/OMG/: Mandatory Daily Thread

When this thing finally moons, it's gonna be the greatest thing ever

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this is going to be one of those coins people actually hold even after mooning right? the money you can make from staking could be a real game changer

anyone getting disillusioned with this coin

? This is literately ether back when it was $40.

no its not. ether was a protocol. this is a d'app

The more I see this shilled here the more I shy away from it. Why is this suddenly being shilled here now every fucking second of the day?

Because for a few months nothing was happening and biz feeds on hype so was quiet
Now we've got wallet releasing end of this month possibly and a heap of progress being made

will i make it with 4000 omg?

not a wallet release, only the software developer kit

>biz doesn't deserve this but i'm shilling this every day here

At least $100 by June. AT LEAST

Is 4000k enough to make it?

4000k = 4,000,000
But yes, you're gonna make it


not gonna make it, clearly retarded

I sent my 1 OMG to .014 ETH. How can I get it back?

4000k nope youll stay poor
pic related

stop shilling this fucking coin you fucking piece of shit

let it moon silently, slowly, regularly, like it's supposed to

This coin has been moving sideways basically since August. Ive lost hope in it

If you haven't been running a short everyday between .015 ETH and 0.014 you aren't doing Omise right.


No one actually knows what problems this token solves. "The new Ether" is the dumbest thing ive ever heard considering its ERC20

get dicked shills.

wow really activates my almonds. just sold 100k

It doesn’t solve any problem you fucking retard. It improves upon and undercuts the major players in the payment processing field.

Where do you short it or are you just a moron? buying and selling isn't short and long fgt

If it gets adoption. Which at this point is speculation. Retards are saying the same thing about req

I can’t tell if you’re seriously mentally retarded or larrping. This will be adopted by 55,000+ merchants day one of release

The fact that it's mainly moved sideways during the bull run should tell you something. It's yet to reach its moon potential, user. It's being price suppressed by whales accumulating for staking, as well as being sold off by inpatient moon boys expecting gains in a few months.

Just look up how many connections Omise as a company actually has, and the type of customer they are aiming for, and you will realize the potential of this coin. Big things move slowly.

buy around .014, sell around .015. I may be a moron but at least I'm making gains

>it's a long term hold
>it hasn't reached its full potential yet
>whales are accumulating
>it's way undervalued right now
>this is ethereum at $10

have you even looked into OMG? There is a zero % chance it doesn't at least 10x.

>is plasma
>is the token that scales eth

Ethereum is a PLATFORM.
OmiseGO is a protocol.

You might as well name it the "Value over Internet Protocol"


>There is a zero % chance it doesn't at least 10x.

circulating supply will at least half if not more when staking comes out for one.

I'm not buying anything Veeky Forums heavily shills. Y'all are a bunch of assholes looking to gain at any cost. I just come here for the wojaks.

all that needs to be said from this whole stupid thread is: OMG, ETH, and XLM are the only coins you literally need. These are the projects that will be adopted and see major use via banks/corps for transfer of value. they will be implemented in the background and normies won't even know about it. ICX could even be in this as long as their partners are as big as they seem to be.

Be patient = be comfy

if you don't know why then you are an illiterate pajeet and have yet to read the white paper and all relevant blog posts from the Omise blog.

It's no wonder omisegoys are fucking delusional, virtually no other coin has stayed at the same price since september except literal scams lol. Enjoy your skateboard "partnerships" and empty promises fools

>r-read the whitepapo
Literally not an argument.
If you can't defend your coin using your own words than don't even post.

Get out

Dude can you learn english? like holy fuck

The issue is, is that 95% of the time, someone takes the time to explain what OmiseGo is and where it’s value is derived from and 100% of the time it falls of deaf ears. So kindly dyor

>when staking comes out for one.

Some time in the next few months. Most likely 3-6.

too long to wait

So last year when ETH was 10 bucks was that too long to wait? You will never make it user get the fuck out of this thread and buy some tron.

dude I'll make more money buying shitcoins that 5x and reinvesting that money into other shitcoins that 5x.

long term holders are delusional

omg is not comparable tho eth. Stop comparing it to eth, you look like a dumbass.

If you have thousands of OMG then definitely hold. You will make a pretty nice passive income.
Otherwise if you have a few hundred you could probably get about $100 a week or less. Just some pocket money if you want or sell it for like $100k

Why don't you take a look at OMG's advisors and return to the thread with even a morsel of knowledge

>If it gets adopted

It will be adopted by 400+ million people DAY ONE. Omise is moving their whole customer base over to the OmiseGo blockchain on the day of the release.
Thats more people than the population of the United States

If you dont buy this now you'll literally kill yourself.

