Ever.

>criticizing monogamous relationships
>calling people who disagree with you a cuck
fuck you

10 Smartlands and 2 mobius for the full package. You suck my dick, fuck my dick, and lick my balls. Plus, if you eat my shit you get 100 kin.

So what is this? an escort?

you need to experience love and have a good fatherly figure user, otherwise we are not even in the same universe

a vapid whore who films herself fucking as well as sells her body to soyboy numales for thousands of dollars.

Monomgamous relatipnships aren't inherently deprived, they were just built and enforced by people who loved depriving themselves a long while ago and breed people who champion anything else as immoral and incapable of fostering happy healthy people. user's assertion that the lacking of more "happy bride, noble man" dynamics is what's evident of our dark world is both naive and elitist. Tl;dr: People can be happy in a variety of ways but implying that traditional monotony is the only way is retarded and the result of religious puritanism fuckery

a pretentious whore

>she got paid in xlm

yeah our morals and views can vary from place to place and from time to time, but there has to be a definitive "TRUTH", a great zero to universe where everything derives its value. I don't think that happiness is all that important, majority of time i don't want to do good deeds yet i still try and do them.

any other kindof relationship falls apart are u talking about open marriage? 1 man 1 wife really is the only one that leads to long term happiness
we get ur atheist but dont be a full on retard

>1 man 1 wife really is the only one that leads to long term happiness

More like 1 man 1 wife and multiple mistresses that you hope the wife won't find out about or just accepts as being inevitable.

i know this is b8, but man i hope there is no one who actually thinks like that in real life and not just a troll on a Mongolian baking recipe forum.

My father is fine, I'm just an angsty motherfucker; if anything I'd say I'm like this because my parents were such reigous hard asses. However I can say that I agree with you in saying that I need some kind of a loving relationship

>only sex matters
i dont think youve had a lasting relationship with a pretty girl you're in love with

>depriving themselves
>puritanism fuckery

Nah, there is something in it. If you don't have a degree of limits and norms you get... well increasingly what we have today. Legions of soyboys and whores with the thousand cock stare.

>why wouldn't they just hit up backpage and find a decent escort that doesn't cost thousands
because they're so fucking rich that they want to pay thousands so that they're not fucking some guttertrash who gives blowjobs for $20 a pop. High price escorts bring exclusivity so they don't have to fuck the same whores as tyrone.

>i dont think youve had a lasting relationship with a pretty girl you're in love with

I don't think you understand how realism works. Not all men are monogamous creatures. Sure maybe when I was younger in my teenage years I had a romantic notion of man and woman engaging in everlasting, exclusive love. You can share emotional exclusivity in a relationship, but the biology of man is wired to want variety sexually. Even the most faithful men are tempted. You'll realize this once you grow older.

you can find hotter girls than the one in question on backpage that aren't so expensive

I found some jap exchange student's wallet and returned it with all money intact to the police.

>you'll realize only sex matters once you get older
dude you're 20 and feel redpilled by pol which is why you're bitter
you'll grow out of this phase in like 2 or 3 years

Knew I recognized her from somewhere. It's the "I'm hot enough not to shave" girl.

Actually I'm 29 married with wife and kids.

Also biologically ur wrong still because test drops after 25 lowering sex drive substantially

>we are "wired" to [insert undesirable behaviour] therefore it's fine

temptations don't have to given into, bro. if the woman you're with doesn't sate your sexual and emotional desires, perhaps you should keep looking for one that does.

Also upon rereading what I wrote, I did sperg out on you a bit too hard, so I guess sorry about that man, however I still stand with the majority of what was said, albeit less vulgar. The point I was trying to make was that love can come in many forms beyond the traditional monogamous sense, especially emotionally, though I did a fuck all job at explaining that in a mature fashion. At the end of the day you got your beliefs and I got mine, and all I can really do is respect that fact.

Heading for divorce by the sounds of it. Work on your relationship user instead of trying to rationalise your wandering eye by making pseudo-scientific claims.

You want to fuck other women. That's a problem. Start looking for solutions, instead of excuses.

