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you won't get my coins

this is not happening stop smoking crack and posting meme lines

Be reasonable guys. We're completing the correction now and the next wave will take us to between 6-7k.

>Veeky Forums
>being reasonable
good one. They'll hold all the way to 0


Sad but true.

head and shoulders? do you use it?

don't tell /biz to be reasonable.
I enjoy the pink wojacks

aww he plays with his pencils again


sorry you sold at 6k OP, but it isn't going back down.

Elliot waves are retarded.

>he sold at 6k


Did dis here sonnabitch don say bitcorn gon keep goin down. What da hell his dam problem. Sick im boys!

Okay stop using tether and use an actual USD pair.

Stop showing BTC TA on the 1H it's not a small market cap coin use at least 4H for an Idea and 1 day for confirmation!

Also MACD showing massive bullish divergence.

my nigga


>it's another "use these specific metrics that I like so that it shows we're actually in a bull market" episode on Veeky Forums

You cuckold bottomselling fags have been saying that since the top right before your (A), and then again on every other marker you posted. Just give it a fucking rest you piece of shit. Many beginners lost money because you faggots like you.

>Use TA's to predict 1k 2k 3k 4k 5k 6k correction and be wrong 99 times out of 100.

Both episodes are shit

If you cant see its about to plummet your an idiot. No volume. Heavy resistance.

>You just keep buying high and selling low throwing darts blind folded!


Indicators turn bullish, user asks you to sell so he doesn't need to buy back at a loss KEKLKKKKKK

We want low volume on the right inverted shoulder followed by high volume on it's completion


line angles are wrong, spread them far more to right
Your predicted number (5) should sit on Feb 20.
Just sayin
Anyway, way down is correct prediction.

volume is going up as is price. it's a slow march upward, you arent getting in cheaper than 8k bud

I want to believe.


Shh, they don't know what log charts are

I would be so happy if this happened

we will never see 8k again because i sold at 8k.
if i FOMO the price will drop the 7,8k in 5 min
this is also known as the bogdanoff law
they are inter dimensional beings you cannot defeat them

Bitcoin has completed a full cycle, it has to go down and start a new one.

US Government saved crypto and set the floor.

Buy back in or miss the biggest opportunity of your lifetime

>he sold the bottom

Okay so maybe it needs to go as low as the mt gox crash, which was -80%, that would be about 5500 or so. Sorry m8 you're never getting $1000 BTC.

I've never seen anyone put the bear trap in April of 2017. Let's hope you're wrong.

nigga we've already passed the mania faze where 90% of the people that are investing don't know what hash rate means and we have crypto youtubers with 100k views/vid saying they dont understand public/private keys.





become faggot


>he literally marked the scale on the right to fit his own agenda


It is impossible for the price to drop this low because the miners would have no incentive to go for bitcoin anymore if they end up just burning their money away. If bitcoin drops too far down it will go all the way to zero and ethereum will take its proper place as king.

thats not how it happens. Its basic supply/demand. Price drops to 4500, some stop mining, less supply, price goes up back to over 5000 where mining becomes profitable again. Basic supply demand stuff.

If you truely believe this then you deserve to die on this board poor faggoty and alone

what? the public is well aware by now. my 70+ dad is talking to me about bitcoins

Yeah people will buy it low. They buy high too, but not as much. It depends on the FOMO effect.

They would just move to something that gives them more bang for their buck, you think these big operations that practically control the entire markets mining capabilities are gonna go around switching back and forth? It makes much more sense for them to go for something that will give them a better return in the long run and a coin that has no use case and lost the vast majority of its value in a month is not it.

3rd return to normal at 4k where some bears get trapped
despair is when even the bears at 4k want to kill themselves

End result:
Jews/Whales > bears who waited until despair > bears who bought at 3rd return to normal >>>>>>>> bulls

365-day SMA is at 5k. I highly doubt it's gonna dip below that, the last time it did was the 2014/2015 bear market

nice meme lines but no lambo til 100k breh

i still didnt even buy back


Pic related, yes?