Poorfag who just got started a few hours ago

What’s your opinion Veeky Forums?

You trust shills too much.
But it won't go to zero.

I recognize 4 of 6.

Bnty is a good buy right now with upcoming positive news. Only freebie I'll give you

What would you advise again? This is actually just stuff I bought because I had a small leftover amount bitcoin from my days on the dark web doing stuff, so it’s not really necessarily a loss to me. It was just some chump change of BTC I came across from an old wallet from the Silk Road days.

Curious why did you buy Bancor?

go all in on one or two things if you only have $400. you need to consolidate until you hit 15 or 20k.
personally i'd go in on RLC or EOS 50/50. Maybe swap one with HPB. godspeed

Crypto Newfag here. I have a few grand to play around with.

I was thinking about investing in NEO or EOS. But I'm reading that we're in a downturn? Should I wait? What should I invest in?

>dropping only $500 this late in the game
you're not gonna make it.

latefag here as well.

I can drop 5k or so. Is it too late to make any serious profit? I was asleep at the wheel. I always thought crypto was ponzi stuff, so I didn't lurk nor read up on it.

If he dropped 500, hes already 11% down
>that's biz for ya

I turned $50 into into $100 on my first day this nigger doesn't know how to fucking trade.

both are two of my long term HOLDs so i think they're good...holding 25 NEO and 2000 EOS so i'm more impressed with them

Put it all in RLC and delete blockfolio or about a year or two.

You're more impressed with EOS? So I focus my coins with them? I just want to make some profits, man. Does anyone here have an oracle?

It was actually closer to like ~$475ish in BTC. Like I said. Just leftover shit I found in an old wallet I had when the Silk Road was still around and just bought some shit.

Ok faggot lemme give you some advice fuck what all these faggots think and listen up. Day trading is so easy a fucking chimp like you can do it.

First off look for crypto that are in a generally rising mode with high volatility.

Always buy when something is undersold and only sell when it is overbrought.

Look at the orderbook don't create a gbunch of slipage.

fuck holding If something isn't performing come back at another time.

There I hope you can atleast not be a fucking faggot with a black dildo stuck up your butt.

also you need to consider the fact that everthing is backed up by bitcoin when bitcoin tanks of coarse your gonna have losses. don't worry about it.

>I can drop 5k or so. Is it too late to make any serious profit?
I'm sure its gonna go up but definitely not as much as last year, not even close.

If you had dropped $5K into ETH last year you would have around $300K now. ETH's bullrun started this exact week last year.

Yeah I spent most of the morning beating myself up over that. I had the money then too, but I just didn't believe in crypto. Well, you can't invent a time machine.

What is the next ETH? Are you saying that won't get such big bullruns ever again?

NEO is the next ETH and no, we're not getting bull runs like last year. The normie money has come and gone for a bit, but there's still plenty to be made in long term holding.

Link is the best one you got.

This fucking sucks. So I should go all in on NEO and HODL for a year? Think I can at least get 300% return?

why the fuck would you buy bancor? Have you ever tried to use it? both idex and etherdelta are better

Yes, imo neo will get a better x then eth.

R8 my over diversified ass.

>TFW I feel like it will pick up again in May.
>TFW I need to take out most my money in May.
Feelsbadman. Then again I am probably only FOMOing May cause I will be out of crypto. Plan on having a bug portfolio again by September.