Know anyone with an Ivy League degree?

Is it like walking around with a bigger dick in finance/business and all the non-elite college alums are sorta low-key perpetually jealous i.e. Ivy Envy – or does nobody really care?

college is for idiots who can't think for themselves

no one gives a shit

Dumb neet

enjoy buying into the industry that teaches u how to be a worker not a leader

My saying is if you didn't make it to an ivy league school or at least top 10 in your major and your plan isnt to be a doctor lawyer or accountant, dont even bother going to college. Work on your own skills yourself

OP here. I asked because I got into a good public U's business college but I'm holding out hope for Ivy decisions. I know either way I'll be fine, but just wondering what post-grad life is like after getting an Ivy credential

going to an ivy is useful if you want to go into investment banking, many schools get less of an on-campus recruiting presence, if the banks even show up at other schools beyond target ones

I study at Cambridge which is better than studying at any US university

Yeah, the business college I already got into is top 10. But business colleges seem like sort of a joke compared to Ivys

the public U business college sends kids to wall street but I don't think anywhere near the offers an average Ivy student has

Former boss has a Harvard MBA, was and still is a career failure. means shit.

Ivy will matter much less in the future. There are literally people at google without a degree. You have to be smart, that's it.

Ivy will give you peace of mind for your first job, thats the only leg up you'll get on other smart people who didn't go

harvard has "exec" MBA programs anyone can pay for. not like the real MBA program

but either way, ivy bachelors degree is the real pedigree credential.

agree, massive advantage getting in the door places when youre young

my mom has an ivy league degree and i can assure you that it doesn't mean shit, but keep thinking that user, i dont wanna rain on your parade

You can basically learn almost every skill yourself in a reasonable timeframe. Education is really virtually all about signalling and making connection along the way, so if you want to signal then do it right. I'm reading at University of Cambridge and comparing to my former, way less respectable uni, there's a huge difference.

is yale a jew school?

I work with a lot of Ivy leaguers. They're not much better than anyone else who works here regardless of school.

Enjoy becoming a brain surgeon

>You have to be smart, that's it.
Maybe if you were looking for work in a tech related field 10-15 years ago. Nowadays for every smart degreeless guy they interview at a top tech company, they have at least 5-10 people who are just as smart and who graduated from good schools. When you're making those hiring decisions, you will always have to justify why you want the guy with no degree over the guys with degrees, but not the other way around. Furthermore, if the hire with a CS degree from CMU/Stanford/MIT/Berkeley turns out to be shit, nobody will blame you, they'll think nobody could have seen it coming. When the degree-less guy fucks up everyone will wonder what the fuck you were thinking.

Now is when I call you out for being some NEET faggot who hasn't been a leader once in his life.

>inb4 you respond with some LARP about owning a trucking business or some other bullshit that brings in 5M per year

look at how classes are designed and compare it the the structures of factories in the early 1900s same format, they were preparing the generations to continue following the herd, evident by you

Ivy League is all about connections not about education.

So depends on what you want to do. If you're thinking of finance, it's a definite boost. For more technical fields, it's not as necessary.

Also only HYP and Wharton matter
Rest are kind of trash lol

>Ivy League is all about connections not about education.

Recently graduated from Oxford, can confirm it doesn't mean shit working in London.

>Go to top college where your education and connections give you access to virtually anything
>Go into finance or business

What are you people even doing?

Quite probably. How much of a difference does which college in Cambridge make to the overall experience?

bingo. i also read an article on elite finance/mbb consulting recruiting. they said it's not that they can't find smart kids at colleges outside the top 15 or so, it's just not worth their time or the risk when they can just fill up their new interns with top 15 college hires with ease. like why put your neck out for a state school U intern, then if he fucks up it's on your ass for hiring him

Is that your mom?

They are completely different. And besides, just about every leader in today's world has a college degree. Some do not, but that is a slim majority. Many college graduates are sheeple, but that is simply because the vast majority of all people are this way. College has nothing to do with it, and it is evident that people without degrees seem much more dronelike than people who have them.
When you consider people with degrees only from elite universities, you will not see any demographic with a higher density of leaders.

