Hello my fellow crack addicts and molesters

Hello my fellow crack addicts and molesters.

I've been fucking around with stocks for 4 years now and I'm finally getting into cryptocurrency.
Here's the thing right, I'm thinking about buying one of those big fuckers that mine bitcoins, the one I'm interested in are roughly 10 000 USD.

I'm still relativly new to cryptocurrency so would love to hear your thought on the matter.

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>finally getting into crypto
>wanting to spend $10,000 already
wait it out cholo, take some time to learn what you're getting into before you get JUSTed

only if you buy 10 of theese bitcoin fuckers

wait a few weeks, i think its going to crash

How did you do in the stock market?

If you did well maybe wait it out and see how all this volatility plays out? It could be a correction and a prime time to buy.. DESU id wait on crypto and if you're not doing a HUGE mining thing i wouldnt mine...

Get into margin trading, a smart fellow such as yourself with stock experience will make a killing in no time, guaranteed x100 gains

that dumb shit dont know what he is doing and hes ready to dump 10k in to some random shit, do you think he was successful? i dont think so

Thanks for the input, i'm doing this together with a friend that's more engaged in the whole cryptocurrency thing, I got money to spare so no worries there, I was more interested in what you guys thought.

Roughly I've made 250% last year but it was pretty tough the first years.

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Well there you go, why not put 5-10% of those gains into crypto as a speculative bet.. Even more if you're feeling a bit more risky.

I am a believer in the stock market man. Long term shit is gonna help me when i get older. But i also have a portion in crypto but i got in last may so even this drop hasnt hurt too bad.

The thing that makes me apprehensive is that cryptocurrency is used like a stock and getting bought and sold all the time when it's supposed to be like a currency.

But with a miner I would have it like an asset, something real I could sell, it's like a stock that produce a dividend all the time.

I gotcha.. im looking at crypto as purely a speculative investment ill throw some money in i really dont care about losing if it hits zero.. but at the same time i believe in the block chain/what ever other project is behind it and sometimes the team behind it (just like when i look at stocks).

I guess with the mining thing i never really looked into it hard enough. I just feel the costs arent worth it for me (as just a one person shop) spending it on a miner + power that it will take up unless i got back into it WAYYY back in the day.

>finally getting into crypto
>wanting to spend $10,000 already

Pffff, I took a $1000 loan and put it in the most memed Veeky Forums coin last year - ANS.
Now I took everything and put it into LINK. Thinking about getting another loan to buy more.

People who take loans and invest are the dumbest people on the planet

You're crazy but if it works it works, best of luck to you.

Yeah my friend has his own company with offices and electricity that we will use, the thing I need to worry about is paying as little tax as possible on it.

except when you buy ans with the loan. that person is a literal genius.

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Just put it in LINK. Will be much more profitable than mining bitcoins

mining is an ever-changing landscape of pure evil. don't get into it if you don't know what the fuck you're doing. whatever you buy could be outdated in 2 weeks. or it might take long enough for you to get into the green-zone. who knows?

getting dedicated mining-machines (ASIC or no) without some serious look at the mining market is like directly investing in crypto; it's a gamble, no matter how much you think you know about it.

TL;DR: don't

I will take this in consideration, thanks for the advice.

avoid link, and any shit shilled here