What emotions do you feel after viewing pic related?

What emotions do you feel after viewing pic related?





how do you see emotion? this confuses me

I also feel fungibility

Like maybe he wants to hang out and shoot some dogs.



happy because I like roger and happy because I know how much he pisses off BTC plebbits. Pic related is a recent r/bitcoin meetup

Extremely deep hatred, I want to beat him to a fucking pulp

Explain this reference thanks. Im on the spectrum and need to know this now.

such punchable face, must punch face.

The Leftovers. He has a slight resemblance to the main character.

Roger is based as fuck



i honestly love roger ver.

everything he has done in life just echoes the fact that he doesn't give a fuck.

this describes it perfectly

They're a bunch of big guys

lol the fake bitcoin guy that wasted millions of dollars trying to steal the brand

That's a Lexington subreddit meetup and boy howdy does it fucking show. Nuke Kentucky.

People on Reddit meet up to do what exactly? Say you're this guy who goes by froggerfuckman? This real? Seeing this kind of shit baka makes me question how people's brains can function in a way to feel compelled to meet up with a bunch of randoms for no fucking reason. This blows my mind people would do this. What a big waste of time.

i feel rather... gassy

They have identities and in jokes like any social group, so they probably meet up to do things like eat together (I mean that's a given right), maybe share some drinks and some jokes and stories. I'm sure some of them meet up specifically to fuck. You autistic or something? Veeky Forums has faggy meetups too. You don't want to see what the /pol/ ones look like, trust me.

Rebel and Winner - Chad





my panis becomes very erercted. cheers roger

I genuinely want him to fuck me.