Crypto has ruined my attention span

I can't focus on most things for more than 10-12 seconds before I have to change tabs.

Is my life ruined?

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meditate on that

Not quite, but you should really consider making a schedule for yourself.

Just take Focalin like I do when I trade, blocks my emotions while making me thousands

Post proof or gtfo

Veeky Forums did this to me before crypto was even a thing
far as I can tell there's no way to recover

I have the same problem. I use stayfocusd chrome extension (blocks websites after a certain ount of time each day), whitelist manager (when you want to block everything except a few sites, and I add sites I never want (Veeky Forums) to my hosts file. I also iluse a pomodoro app. So I can focus on one thing for 25 mintues at a time.

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it's a phase. learn from it before it goes back to normal.

Same boat OP. Crypto completely fucked by neuronal wiring and reward pathways. 6 months of nonstop biz shitposting during bull runs and what not. Look into meditation to reset

try meditation

Took up art to take a break from crypto... THIS is what happened

dopamine reward pathways get rekt

i find it challenging to read a book now...where before i could read for hours

its the same as too much gotta take time off, exercise, etc. to give your reward system time to return to baseline

yeah i'm completely fucked, my semester just started

worst part is, I work as a software dev
I'm always at my computer
tasks that should take me 1 hour take me 9+ hours now because I'm constantly distracting myself by checking browser tabs and charts

how much acid did you take

My dopa is already f'd up because i also do speed and trade. Which burns you out 10x as fast
I can't stop staring at the fucking chart, i need to find MY BUY IN REEEEEEEEEEE
These bulls and bear games are pissing me off, i need to know a firm direction of where it's going. Right now.... it can go either way

Not enough!

All consumed by crypto- which way will the BTC owl fly?

had this all life. only solution are stims

looks fucking cool user

I've hit capitulation though. Hopefully I return to the mean soon

I agree. Working on that myself. When I had a schedule, I was the most productive I've ever been.

Veeky Forums and fark combined with and without stims made me find them more engaging than doing my school work.

Interesting. I've thought about solutions like this before, but never used them. Considering something for myself and my nieces/nephews.

I agree on meditation. It can be as simple as laying down on one's back for 15 minutes in the dark in silence. Bonus points for active noise canceling headphones. Takes my brain about 7-8 minutes to calm down and then it goes into la-la land. Nice break for my legs and back to boot.

I struggle with that too. Been finding that doing small trades that are within the trend let me set and forget.

Alternatively, set a limit buy for a certain price near a buy wall and have a stop-sell to the next up sell wall once the buy limit price is reached.

Cheers. Ill say this, got me to focus on something for more than like, 5 mins.

Dunno how this market gonna work out for me, but I may get into crypto inspired art to keep my sanity intact!

And meditation fosho

This is a problem i see more and more today. There's too much stimulation in the world we live in. You need to find a way to remove yourself from that from time to time and exist without need to focus. I think that's why meditation is so big, not necessarily because it helps you transcend above or anything, but because it gets your mind to close off and not be bothered by everything around us constantly bombarding our attention. it's worth a thought

all you need is more than 1 monitor OP.
that will save you.