Where does Veeky Forums store their wordsheets?

Where does Veeky Forums store their wordsheets?

My Nano S and it's wordsheet are stored in the same place and I'm scared if they get stolen or my apartment burns down I'll lose literally everything.

What's a safe way to make a copy of the wordsheet?

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>inb4 nice try FBI

I was thinking about opening 24 safe deposit boxes and putting one word in each one.

>What's a safe way to make a copy of the wordsheet?

fire proof safe

also encrypted text files on a shitload of microSD cards. put them everywhere

inb4 you forget the order

-learn them

I would put the number on the back of each card

why store your nano s? nobody can do anything with it without your pin. Should definitely keep the two separate from one another user.

Remembering the recovery phrase isn't a bad idea either.

Write a story that hides the words in them and make up a system where you will know where the words are in the story.

And where would you store it? A plan piece of paper with a bunch of words is too obvious for someone who knows what they're looking for.

Best idea I've heard.

One year later every single one of them stops working
MicroSD cards are such shit

Yeah this entirely defeats the purpose of a hardware wallet, which is *not* to protect your private key from physical theft (you still need to do that yourself), but rather to make it easier to transact without your private key being exposed to malware on whatever computer/phone you're transacting with.

Storing your hardware wallet with your seed just makes transacting even more difficult.

do people make up their own seed phrases? memorizing 24 random words that the ledger generated is kind of difficult but what if it was like "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog correct horse battery staple" etc. or obviously something a bit more personalized, or some song lyrics for example

Make it a bit redundant (24 safes but 3 words per safe)

Fire safe proof for ma'h paper and text version in USB flash drive.

Told my dad just in case.

Considering getting a storage box at a bank. Considering the IRS taxes it as property, I imagine any theft *should* be insured by my bank.

Tattoo them in morse code on the bottom of your nutsack.

My wordsheet is encrypted and I've sent it to myself in email. That same encrypted file is on multiple computers at home, as well as on some flash drives that are at home, buried in my backyard, etc.

All I need to do is remember the password to decrypt it That password is long, but not nearly as long as the recovery phrase.

I take a picture of it with my phone, upload it to icloud, email a copy to myself, post a private pic on facebook, then make an instagram post but archive it super quickly (so that no one will see it) and then I post it on Veeky Forums like this:

jump grant dog ceiling roof bank happy ghost space car tree angle

I keep my hardware wallet in my physical wallet.

I keep one set of safewords at home, and another set in a locked safe at my work office. Workplace is in a fenced and guarded area, and pretty much everyone who works there are too computer illiterate to know what they're even looking at if they break open the safe.

multi bits of paper.

There is also the option of just memorizing it.

also store it on bitmex
x2 long at $600

>get the 24 words tattooed on my erect penis
>destroy every other copy in existence
>only time they're legible is when I'm hard
>potential thief would have to jack me off or blow me to get them
I may lose everything but at least I get to turn the nigger into a faggot.

i hear good things bout cryptosteel but seems rather overpriced still cant beat a paper and pencil just make sure to have it locked in fireproof safe

I put it in my nano ledger and stick it up my ass.

until you try being hard when your girl and child are getting raped because you hold 100 LNK

are you literally retarded? just memorize it, make a cheat sheet with a code in case you forget, and put it ONE safety deposit box

Laminated, one in safe and one in safety deposit box.

Sounds very inefficient. And costly.

Just make some metal cards. Keep one in a fireproof safe, maybe make a sealed container and bury a copy somewhere safe.


SD cards suck against all of these things.

memorize it. Start with one word a day, it gets easier. Just say the word 10-20 times and write it down.

Memorization is fucking dumb.
>next of kin can't recover your money
>can be drugged to get the information

Get a safety deposit box for a few hundred bucks.
Put card with words on in box.

I bought everything I needed to etch my nano's wordsheet on to a stainless steel card similar to this . Just under 25 british squids altogether, here's a basic tut youtube.com/watch?v=-m9oxo0e5l0

Best thing you can get is a fireproof safe. They range anywhere from 100-600 dolalrs for decent models

1. Put everything in an encrypted container
2. Burn it to an M-Disc
3. Put them in several different places in a fire proof and lockable device

Its that easy.

