6 pack

6 pack

80 iq

How to make money?

Serious question

Hows your face? Anything below 9/10 and you should probably kys

Affiliate marketing via social media.

Seriously, I'll set you up a site. It's dumb easy

Are you attractive? Passable? Sell your body/time to gay men.
Emphasise that you are straight and they will pay more

Male escort and/or dancing.
Findom for gay rich dudes if you're young enough and mean enough (like mean enough to cause a guy to go bankrupt and/or homeless.) Nice part about this option is you don't even have to do gay stuff to or for them. In fact that's part of the findom experience.

>Affiliate marketing via social media.
Keep reading about this and seeing morons like ODI claiming to make stupid amounts of money from this-- is it really that easy/profitable?

e.g. ODI claims mm / year from fucking headphone affiliate marketing (recordingnow.com apparently--looks like dogshit to me)

Try getting high and racing a train, user

personal trainer

OP 6 pack irl
yeah nice one bro

set me up a site senpai

If youre a girl and have visible abs you could easily become a high end prostitute

Dont use Greg's pictures in vain.

He is a fucking legend. I know you guys aren't talking shit about it or anything...but Greg Plitt has changed my life and I hope you guys can respect him due to him no longer being with us anymore.

Donating a good amount of my LINK gains to his family/foundation, and to continue his legacy.

Which city are you in?

what a chestlet

Honey Island Brazil

Why don't you do guided tours through Airbnb? And another business on the side which you sell to your clients (personal training / blow jobs, etc.)


What u doing here?

It takes about 120IQ to realize having a 6pack is necessary and ubermensch

rip Greg Plitt

Modeling. Hook up with a really good photographer who can take good shoots.

You can make a lot of money unironically posing for romance covers this way.

Then set up a Facebook or Instagram for the female fans fooling over your body. When it gets big enough you can pimp other products or do influencer marketing.

Best to stay PG-13 in shoots. Flashing your abs or shirtless is fine, but Amazon and other retailers don't tolerate full nudity. If you nail it just right loaded authors and publishers will come knocking.

Good luck.

Fuck 1000 fat chicks for $50

>Donating a good amount
Seriously? I honestly think trying to outrun a train unsuccessfully is a badass thing to do and respect him for trying but I have no desire to ever interact with his relatives.