Does Veeky Forums take any stimulants and/or supplements to increase their cognitive ability while trading?

Does Veeky Forums take any stimulants and/or supplements to increase their cognitive ability while trading?

I take Focalin because it blocks my emotions and keeps me focused on the prize, word of advise - don't take dexedrine as Euphoria tends to cloud your judgement.

Remember, thinking like a millionaire doesn't mean you are one.

I used to be on Focalin. It make me emotionally attached to whatever I was working on and I'd often feel sad on the comedown.

Stims can be handy, but just make sure not to abuse them. I fucked up my life in part for a bit due to overuse... which is a problem when stims are free and the docs let me essentially write my own scripts.

I miss it for productivity.

I find that weed, when smoked to the point of no euphoria can keep me level headed when trading.

Running while high, showering and napping/meditating for 15 minutes = in the zone.

OP, how long have you been on stims?


I take magnesium, opc, d3 and a lot of other crap.
It kinda works, feel better during winter.

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if stims legitimately make you more productive and capable, more power to you. i've tried everything out there and it mostly ended up in me watching porn or playing chess for 8 hours a day instead of doing useful work, and then also made me feel jittery and anxious. modafinil didn't do shit either and i developed a fast tolerance to it.

About a year and yea, you can head down a very bad path with these chemicals or anything that affects your dopamine but self-control and low dose intake will keep ya right on the track

>modafinil ever day with a break every month or so, makes me autistically focused on whatever im doing at the time
>phenibut every 3-4 days, microdoses, use for my general anxiety and calms be down when going all in on a scalp
>weed or acholahol every night, depends if im up or down..
>microdose mushrooms inbetween the phenibut to lower tolerance, same effects as phenibut
i go hard

i drink alcohol i think my liver is swollen.

used to take klons (clonazepam) to even out my emotions during trading sessions. No highs, no lows.....just there.

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just a bunch of stimmed up faggots blogposting

Blocks any emotion or adrenaline for me.

I drink vodka and ensures that has a bunch of vitamins

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I stick my finger up my bum bum and sniffs it for all them non emotional trading focus feels

I heard you can get high from tap water

I chainsmoke

depends where you live, fluoride can be pretty wild if you drink to much.

I take some acid to focus.


Love that shit for presentations. I go from being a nervous autist to a confident chad. More people should know about it

microdose?, if so what dosage?, i take 15ug and am starting to think its slightly too high.

never heard of it, whats it like compared to pheibut if youve tried that?


The first year is definitely a great year with stims. It's good that you identified potential issues ahead of time.

That'll give you better control and understanding in the long run.

I used to take 60mg/day adderall for a few years during my undergrad and it turned me into an emotionless very productive zombie with no friends (I swear i was social before). I quit when I graduated because I was getting depressed and stopped for a year and a half and got healthy and happy again. Now I am in grad school and only take 20mg/every other day because some of the material is hard as fuck (computer stuff) and have never take in it successive days and I work out every day and eat clean as hell and feel very healthy and feel way better than 60mg/daily. Shit fucks with your body in high doses man

Modafinil is the working mans coke

Mmm delicious poison and actually does nothing for teeth! OH SAAAAY CAN YOU SEEEEEEEEE

This desu. It works surprisingly well but won't fuck you up like addy or other stronger shit.

hell no, i just throw a couple tabs in there and i hit BUY when i see green and SELL when i see red

so far i'm up 15,000%

Same nothing has worked for me besides plain old fashioned discipline

When I work in an office I did one thing to keep my productivity up. When I work doing creative stuff I do another thing or two to get the juices flowing. When I work doing something stressful I do a third thing to sleep at night. So it goes.

Adrenaline rush in tense situations is removed making you look calm and focused.

i take vyvanse 50mg. Keeps me sharp and focused all day.

Modafinil affects me really weirdly. Like I feel constantly sort of nauseous and am really aware of how my urine smells different. And it bolsters my latent autism, which has both good and bad effects. But most of all I just find that I have absolutely no desire to take it again after that first day on it, at least for a few weeks after

It's the perfect happy medium

Piracetam and Semax here. 4.8g piracetam and two shots of 300mcg semax and I'm good all day.
Tried all the derivatives of them and they either make me jittery or fog me up if I dose wrong whereas the P and S just make me feel less sharp.
Sometimes I'll throw some adrafinil in the mix if I need the extra simulation and coffee doesn't get it for me.

