HPB is the most undervalued coin in crypto

Where do I begin? It is all so juicy, and NOBODY in the west knows about it.

- EOS of China

- Using both Hardware and Software to achieve 1,000,000 TPS.

-Prototype of Hardware called "TOE" is already created and being marketed in the East. First to market

- Partnered with UNION PAY...Union pay handles 80% of China's transactions...They are fucking 4 times bigger than Visa. This is the biggest partnership in crypto and NO ONE knows about these guys.

- Long Kai
Executive President at UnionPay Smart is listed as an advisor.

- $127,000,000 Market cap. Coin circulation 22,000,000. Price $5.75.

- Recently listed on KUCoin

- ZERO marketing in the west. This is about to change.

- Brand new. Just became trade able in January.

Literally the only thing this coin has against it a long English name (High Performance Blockchain). It is referred to as "Core" in China. The team is open to rebranding their English name.

Do your own research, but this is the type of buy that you only have a small window of opportunity before boom. I am not fucking around about the Union Pay partnership and consultation, check for yourself. gxn.io/en.html

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I just scooped up 900 last night. Very excited.

Damn son, hold onto those.

They are partnered with Union Pay Smart not Union Pay but yea I'm all in on this shit

Their white paper mentions Union Pay a lot. I realize that is is more directed toward Union Pay smart, but that is a large part of Union Pay. Good luck user, I am holding with you.

"UnionPay Wisdom currently handles 80% of China's banking transaction data, with an
annual turnover of 80 trillion yuan. HPB will join hands with China UnionPay to serve all
industry partners, including large banks, insurance, retail enterprises, fintech companies
and so on."

Got anymore info you would like to share? I want to know more about these guys, something is cooking.

We gonna make it

No other info then whats out there..I am waiting for the revised white paper but shit looks good so far.

Awesome, yeah this white paper needs revised, but I am glad they are keeping it open for evolution. Looking great.

Pretty sure they are having masternodes as well. Not sure the amount required

can I get some spoon feeding so I can set up when I get home.

what wallet and where to download
I'm already on bibox


My Ether wallet. You will be able to send your coins there, but if you want to see the balance of HPB, you will need to create a custom token wallet once you have your MEW wallet open. Very easy to do, but please be sure to follow these steps. reddit.com/r/HPBtrader/comments/7qljuw/psa_how_to_add_hpb_token_to_myetherwallet/

good shit.

this better be the play of 2018 or im in shit. already bleeding out the ass on nuls

Do your own research, and be responsible with your finances...However, my bet is on HPB.

I talk about it here everyday and I myself was shilled here.

Been holding this for months. I bought this on allcoin in October at 6k sats. It's not brand new, OP. But you bought yourself a good coin, champ. Hold on to it.

Overall perspective though, no one is talking about this. Biz is actually a starting point for the west imo, so I am happy to see people on this board begin to recognize. Let's get rich bro.

How did you get it in October? I thought it wasn't launched until Jan?

Thanks man, great to hear!

biz was awful a month ago but now in this bear market it's much better

I'm not sure what to accumulate now - hpb or omg. I hold both but I feel kind of "late" for omg party. Thoughts?

btw I'm not even from the west so what am I talking about

You know my answer. Buy the coin that hasn't been baked yet. Put it in the oven and watch it bake.


nice going to get som

>only 400 HPB


Any news on when they will implement masternodes? Going to hold on to my hpb masternodes until I die age 50 fucking trannies in pattaya from all the stds

Every fucking youtuber already shilled this, nice try fag

No they haven't? Check yourself. There are two decently sized youtubers that have made videos on it within the last two weeks, and that is it. Please provide proof, but I have watched every video out there and it is lacking in quality content at the moment.

Nice try fag.

Not that I have seen. One of their big marketing efforts needs to focus on translation and hopefully taking on an English speaking PR team.

Solid pick. In the 100-200s, this and NAV are definitely the best values.

not to mention a new whitepaper and website redesign coming very soon..

Nobody fall for this shit. It’s been shilled here on and off for months and the price never fucking moves. I don’t even think it’s a real project.

wow you're a dumb nigger! do some research. they presented the prototype of the accelerator chip at semi conductor conference and received lots of attention for their work. with a piece of hardware to go into devices you'll be fomo'ing into this after it moons

Not sure if you're just trying to fud or really don't understand that it only started being listed on exchanges and has no marketing

How dense are you user?

Allcoin. It's been listed there forever. Just hasn't been on coinmarketcap.

Imagined that it became a new "chainlink" of biz with no news and a tone of memes. Fucking laughed

Easiest 2-3x in history. Good long term hold too.

I bought under 5$ during the crash and it's my comfiest hold

Fucking great snag.

Lol! High Performance Blockchain has meme potential just because of how absurdly long and literal the name is.

sounds like an std.


Where are my marines? 15k HPB marine reporting.

the working network wont even be released until DECEMBER 2019.

good project but opportunity cost if you hold it this year IMO

lmao I said exactly that the first time hearing of it

Any user knows how the market reacts to masternode confirmation annoucements? Should go up as people accumulate to get a MN right?


bibox slow as fuck thank god so I couldn't fomo in at peak

The testnet is next month. EoS wasnt launching anytime soon when it went to 2Bn