Which coin is the real bitcoin?

which coin is the real bitcoin?



Bitcoin ""Core.""" But Bcash is better. Even though Roger is a faggot and its not real bitcoin.




why even ask such a massively retarded question. now gtfo.

sims coin is the ultimate shitcoin


Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin. It follows Satoshi's whitepaper. You can download a bitcoin wallet at bitcoin.com, and follow @bitcoin on twitter. It trades for about $1232 right now under the ticker "Bitcoin Cash" or 'BCH'.

watch out for the scam fork that trades under ticker 'BTC', it is not bitcoin.

this, unironically

idk which slim shadys the real slim shady op

0.01 Bitcoin (BCH) have been deposited to your wallet.

If you're going off Satoshi's vision, Vertcoin is probably the best bitcoin

>mfw this is true
>mfw I have no face

bcashies paying pajeets to spam their shitcoin these days, desparation

to normies that read this, if you fall for this bs you deserve to lose all your money

roger ver legitimately isn't even a bad guy

Plz link to money making shill job.

he is a cancer on the crypto community, that's bad

Why? Bc he tells the truth. Probably hate Wright also, even though he fucking invented bitcoin.

he is a fraud, scammer autist and paycho path. Besides using deceit to ship bcash he gets mad when you call it that(as it doesnt confuse normans enough), and once Doxxed a guy cause he accidentally sent him $50 extra and the guy wouldn't give it back.

>X is Y

doesn't matter about this guy. Which coin is more scalable?


but don't tell anyone

Unironically this. Satoshi created the crypto but Monero perfected it.

>Which coin is more scalable?
8MB blocks (BCH) vs 1MB blocks (BTC)

you monero shills are extremely deluded, XMR is one of the worst scaling blockchains. see pic, it has higher fees than BTC right now

most dishonest fucker in crypto. how does his cock taste cashie. bitcoin will fail eventyally, bcash will fail soon. both are shit tier coins. nobody gives a fuck about either. cashies pretend that it is a binary choice because their shit gen 1 tech cannot hang


>both are gen 1 shitcoins, nobody gives a shit

Tastes great. How does selling your BCH at $230 feel?

dies matter that ver is crypto cancer and dishonest as fuck because he tricks his way onto tv and youtube shows pretending to represent bitcoin, then confuses normies. he is cancer shilling a total shitcoin


>confirmed that cashies suck ver's precum after he assfucks them. BCASH, yummmmm

ah yea NIST, the neutral party that pushed a backfoored encryption standard at the behest of the NSA, totally trustworthy. how low is the cashie IQ?

Lower than low as I hold neither

Off chain, no signatures, yah yah yah

Switch before its too late. You know I'm right.

>>confirmed that cories suck back's precum after he assfucks them. BCORE, yummmmm

USD coin


I want to see at least 1 (one) nice argument against the real Bitcoin (Bitcoin Cash).
Go on. I dare you. If you don't, I'm calling my momma.

Fuck your mother if you want fuck

Nope. Was using XMR last night. $0.65 for next block conf

>once again cashies needing to have everyone be a bitcoin lover or a cashie or their worldview implodes
both are shitcoins faggot. and maybe one of these days you'll learn to be more creative. BCASH desparation

it needs segwit

>just use DOGE

Fuck off faggot.

are you quoteing?

>cashie can't accept that a gen 1 shitcoin will never be the future
>deflects to DODGE

You, retard. Unless you're about to say nano x2lols

Muh gen x buzzwords

How does it feel to be retarded?