Only quads predict the future of something (crypto related) exactly

Only quads predict the future of something (crypto related) exactly.

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quads say as soon as crypto goes on another bullrun apocolypse begins

trips say op is homosexual

Quints say nothing can predict the future of crypto.

Maybe not the next bull run. It makes sense that global instability of governments and Fiat would cause a massive run into crypto.

eth $5 now

USDT 0$ tomorrow

BAT $500 end of Q2.

VEN is going to be huge

0 for everything

link $100 eoy ? Is this how you get quads ?

2k by june

Bitbeans will be the most adapted crypto.

Bch will be king

everything crashes, war starts and crypto skyrockets, the survivors become wealthy beyond belief

we will become the jew

link 2000x
xlm 600x

My dick will have it's own crypto in 2020

$3000 USD

Bitcoin actually survives the coming purge and will reign for a century


Btc drops to $0