How many mg do you take per dose? I've tried it with 100 and 200, both amounts were just as potent

I smoke weed and enjoy brap posting

i don't really trade, but i drink every day.

Addy 30mg IR twice a day. Though taking a break right now to let my tolerance chill a little bit. Espresso and weed are actually great substitutes.

Would taking addy every other day help keep my tolerance from building once this break is over?

Only some coffe to wake up in the mornings and a little bit of chasing the dragon to take the edge off when going all in on a trade.

If we spend less money on food we can buy more heavy bags of OMG and LINK.
So name your favourite cheap and healthy groceries.

what did I just do? This was supposed to be another thread

Do you mean smoking heroine?

Concerta anyone?

someone tried bupropion?

I can go for days without sleep when taking armodafinil. I always regret doing that.

Piracetam makes you feel "less sharp"? Why on Earth would you take it then

I remember you from the other day talking about stims! Seeing this again encourages me to look at stimulants in a good way.

Excess = feels bad, man.

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Wrong thread, but geeek yogurt, apples, blueberries (when on sale and in relatively small amounts, they are wonderful. Kill harmful bacteria in your intenstinal tract (the gut produces around 80% of your serotonin) and is a very efficient anti-oxidant and can help boost one's brain power.

Oatmeal is also wonderful. Add in some cinnamon and drizzle with honey and for me, it's tasty.

Also, a large pack of frozen Normandy blend veggies and a steamer make for more tasty and healthy times!

One last thing is kefir. Most good bacteria in yogurt is transient while kefir is mostly colony forming bacteria. It's the one time I support colonization.

Yes, Vyvvanse

I've been interested in semax, racetams never did anything noticeable for me. Does semax do anything for you alone? What do you mean by less sharp?

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What dose did you try?

where can i get modafinil in canada?

I take xanax am I gonna make it?

I enjoy modafinil for coding. And it was the first thing I ever bought with bitcoin, and then got me heavily interested into crypto.

Nothing. I sleep 8h /day up 16h like +clockwork. 3 meals a day with a glass of grand cru, not 2. No coffee but selected teas, 2 showers /days and min 3l water. No drugs, no supplement. Champagne from time to time and never touch the top shelf. I am 53 but look 40.

I aspire to be like that. Everything in moderation.

Where do you guys get all this shit. All I can find is Percocet and I have a prescription for Valium but other than that doctors won't give me shit


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do you even nootropics bro?

Easy. Focus and try for 2 weeks. You won’t turn back. What do you have to lose user?

Take a few cups of coffee. I know it's not as good as real persc drugs but it's legal, cheap, easy as fuck to get and it doesn't make you a completely different person

>mfw nothing like a nice cup of joe in the morning to kickstart your trading

100 & 200mgs, same effects and potency for both

Raw chocolate will smooth you degenerates out

don't take stims for long-term productivity. you become state-dependent and the state goes away after a couple years. better to never get started.

What no? No heroin. Only chasing the dragon. Dragon is some brown powder and you out it on aluminom foil, heat it and inhale the vapors. It really takes the edge off. I do it all the ime, it really feels good!

>not sure if meming
That is gunpowder heroin

Took Tianeptine for 4 years for depression but it's a very potent nootropic as well. Quit a short time ago since it turned bad on me (opposite effects than what i used to get)

Heroin is white afaik

No. You will become addicted and do something that you don't remember doing. It will be something that you would never do normally. It will ruin your life.

I've used modafinil & armodafinil very heavily for almost a year with varying dosages/experiments, etc.

I found it was great in settings where I set my own schedule and had places to go. Meaning being able to wake up, dose, go to the gym (really fucking boosted the effectiveness for me), then I could get down to work. Had lost 20lbs and looked fantastic, got into a wonderful relationship, turned my life around in and outside of work.

The issue I experienced was that as I built up a tolerance -afinils it stopped masking my boredom and I wound up with a super fucked sleep schedule.

Never became dependent on it, but like people here have said I'd say it's only a short-term solution.

That's cocaine or fentanyl

Heroin, cocaine, all white powder. But the dragon i chase is brown so no heroine imho.

It just feels good and takes the edge off in long hours of trading its not that im selling my body for it. Grow up!

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