Did this fucker lose his mind?

Nano dev team has identified the fraudulent wallets and awaits confirmation from bomber and this is his reaction. I mean, I don't understand what the fuck is wrong with him.
Also the nano was stolen in october, so there won't be some giant dump anytime soon, I guess it's good news for current holders.

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I wouldn't blame him for losing it. He's about to get just'd, if not by law enforcement, by people who have lost money on his exchange.

so NOBODY actually got stolen in the past few days??? they were larping all this fucking time??!?!?!

is this the fucking state of crypto?

hes going to win anyway, nano pussies have absolutely nothing

No, it was stolen in October but revealed to people in the last few days. People thought they still had their money on bitgrail

What are nanocucks gonna do? Pay a mafia guy to hunt Francesco down? How will they pay for it? Certainly not with nano lol

>Nano dev team has identified fraudulent wallets
>it's good news for current holders

the state of NANO right now

>Certainly not with nano lol


they were robbed, they just didn't know it yet, up until last few days they all thought they would be getting their nano off bitgrail, instead they found out that it only exists in bitgrail's database and not in their wallets

>pressing charges in an unregulated market

How about learn to code faggot.

Individuals have lost upwards of $1MM. But I guess it’s all sunshines and rainbows in your little imaginary bubble.

are you stupid ?
i know someone whos daughter got kidnapped because he didnt want to pay the mafia
he got her back and moved away but thats a long story, and it was because of couple thousand bucks
if he scammed the right persons he is in BIG trouble now
i am so glad i withdrew everything in january

He lost his mind long before...I remember devs asking him if he needs any help he was like "Nah, don't need help from anyone. I got this"

Sure you do guido...

that 2x wallet bug justed him.

Ofc he lost his mind, he'll have to deal with a lot of pissed people and the gov. All that for profit he did not take ( lost it because of piss poor code ).

that said his incompetence costed people a lot, hope he gets fucked

we were robbed a long time ago, it just became official in last few days


please explain how it doesn't make sense, many people sold in fear of millions being dumped by hackers, but that fear is now gone

actually a lot of it is still sitting in wallets. definitely not all sold. now with binance, kucoin, and mercatox working together, this all becomes temporarily centralized. all of the data will be clear as day. bomber is fucked. some funds are already frozen. they'll figure it out.

absolutely obliterated.


I have yet to understand what's up with that bug that's affecting Kucoin as well.

What exactly happened? Not everyone was getting double negative deposits in BTC/ETH/XRB otherwise the development team of the exchanges would have picked it up earlier.

It also seems to be correlated with the coding and setup of XRB's nodes. What were people doing to duplicate their deposits/withdraws? Canceling and broadcasting the transaction again?


there was a us federal agent that had his nano stolen. he's pissed as fuck on one of the subreddits. said he's opening a case on monday, and that because of the illegal request for kyc documents the us will have agents in italy go after him. i can't wait to see this scum fuck hang himself.

I did a little research to figure out if double-spending of Nano has indeed happened. You can verify by yourself by dumping the entire frontiers list from raiblocks.net/page/frontiers.php, which contains the quantity of XRB in every single address if you set the limit to 0. Sum the quantity of every single xrb address and you have the circulating supply.

Spoiler: It was some creative enough FUD to get me to take a closer look at it, but Veeky Forums is still retarded.

>federal agent
>plebbits would never larp
consequences will never be the same after he backtraces francesco

Exactly. But then again, i am bemused at how the Bitconnect con artists are still breathing. If you can afford to lose $300,000 on a ponzi, you can afford a hitman

He will also probably sell everyone data in the derpwerb.

Never trust a italian or antifa.

It's not double spending but it's something else to do with the nodes. Why was Kucoin also being affected by it? They reported 20 accounts having this issue.

How the fuck is it happening?

jaydubs' post explains it reddit.com/r/nanocurrency/comments/7wvfkx/a_perspective_from_the_creator_of_nanex_there_is/. It's implementation is completely new to exchanges who are used to copy pasting the same processes for bitcoin clones and ERC20 tokens.

>i know someone whos daughter got kidnapped because he didnt want to pay the mafia


>Dev team explain this

>Dev team explains

>Bomber on suicide watch

So someone was taking millions in October eh? Did he fuck up by givin SQL data to devs? They surely checked it and now kek'd it

Guys even if he did take all the NANO they legally can't do anything, its blockchain and decentralized. Its a private wallet you have to access and you can do multiple transaction to muliple wallets and transfer it slowly overtime.

yeah im sure someone will be killed or maimed ovver internet monopoly money. lol grow up you highschool faggots

>there was a us federal agent that had his nano stolen. he's pissed as fuck on one of the subreddits
Link, pls

This drama is funny

Wait isn't that shit worse because people were moving their money to Bitgrail to buy Nano that doesn't exist?

That's why the value of Nano is a ponzi scheme.

italy i guess. in mexico he wouldnt got the daughter back

you have no idea of the reality.
he is in trouble. crypto is not monopoly money retard.
i was mad that i jumped on the xrb train so late and only 4x. but there are people who got on before the moon mission and lost hundred thousands to millions.

To be fair, he can still get those people back their money. If he decides to be a retard and distribute 20% among everyone's balances then yeah, people who came in mid-late December will be facing heavy losses.

But if he plays his cards just right, there should be enough XRB to pay back people what they initially invested there. Run some excel sheets and it can be done pretty fast by a competent financial advisor. He still has roughly 40M.

I'd probably burn the fuck out the deposits from people who abused the double negative ETH/BTC/XRB bug though. Fuck those assholes.

nothing will happen to him, you know how many scammers have been in this and practically all of them got away. people in general are pussies.

stop with this bullshit

stop with what? this is literally what happened

that dude is a faggot with mental illness. I've been trolling him for months

What does nano even do besides move around really fast? Why would anyone even want any nano? So you can move it around really fast between two wallets you own? Lmfao.

you can get hacked at the speed of light tho

Lol the state of nano cucks

>invite you
>to not

This is a retard trying to sound intallijent.