Yes. Along with FOB chinks and frizzy haired mulattos.

Do you feel that Americans are welcome there, or do they tend to adapt poorly?

Cambridge is the equivalent to a US Ivy League. There's no advantages of going there compared to prestigious US Universities.

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i can see where your coming from but imo i think if your going for a STEM degree or some shit like that college is for you, if not do something else

If you're gonna waste 5 years of your life and 40k, you might as well get married and divorced.

lolwut? No no no. Check the score boards m8, oxbridge > ivy league.

as i said STEM is worth it in college, other shit it's not

Americans are very welcome, I'd say. In fact, my college has an exchange program with Northwestern where we take circa. 30 undergrads each year to study for a year, and they're all valued members of the college. Think a couple of Yanks were elected to positions in the recent student union elections as well, which is a good sign of them being integrated into university life.

>college is for idiots who cant think for themselves
>be a leader not a worker
>dumb shit high school drop out confuses your for you are


Not even trying to hide it lmao

>t. salty PPE student who didn't get a 100k startings
why didn't you choose a real degree?

I agree with you that people who go to college for no reason and get useless degrees are idiots who can't think for themselves. Glad we could find this middle ground.

Above answer was a reply to this lol, forgot to reply. Oxford education clearly worth shit

100k starting isn't a thing in the UK. Got a job at the Big 4 as a technology consultant which is a pretty top-tier grad job

I dunno. But I kind of wonder how people who spend shit loads of money on a degree feel when I'm hired alongside them, and I never bothered to finish high-school or get a degree :/

I never tell my coworkers because I feel bad when they complain about their debts and I have none.

I majored in math at Dartmouth
It's not worth the money at all education-wise, but I made better friends there than I ever did before or after (29 yo now and most of my good friends are still from that time)

wow look someone who cares about grammar on Veeky Forums

Lovely. I have to spend my GI Bill somewhere, so I'm looking at oxbridge. I had the grades for admission, but I also had a burning desire to go do crazy shit first instead of going straight to college.

>Quite probably. How much of a difference does which college in Cambridge make to the overall experience?

Unless it's one of these semi modern colleges to ensure that no one will stop talking to you after learn about your college then one will be fine. St. Johns has a particular bias towards finances and hence its own societies but honestly, you're making most of the connections through societies which are uni-wise.

u missing a . at the end your post bum

I'd rather be at Oxford than St Johns

most of them are pretty dumb. your parents are what get you into the ivy league, with the exception of 2 or 3 outliers per school per department. so by and large most of them are retarded. what they are good at is unfounded ivy league nepotism. like jews they will exclude outsiders and reward insiders, even when those people are worse. nothing to be envious of but it is fucking annoying

It is easier to get your foot in the door (not just Ivy any big name US school: Stanford, northwestern, NYU, UC berkley). I went to an Ivy school, you get interviews slightly easier cause of the name (as long as you are otherwise normal on your CV). But if you're retarded they will know in 5 min. I work with plenty non Ivey folks who are smarter than most of the fags that graduated with me and they know it.

You obviously don't hang out with very intelligent people and so have an unrealistic viewpoint on how it works at the IVYs. I have 3 friends at MIT one at Cornell two at Harvard and one at Stanford and one who got into brown but didn't go. Professors are accomplished but not super interested in students, class ran by TA's, people around you are fucking smart. Some of them hyper inflate grades, but it doesn't guarantee you success in life. Doesn't really mean shit compared to skills in any field you want to go to either, other then getting into med school. Then IVY is the dream.

I have an ivy bachelors and I can tell you it was worth it. I work in a prestigious firm and have a very financially rewarding and challenging job. These people above saying college is for fools work at fast food chains and live pay check to pay check. Who are you going to listen to user?

You know shit. I've just recently had an interview with G-research and we talked about quant sallaries for a bit.

