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We won't miss you, faggot

sell, it's a shitcoin.

Just dump it, I did about 2 weeks ago.

Picked up more XLM and VEN



>Picked up more XLM and VEN
user.... I...

Will swap 4k xrp for link this or next month. Just need to find the right timing.


If you're giving up after yesterdays news you unironically deserve to never make it

>sells at like -50% ATH when mainnet release is just around the corner

smart move

Still scalped 15% gains on it. Honestly it may or may not do well it's just too boring of a coin right now. It's part of 12 or so coins I watch hourly so i'll just ride the pump if it ever happens and then exit again.



>It's part of 12 or so coins I watch hourly

jesus m8

>hate making money

Why are you here user?

no you're not dork

believe me, i wish i had time to watch coins 24/7, but i don't.

How can I convince my mother I don't need to see a psychologist? Before anyone asks, I'm 27 and living with my mother. No, I'm not unemployed and living in the basement. I do have a job and I'm still living at home because after my father died I didn't want to leave her on her own.

I'm also a big LINK fan and a couple months ago I decided to get myself a dakimakura and a slightly lewd cover (exposed chest) for it with my favorite CEO, Sergey from (yes, it's his BigMac version). Best decision I've made in my life, the pillow is super comfortable and I get to sleep with Sergey every night now, it couldn't possibly be better.

Well until she found it yesterday. I was gone for the day, went hiking with a friend, and when I came back she told me that she had decided to clean the whole house thoroughly and of course she had started with the bedrooms. I keep it under my bed in the large drawer and of course she had found it it there.

She was visibly upset about it, said that she had no idea that I was interested in stuff like that and called it gross. She also implied that it was the reason I had never been in a long term relationship and now wants me to see a psychiatrist because she's worried about certain tendencies I might have, which I really don't have though.

I tried to explain to her calmly my stance and that it's just LINK merchandise of a favorite character of mine who is actually not a an overweight Russian coder but a genius philosopher, but she wouldn't listen. Then I tried explaining to her that no, I am not a fag, I just love Sergey. And there's a difference. She still wouldn't listen and now she insists on me seeing a psychiatrist while I don't see the reason for it at all.
>Literally buying the next BCC aimed for niggers promoted by niggers and exit scammers

i found that link.
this will be our most effective fud ever xDD

Its not gay if you're the top

Nigger buyers are the ultimate red flag, just see TRX, XRP, BCC and Davor


>mainnet is around the corner
>nobody knows when though
>it may moon soon

like 2958109581205 other shitcoins, sometimes we have to make sacrifices

Good luck buying back in, look at the volume on Binance, the sells are already drying up to a trickle

>it's just too boring of a coin right now

Right now? It has been this way ever since the ICO. And you should have known that it'd remain that way all the way up until mainnet launch before you bought in.

There is nothing to fear but your own weak handedness.

Keep the faith and you will be rewarded.

>guys, our meme coin is teaming up with the biggest meme company! I promise I'm for real!

And it will remain that way even after mainnet launches. I'd be willing to bet $1k in a smart contract that it won't moon after mainnet launch.

Boi, you gonna regret that.