Which one do you recommend for buying and selling eth & btc ? Binance or cex.io or bitstamp and why

Which one do you recommend for buying and selling eth & btc ? Binance or cex.io or bitstamp and why

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Follow this link if your not on it yet binance.wtf/ redirects to my rêf.

How about you actually give some context ?


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You don't buy eth/btc on binance. They don't do fiat. Bitstamp is fine if you're a Euro but Gemini is better if you're a freedom loving patriot.

Cheers mate , what if i was a 3rd world shitholder ?

bitstamp took me around 3 weeks to get verified, but its good, use it for ETH/BTC
then if you are feeling fruity and would like to trade some pajeetcoins, send that ETH/BTC to binance
never used cex.io

Thanks man , that what most people say about bitstamp verification method

You're too late. If you're not firmly invested by now you won't make it.

That what niggers used to say at 2k and then boomers got in and crashed the shit

Normals got in and got burned. There won't be a boom in quite some time and trading is run by the bogdabots, which makes profiting for the individual insanely hard in the long run.

True but i'm not burning my entire asset to get into trading , i have some extra cash (not my savings , i'm not that retarded) so i'm pretty safe if it doesn't work out

Good luck.

Cheers , so what is your opinion on cex & bitstamp ?

I ain't clicking that link

Someone tell me what is that link?

It his ref to binance , it just a redirect


If you're not a fucking retard.

Are you fucking kidding me ? People are selling at 9k - 10k

Haven't tried it yet, but I thought I read that the seller said the web inflates the price, so call to arrange an order to meet by a public area (this seller preferred to do it at his bank of course)cash for btc to do qr thing, so unless they cannot meet u irl to do the transaction look elsewhere.

>meeting people IRL
Wut ? You do realize we're on the chan