Ah. So basically if I'm not in finance then it's just a matter of getting in and participating in what's going on around me society-wise? Excellent. Thank you very much.

who actualy is going to give a shit if you're a multimillionaire?

Straight out of undergrad, in GBP?

Is this some new copypasta? Cambridge is ranked fourth internationally behind Stanford and Cal tech according to times higher education and is followed by several Ivy League schools. There's practically no difference. I haven't seen or heard of many recruiters taking in Someone from Cambridge over Harvard or vice versa due to the schools prestige ceteris paribus

nobody but it may help on the way to becoming a multimillionaire

The funny thing is that Wharton used to be the school for idiots that couldn't get into a good college when the boomers went there. Now it's considered the best business school in the country and the boomers that went there act like they put in the same amount of work to get in there as the students going there now. Talk about dumb luck.

that's kind what I admire about going to an Ivy. it's so fucking hard to get into, that odds are not many (or any) of your friends are going to be there. so in theory people have to branch out and be much more open to meeting new people?

compared to even a good flagship U where if you went to a decent upper middle class high school you could have 50+ classmates per year going to the same U as you, so high school cliques dominate

>tfw went to a state school in Canada
I wanted to get into finance but never had a chance because none of my parents had connections to the big schools in america.

Got into Cambridge through the backdoor via the judge business school to do an MPhil. After realising how much more interesting all the other faculties were, and how shit my secondary education had been, I dropped out & disappeared from my course, but continued to attend lectures all over the university for the next 3 years, pretending to be an economics student.

>Mfw got 3 years of educstion at the world's best uni for free

>Straight out of undergrad
I'm a postgrad. But there's a kiddo in my college who got a ~50k-ish conditional offer after math undergrads. Not that bad as well.

True. And UChicago is becoming an even more extreme case of this.

>Ah. So basically if I'm not in finance then it's just a matter of getting in and participating in what's going on around me society-wise?

Yes. Just ensure that you won't be one of these autistic fucks not going out of their rooms studying only.

the fact they let niggers and spics in for free should tell you what type of retards ivy leagues produce. If some walks around bragging about that shit i laugh in there face

Yeah I know a few people who have started on £50-55k straight from undergrad, mainly software at IBs. Postgrads yeah there's much greater scope, the fellas I knew reading MFOCS and MCF were all set to be starting on £70k minimum after graduation, with only internship experience previously

But the crazy thing is every older person i've met that has gone there is at least a millionaire now. So maybe it was a hidden gem back then.

Ranking universities internationally is a completely pointless exercise. If you want to work in your own country just pay attention to how you rank vs other schools in your country, cause that's who you're being compared with. If you want to relocate to another country then be aware that most likely the people in your target country won't know the difference between the top school, 5th place school, and 10th place school in your country. Think about if some boomer Amerilard manager will know the difference between Oxford and UCL. Hell, he'll probably hire someone promising from the local state Uni over a foreigner from a top tier school.

from what i gather, dummy affirmative action kids are pretty much secluded into their little diversity clubs and if you're ever in a class discussion or group project with them their idiocy is teased out within 5 seconds. kids know who REALLY belongs there pretty quickly

Might want to keep researching.

It's a good thing that I'm quite charming.

wharton has always been a finishing school for rich scions. if it was sooooo easy to get in then filthy rich Trump wouldn't have had to transfer in in the 60s.

and uchicago has always been a really serious school that attracted aggressive nerds; friedman taught there in the 50s-70s? then becker, heckman et al.

i do agree now it's absolutely nuts how hard it is to get in, but it's harder to get into all colleges. the best schools haven't really grown much, but 20x more people go to college, and it's a global economy

By what metric other than age and muh feels?
Harvard BTFO's them in endowment, nobel prizes, accomplished alumni, and selectivity. As do many other US universities.