If you can't understand that then idk what to say dude
Read a fucking book

omg is a dapp, dipshit. It's not comparable to eth, it doesn't matter who the fucks advising.

im not trying to be funy here, im genuinely asking out of ingorance, like i remember months ago when that cat game clogged the eth network, i mean if 400 million user are added and that much heavy traffic on the eth network, how do we know it can handle it? like wat if the transaction times are slow as fuck

This will moon regardless of whether you guys jump on board.
This is a case of generosity, we really want our Veeky Forums brothers to make it.

LOL at all these brainlets that have no idea about plasma

Can we just let them stay poor plz?


This is their current customer base. They can already handle all of these transactions and definitely wont release their blockchain unprepared.

lmao, you're so full of shit. This is literally a shill post. There is no Veeky Forumsbros. It's the same fucking thing with link, dbc, poe, and all the other crap yall have shilled in the past. You want people to prop up your investment and nothing else.

$100 a week just for holding doesn't sound so bad, it'd probably keep me from selling too soon, kinda like how people sold btc at $500 and $1000

>erc20 shitcoin that will be forever throttled by shitty ethereum chain that is slow as shit

You're a faggot and a fucking retard. Do you have any idea what plasma is

>meme protocol years from being finished

Can anyone of you shilling retards explain why anyone should bother with this shitcoin versus just holding ETH which is exactly what an ERC20 token is minus being useless vapourware

Omg is the plasma 1 million tps upgrade to eth you brainlet

Maybe becuase it will be handling eths transactions plus hundreds of millions more from merchants, banks, and others

Don't tell this brainlet anything. He's too fucking lazy to do his own research and requires spoonfeeding. Fucking clown.

people who know nothing about omg/plasma and how it directly correlates with eth, see you on the moon fags

No, it's fucking not. You guys are fucking retards and liars.

Price predictions EOY 2018?

Do 5 min of research or kys either or. these are known facts already you emotionally invested retard

1k per token EoY
100/year per token staking EoY.

OMG ultimate coin.

>do some research

plasma.io is a text file with a link to a whitepaper


none of you faggots can give me a link that provides any proof for any of the stupid shit you're talking about. They are releasing a wallet SDK for an ERC20 token. IT'S A SHITCOIN

ETH x 10 = $8k, not possible any time soon.

OMG x 10 = $120, much more likely, practically guaranteed Q3 2018.

Do you even know what plasma is? it's just a bunch of child chains and side chains. It's pretty much two blockchains put together. OMG is gonna move to its own blockchain, and together with eth will scale hard and still retain a decentralized state.

>Money skeleton already said these things himself
Better listen to you though

As much as I would love that, seems very far fetched right now.

Because your fucking dumb and if you would bother to Google any of it for a minute you'd find the podcasts and videos of them constantly talking about it . plz kys lazy spoonfed brainlet

also google minimal viable plasma. MVP. which is actually right around the corner.

Better post this again to trigger some noomg's Only thing that isn't accurate is that Wallet and staking are q2 with the conglomerate

>Also ITT

Dumbass shills that spit out buzzwords in hopes that idiots will buy in to this shit. None of yall have explained shit, it's all "DYOR" and throwing a bitch fit whenever someone asks questions. All this tells me is yall can't even defend your own investments. All of you are so transparent it's sad.

enjoy your bags faggots cause you won't be holding anything else for next few years.

I just bought 250 OMG, what am I in for?


Want to know how I know you’re retarded?

If you can't even be bothered to find the top posts on reddit and see the sources yourself in the two minutes it takes you should just give up like you have on yourself overall

>Using a valid contraction for "you all".

"Lol ya, what a dumbass you guys!" Try another one faggot.

Thanks just bought 100k

>That reddit spacing
You need to go back

what a fucking shit coin. get REKT you faggots

>when plasma?

1k per token EOY
$20 in staking dividends
>(retarded price to earnings because rampant speculation)

Yeah, a contraction hicks and niggers use. Dip.

skateboard of dreams and hope


they can't handle the truth

>Criticizing my line spacing

Holy shit, this has to be the worst attempt yet.

Yes, that must be what it is. I'm a hick because I don't want to spell "you all" out every time. Sounds like you're just grasping at straw desu

Again, the only thing on this shit shill page is buzzwords and half-ass criticism for anyone with a dissenting opinion. Get fucked.


What made Ethereum moon?

It's actually a very important question. Everyone gets why Bitcoin mooned. But what about ETH?

Was it the technology? Was it the cool idea of generalized decentralization? Was it the money skeleton?

All of these things contributed to the speculation in Ethereum. But what REALLY made it take hold? Microsoft. JP Morgan. Interest and use by real major corporations. That's what really gets people's attention. LEGITIMATE PARTNERSHIPS that don't exist anywhere else. No shitcoin "partnership". REAL integration.

Everyone following OMG knows REAL integration is less than 2 months from being announced.

Money skeleton is following the same process for securing and announcing partnerships he did for Ethereum.

$1000 is conservative.



this would sound like buzzwords to you too faggot bc you are literally a brainlet that doesn't get how this works. You're a complete example of dunning kruger. kys.