Personally I don't know how these people can even get it up knowing the woman you're spending with for a few hours secretly thinks you're disgusting and ugly.

That doesn't exist. Look are Arnold Schwarzenegger. Had a hot wife, still banged a literal goblin tier woman.

He would never have done that if he was single.

married fag here.
You're right, it's easy to be tempted and after youre married other women look hotter.

The trick is finding someone who you find hot, and also someone that's behind you in your life choices, passions and plans. I'd never cheat, because I have a perfect wife and it's just not worth it.

Find someone who you can be happy with most of the time and someone who will always have your back.

Your friends are gonna backstab you, your friends are gonna want to see you fail. Your wife should be the person whos gonna be with you at the end of your life.

Somethin to think about. Then again this is Veeky Forums.. why am i writing this

cheers mate

you don't get it, it's not about attractiveness or saving money. People who pay this much money don't care about saving a few bucks by finding someone off of backpage. Cost is not an issue to them they would rather pay more so that they know they're fucking someone who only fucks other rich men.

Why are you writing that? Fuck off

>celebrities are representative of all people's desires
c'mon dude. speak for yourself. I have a wife who makes me plenty happy and while I still look at other women, I don't have temptations to cheat on her.

I never said infidelity was fine. I said it's an aspect of life that is very present in men. Again, biologically a healthy man is wired to want to procreate with as many variable women as possible. That doesn't mean you have to act on that urge though. Better on you if you can fight the urge, but to deny this notion and create a picture of 1 on 1 monogamous marriage being natural is delusional. Also, I never said sex is the only thing that matters. If you read my post carefully again, I said that you can share emotional exclusivity in a relationship. That one partner can engage you mentally in no other way other women can, but sexually we desire variety, no matter how much you try to fight it.

Celebrities are just people user with the same failings as all of us.

Also, having ample opportunity to cheat makes it worse. If you're a 5 then you probably won't cheat

Cheers indeed

tbhf i think you just married an ugly girl

>but sexually we desire variety

No, YOU do. Get counselling, before your family pays for your weakness.

I think you'll be quite devastated when you realize that women in some way desire sexually variety as well. It's up to her to decide if she decides to act on those urges and go against your fidelity as well.

No, humans do.

>I will make pseudoscientific claims to ease my conscience over the fact that I want to bang other women

>I will refute scientific fact to rationalize my religious conscience.

>I will make pseudoscientific claims to ease my conscience over the fact that I don't want to bang other women

I think you both are ugly now desu

We're all ugly at heart in the eyes of someone.

Not if you take tren

Just DBOL and Var.

[citation needed]

pic related

>cites a paper written by SJWs to answer a key question about human behaviour

>Someone who studied something extensively and knows more about it than me came to a conclusion that contradicts my faith-based worldview
>Must be liherals

You can get that for $400+ in Los Angeles.

I've learned as much that the only way to respond to dickheads like yourself is to be a dickhead in return.

My post asked why there's so much negativity on this board, and I was met with the (expected) backlash from fuckers like you. So I respond with the same level of vitriol. What I can't stand is needless anger that is literally un-bated. If the anger has been brought out, go for it, but if you're being an asshole without being prompted, that's pathetic.

Kinda like this thread. If you're not a fuckstick, then this thread should rile you up. But seeing you and so many other Veeky Forumsheads have your tops blown off by another user asking why there's anger in the first place shows me that you're the exact cancer that's ruining this board.

inb4 I've been here when people used to give actual advice and help each other.

Call me pathetic all you want, but I'm quite content with my life. Unlike you, I don't lash out as a first resort

Why are they losers? You seem frustrated about other people getting laid at there discretion.

Please be trolling.

lol look at this fucking faggot

I am being slightly facetious, but I did take a quick look at their other published articles and found some shit about gender roles and wealth inequality among indigenous peoples. So yes, they probably are leftists, like most people in anthropology departments.

The obvious point is, why did you cite an insignificant paper, produced by 2 anthropologists?



butthurt weeb or gook detected

its fucking insane, how is she so high priced

Tumblr pls leave.