Let's do a DB x crypto crossover, BTC is obviously Goku, how about the rest?

Let's do a DB x crypto crossover, BTC is obviously Goku, how about the rest?
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bcash is hercule

Vegeta is litecoin. Short, bitchy, and always in Goku's shadow.

Gohan is ETH

These are the Dragon Balls

If goku is Bitcoin what the fuck is Jiren.

Vegeta is ETH. Not as effortlessly big as BTC, but trying so, so hard.

Gohan is LTC, a smaller version of BTC that mooned one single time, and then never was relevant again.

Goten is DOGE, an even smaller, shittier version of BTC.


Yamcha is tron, just trash

So what does ltc become when it becomes 3000$ end of summer

Frieza would be something like Bancor

Krillin is XRB. He's just one man trying to make it in a world of monsters, and he's got a single point of focus that can kill things way stronger than him. He also gets bombed to death once.

King Vegeta is ETC, for obvious reasons.

Yamcha is TRX. Gets beat the fuck up at any sign of trouble, and never recovers.

You up to date? What ever coin Jiren is, he's still the young little bitch from the flash backs. Needs time to grow.

nu-DB faggotry

>He also gets bombed to death once.

Tether of course

Master Roshi is Satoshi Nakamoto, the master.

The Crane Hermit is Da Hongfei, the master from China.

Tenshinhan is NEO, a strong foreign contender.

Chaotzu is GAS, the small friend of the strong foreign contender. Also, like real gas, he can explode when disturbed.

Fiat. Effortlessly swatting away this pesky nuisance.

>he can explode when disturbed
My sides

this is such bullshit
Bcash is not vegeta, it would be Mr Satan

No Master Roshi is cliff high
He literally is

I wonder if the aliens he's talking about are the saiyans

Hercule is BCH, a scam coin that people think is on par with Goku.

Raditz is BTG, another fork of BTC that nobody cares about anymore.

Nappa is BAT. Huge forehead, constantly demanding attention.

Who is Ripple?


Vertcoin is Piccolo
Bcash is Pajeeta

Chainlink is yamcha

Hey, Mr. Satan is a loser but he still is one of the most powerful humans.
Bcash is actually Yamcha.

Well I can tell you, I will be rich

MFW everyone in this thread is making shitcoins, a DBZ character. The only coins worth making characters are BTC/ETH/LTC/BCH/XRP/XMR/DASH.......everything else is literal trash with no community or backing


Dogecoin is the king of earth.

Xrp frieza
Link is ye trunks


whats with all the dbz threads, i just watched dbz kai like 5 days ago and now they start poping up
god damn google and obama spying on me


btw lets hope btc is like goku and after getting beat up his power level raises



still growing, will come up later in the crypto anime in the tournament of flippening, we still need to go through the following arcs:

Ripple arc: bankers pump ripple to #2 and almost kill the entire cryptoverse in the process. God emperor trump (hercules) summons BTC and Bitcoin Cash enough support from the cryptoverse to spirit bomb ripple. A decentralized ripple fork remains (XLM) known as "good ripple"

Beerus arc: Beerus and Whis (fiat and US shadow gov) descend to earth since they want to battle "Lightning God BTC". BTC explains it can only go LN and never heard of LN god before. XLM pisses off fiat with it's SDEX and fiat attempts to destroy the cryptoverse. BTC attempts the GOD ritual and BTC develops BTC LN GOD mode, no fees and instantaneous transactions. FIAT allows BTC to live for now in exchange for tax moni

Revival of GOX arc: mt GOX is revived by the gox dox force. Mt GOX seeks revenge on BTC and the cryptoverse. GOX is swiftly defeated by BTC and BCH's new blue modes that literally give you money for transacting and can transactions surpass the speed of light. Gox attempts to destroy the cryptoverse by getting doxed again but US shadow gov reverses time and gives BTC a second chance. Karpel├Ęs dick is cut off in prison and BTC hits 1million USD.

Universal tournament saga: BTC and BCH fight must fight against the fiat fork and US Shadow govt fork universe. BTC, BCH and NEO (piccolo) must defeat shadow GOX (frost), a couple of literal who shitcoins and chainlinks shadowfork (HIT) for CMC dominance

Goku black saga: BCH's son BCASH (note they are two different projects) goes back in time to seek support to defeat a malicious shadowfork of BTC which ends up destroying the universe. In the end, BTC must call upon Satoshi Nakamoto (Zeno) in order to defeat this shadow fork.

I have autism


>VEN = Zamasu

looks good on the surface, but there's a lot of shady stuff happening

A dragon or unicorn or something else that will never exist