imagine being the guy who bought 500k of this shitcoin and bragged about it in every thread. imagine being that delusional lol
selling 5% of his stack would literally wipe out the order book lololololol

Im getting absolutely JUSTD by this piece of shit. But i have too much pride to sell now. will hodl for one year

lol yeah me too, I didn't invest much luckily so I'm fucking holding till zero. Something has to happen eventually, even fucking bitconnect and confido mooned after their deaths

I'm still here, retard
I bought in ico
Bought idex
Bought ed
Bought kucoin
You aren't getting any cheap axp from me, bigger
I'll buy more

honestly just bad timing, will recover once bulls come back

Meant to say nigger not bigger kek

>im still here

I have a friend whos colleague was boasting the same thing haha.

Same. Should have sold right after ICO but I didn’t get my coins forever thanks to their fucking manual Token distribution. I bet they hired some pajeet “crypto consultant” to do it for them. Fuck you Gary Markham.

Yeah I would feel so much dumber if I sold now after post-ICO dump and it mooned in like 1-2 weeks.
Just go down with the ship I guess,

> cognitive dissonance will not allow me to admit I made a mistake so I must double down on my idiocy

dont you get it? it was purposeful so insiders could sell off and jerk offs like you have to baghold the rest of your life

Unlike you I buy low and sell high
Everything is down since they did the ico
If I held eth I'd be down even more so fuck off

The token is three weeks old
>I made a mistake
You probably thought req was vaporware after it sat near or below ico for 2 months before going 20x

The whole ICO and the devs doing the blockchain work is done by a company based in India. Are they embarrassed about it because they don’t show the devs on the team page, just mention them in the whitepaper and you need to actually search their blog to see the devs.

no other coin is 50% below its ico price llololololololololol

The token is three weeks old!
>if it hasn't mooned in the first month you're stuck holding at a loss forever lol mom I posted it again
I have patience and you're just trying to get weak hands to sell, otherwise why bother posting about a coin you have no interest in??

It's not 50% down in eth terms, retard

Lots of people care enough about axp to post negative shit, really makes ya think
If it was just a worthless coin why would anyone bother putting any effort into posting about it at all?

what ar u talking about man, axpire is the next rippel

>otherwise why bother posting about a coin you have no interest in??
because retards like you and your cognitive dissonance are so entertaining
>50% below ico price
a unique feat no other coin has achieved

because it's so uniquely bad and such a failure that its so entertaining to trigger the faggots who actually bought 500k of this shitcoin. what dont you get?

Stupid fucks couldn’t even be bothered to change the template on the phishing warning they sent. Still says India haha.

Not at all triggered, I'm actively buying more

>im actively buying more

>buying more

Not down 50% in eth terms but okay
Holding eth would be worse than holding axp from the ico let alone presale
Just because of you I'm unironically buying another 100k

Holy fuck I had to check and it's real.

>buying low
>cue laff track

No one cares. You have down syndrome lad. Now go on their website and buy some more.

>because of you I'm unironically buying another 100k
i honestly dont believe you exist. youre an actual pajeet shill, right? please screencap your wallet.

You seem to care quite a bit

please screencap your wallet. i want to laugh at you more

What amazes me is that every sell order is under ICO price - everyone holding this is that desperate to get out.

A moon for this token would literally be getting to ICO price - it would have to eat through almost 300 ETH of sell orders lol.

Considering that there is below 20ETH of buy orders, this will never happen.

dont you see? when roger ver tweets about it everything will be alright. r-r-right g-g-uys?

300 ETH in sell orders isn't much actually. TEL has a 1200 ETH sell wall.

i spent 1 eth and it's still worth 0.9 eth so idgaf

Nobody is buying this shit - you comparing one coin that has a million $ volume to one that has just over 100K. Those sell walls don't matter when you have buy orders.

Also every sell order on Telcoin is above ICO price and every sell order for Axpire is below ICO.