Dad has a degree in Columbia, am studying to get one too
It's impressive when you're talking to bankers and upperclassmen, but your average pleb will simply give you a "that's nice", and go on as usual. Unless it's a Harvard, Yale, or Princeton (a.k.a. meme school) degree, few are going to be impressed.

nice dubs. The thing is though they still let them in. It devalues the whole point of going to those schools

to be fair it's not like the students directly benefit from the endowment or the nobel prizes. it's all about perception, so if you can directly compare perception of schools that's a more useful metric

that's what I figured. i don't think most normies here, even lettered upper middle class, even know brown dartmouth penn columbia are ivy league colleges. Princeton is a meme degree or hyp? you mean like biggest brand name sort of thing?

This is true, at Dartmouth the class size is small enough that I knew who the vast majority of people in my year were, and then at graduation out of nowhere there were 75 basketball-americans I had never heard of

I am a junior ME with a 3.95 and have an interview with a military contractor.
Did I college right?

>to be fair it's not like the students directly benefit from the endowment or the nobel prizes

not true. endowment means ivys and peer elites colleges have the most generous financial aid, best cafeteria food, best faculty, best funding for student orgs, fully funded internship programs, study abroad trips, some classes will fly to a foreign country for a weekend for free. some of the shit i've seen is pretty extravagant. but a lot of it is stuff you have to know to look for, you could easily go and not take advantage of a lot of the perks

i know a girl at chicago who has worked with a nobel laureate as a 2nd year, so in theory, she could have a laureate write her a letter of rec for internship or med school, phd program, etc. that'd be pretty legit

Columbia and Penn are definitely recognised by the upper-middle class and up, but they're not famous like the big three. Dartmouth, Brown and Cornell are unknowns though.

I work at Google. Nobody gives a shit. (I didn’t go to an Ivy, but have plenty of friends who did)

At the end of the day it’s still an advantage, since you’ve got the alumni network and resume credit to call back on. After 3-4 years in industry, though, what you’ve accomplished on the job matters way more than where you went to school.

Which Ivy has the highest % of rich babes?

The problem is you can't really compare perception since it is by definition subjective. People in the U.S. will think Ivies are better, and people in the U.K. will think Oxbridge is better. There are even some brainlets out there who think that their Podunk U is better than ivies for some bullshit reason they fool themselves into believing.

Poland here, bachelor in Finance and Accounting at best uni in the country, higher education is free here FYI

am i wasting my time here? i think i am

Brown. Hahahahaha

Babes as in women? Probably Brown, women don't go to the biggest schools since they pursue actual education and not gendyr studies.
Babes as in babies? Yale, it's a dumping ground for trust fund babies.

rich babes, as in attractive trustfunders

>legacy students are a thing
>beats oxbridge in selectivity

No one here aspires to become a code monkey but thanks for your input.

Is there any possible way to get into finance if you got a degree in e.g. mathematics and are good at mathematical modeling?

You do, Wydział Zarządzania jest chyba najwieksyzm posmiewiskiem na całym UW. Idz na sgh na magisterkę i módl się, by poznać własciwe osoby.

You must be fucking kidding me. That's the preferable path over most of economics cirruculas.

>It's a good thing that I'm quite charming
*tips fedora*
I myself saw Oxbridge as having a sort of mystique to them, and thinking that going to one of those schools would be more impressive than a top US school since barely anyone from the U.S. goes there. However, after getting advice from professors and other people in careers where academic pedigree matter's, I concluded that if you want to work in the U.S. it is very advantageous to go to a top US school, but if you want to work in Europe going to Oxbridge gives only a slight advantage, if any, over a US school. Basically, the gist of what they told me was "go to Cambridge if you truly think it is the best choice for you, but be aware that it will be more difficult to find a good job in the US than if you had gone to MIT or Stanford".

One you have like 1-2 years experience no one gives a flying fuck what college you went to.

And although ivy leagues may have better industry connections for you, but to be honest a lot of good public schools do to and its easier to stand out there.

I mean, I have a degree in that from a good canadian school and am starting my own company doing something with it, but I have zero idea how to jump from that to real finance.

Then get a 7-15 job.