Help me improve my portfolio

Help me improve my portfolio

50% ETH
25% NEO
10% ICX
5% each OMG, VEN, POWR

33% xlm
33% link
33% omg
1% btc

50% NEO
45% ICX
5% OMG

50% OMG
25% ICX
25% NEO

30% ETH
40% VEN (get a fuckn node)
10% ICX
10% XLM
10% privacy coin of choice (recommend zCoin, ZEN, or XMR, latter being most bedrock, previous being sweet spot upside MC / tech value

30% ETH
30% ENJ
20% FUN
20% VEN

35% NEO, 35% XLM, 20% BTC, 10% low marketcap coin of your liking

I love POWR tho, if you can squeeze in.

Minimal returns on gains. You guys need to be in low MC plays to maximize your returns. You will not see high ROI's if you are in coins in the top 30 except on maybe VEN when the majority of the coins are locked up in Masternodes.

50% ICX
45% OMG
5% NEO

that has been the case in the past, but will be less of an issue as more holders and classic investors jump in the space. besides VEN they will buy big caps.

You mean like how Ripple went 1000x in a single year despite being in the top 3 for years?

I am like 50% rebl from the airdrop
40% ICX
10% ECA

Swap ETH for ETC. Thank me later

rhis, choice between ICX and VEN

also op didn't say if he had a large or small portfolio. I agree if small take bigger risks.

40% LINK
40% Tether
20% RCN

Buy LTC with ETH, wait for the Fork and switch back.

100% syscoin.

Enjoy 1000% profit minimum in the next 1.5 month. If binance rumors are true it will be much more than 1000%.

20% ETH
20% NEO
20% ICX
20% VEN
20% VEN

Small, just messing around.

You could join us OP. We have a good mixture of traders and holders. And we don't shill our bags, since it's pointless

discord (dot) gg (forwardslash) tebwEwv

Do you want to /make/ it? this is such a normie portfolio, take a gamble ffs.

Sell ETH, VEN, POWER, buy more NEO and OMG

Moria token

what do you see user? details on hoskicoin? institutional naive buyers? or you see real baas use coming?

add ZRX and KNC, maybe some BNB


well then you should not set a portfolio. You should scout one coin you can 2-5x on quickly then sell most of it. TNT, CPC, RCN, ACT, NULS, maybe FUN, etc.

75% XLM 25% VEN

LoL 1000%

you mean 100%.


50% req 50% link

100% LINK

50% ETH
30% NEO
20% ICX

Just started out.

80% link
10% NAS
5% ICX
3% Lamden
2% BAR

> Link
Why are bizfags so retarded?

While I don't agree with the size of their holdings, LINK is a promising coin.

I can't wait for the price singularity.

Screencapping this for posterity.

I'll even print out your retarded post and put it on the hood of my lambo when it happens.

Unironically this if you want to go for high risk high reward.
ETH if you want to play it safe but still see some good gains