I keep all my keys and seeds in an encrypted disk image backed up to dropbox and google drive

In my head.

google "traumatic brain injury" and then reconsider

Literally cannot forget unless you're a brainlet, I remember my seeds from years ago.

I tattooed mine on my dick when it was hard, so it's just a blurry mess when it's soft. That way, if someone wants to torture me into giving it up, they have to keep me hard long enough to read it all.

If I get a traumatic brain injury I will end it, no point being alive if you're not in control of your faculties.

stainless steel plate

And I guess you're ok with your money being accessible to those you leave behind?

Seriously, keeping your keys in your head is not a good idea.


>needing a microscope to read your seed words

Do you plan on telling those you leave behind how to access your encrypted disk image?
What a stupid discussion, stop wasting my time.

Yes lol it's in my will.

Stamped in 3 stainless steel plates, 16 words on each such that any 2 can recover the full phrase. They're sealed in padded envelopes, so it's not immediately obvious to a casual snooper what they are. Hidden in geographically distant locations.
Humans are terrible sources of randomness. Song lyrics is an incredibly bad idea. Your "clever, no-one else can think of this" phrase would get quickly cracked. Luckily the BIP39 standard prevents such foolishness; there's a hash-based checksum which detects errors, omissions, and typos. This means you need a device to generate checksum-compliant mnemonics.
>Invalid mnemonic
Great example. Even if you change bank to tank so all the words are valid, the checksum doesn't validate.

Just bought these:

Should have chosen something with a higher melting point

worse things are going on at that point user.
basically. who gives a fuck?

that chart doesn't take into account key derivation functions and how much they slow down an attacker

i tried all that on zip and jazz drives...
spent $800 on 3 2gbjazz in 98
nobody in the future gives a shit anymore besides old fag emu and akai sample fags.

Doesnt matter if it does its job.
M-Disc still is the best option for relative safe digital file storage.

In my head but hidden in plain sight as a mix of reverse writing mixed with a Fibonacci steps as a hint just in case.

Why not a cryptex?

>a Fibonacci steps

a what

I have a bunch of valid wordsheets bundled together and use only one of them (I memorized the few first and last words of the correct one). I have identical bundles in different safe places. If one day I'm robbed I hope I will have enough time to move my funds before the thief find the right sheet.

I store it everywhere. HDD, Google drive, on my USB stick, you name it and it's there.
But it's heavily encrypted

Go for copper or steel man.

what encryption do you use?

The guy with millions in internet money probably should care.

I'm not there yet, but I have family in Europe that I visit regularly. I'll have part of my keys hidden in Odessa and part of my keys hidden at home in the US. I'll rest well at night knowing that I my keys can't be accessed without being able to convince (in Russian) my mother in law to go dig in the right spot.

>thinks a fireproof safe will keep paper from burning

>A plan piece of paper with a bunch of words is too obvious for someone who knows what they're looking for.

Then write a list with 100 words. Put the 24 recovery words somewhere in the middle and backwards. Make 2 copies. Put them in air sealed containers free of moisture and bury them somewhere in the woods.


Using Vera I hope.

If TrueCrypt, RIP.

You do know that Vera is pretty much TrueCrypt right? It was just the version before the NSA cracked it.

Advanced encryption package

Veracrypt is an improved fork. None of the vulnerabilities, which was discovered by ordinary NEETs, not NSA, are present in Veracrypt.

Nobody fucking knows when, if and which encryption software the NSA has cracked. They don't fucking announce it.

back up phrase hidden in my house and a back up phrase in a bank vault

ledger just lying around ready to be used if someone holds a gun to my head and demands the pin i'd demand they pull the trigger

I encrypted my wordsheet and store it in an online google doc. The chances that someone 1) hacks my authenticator-locked gmail account, 2) sorts through hundreds of google docs to find that particular file of jumbled numbers/letters, 3) guesses what encryption algorithm I used and the secret phrase I used and 4) knows it's for a ledger nano all seem virtually impossible

Literally had police open my safety box in the US and the bank and police had absolutely no reason, said it was because they opened the wrong box. Took my guns and held them at the police station.

Bank did nothing to fix the situation and police were assholes


make two copies, split each copy in half. Put all four haves in their own unmarked envelopes. Seal all four envelops with tamper evident tape. Take all four sealed envelopes to 4 different banks and store them in safety deposit boxes.