Why the fixation with asses here?

What is it with you crypto kids that so attracts you to asses? Is there some reason that people with anal fixations would tend toward crypto trading? Did something happen during the anal phase of your development that indirectly made you identify with what you see as a counter culture movement?


Crypto is an ALPHA interest for ALPHA males. The high levels of testosterone in our bodies is responsible for the STRONG ATTRACTION regarding FEMALE BUTTOCKS.

What is ur problem?

How else would I get your attention faggot

Taking a woman's ass is the ultimate form of dominance

Did mommy not telly you where babies come from yet?
Go ask her.

Actually, it gets my attention only in negative, derisive way. It seems like you guys are all 13 yrs old or something.

Indians are retarded and think it gets people to look at their pathetic scamming

Do you have rape fantasies? Maybe you should talk to someone about it.

Found the roastie.

cause of your fixation on asses you could easily fall for male ass

fixate on the pussy for once user, you may as well call yourself a filthy bisexual if your just gonna obsess over a shit encrusted asshole

shibbolethed a roastie

I would hope it's just something like that. But look at the threads that get hits... Maybe the injuns know their audience.

Mmm donkey ass

>cause of your fixation on asses you could easily fall for male ass

This has already happened to me. Help

protip: it's never like it is in drawn porn
you may start fapping to gay hentai, but go and try the real deal you'll find it repulsive. it's not clean at all and you'll never want to try again

It’s to make you go away. Brap posters

This is probably 100% true, I've only ever been attracted to 2D gayshit for the most part.

I know this from my own experience. I used to fap to femboy gfur and I actually enlisted in the navy and when showering i was so grossed out by guys I knew then and there guys just weren't for me. I was just trying to find abstract ways to get off. Also once went to a gay night club (got dragged there, didn't want to go) even grosser, and the guys are being Promiscuous! guys cannot emulate the femininity a woman can give off and appear. it's all in the bones for me man, even if the femboy has a feminine body, the second i see the face and that fuckin jaw line and adams apple my dick is 100% shrunk.

I think homosexuality is just a fetish rather than a real sexuality, I really do. Sorry guys.

Ur really ruining my fantasy for me man


Get this, lots of guys have hairy asses that sweat and stink, and sometimes shit sticks to it, also penis and balls looks gross once you see it in person.

Just go for the ladies man, start force fapping, it's easy to reprogram yourself. The "permanent wiring" deal is literally a meme.

Someone literally made a memecoin about their fart fetish: BRAP
Just wait a month before it mostly goes away, like KIKE and NGR shitcoiners.