Hey Lomostar is having a airdrop right now that lasts until February 13th...

Hey Lomostar is having a airdrop right now that lasts until February 13th. They are celebrating the Chinese New Year (Chinese Company).

The link for the app can be found on:


Upon registration you will receive 100 AiLink tokens if you use the code below.

Code: 15FY74

Total amounts

20,000,000 AiLink = not released on an exchange yet

500,000 RUFF = $75,000

250,000 RED = $50,000

As you see plenty of money to go around

Other urls found in this thread:


Here's the promotion that Lomostar is running. Airdrop is within 1 hour!

These are the envelopes you do not want to open. You only have 10 Vitality points. Every envelope you open costs 1 Vitality point. You only can regenerate 1 Vitality point every 2 hours. It's important you don't waste them.

These are the Red Envelopes you want to open on world view. Always double check to make sure it's from the username Lomostar. Air drop is soon!

Always check the username and make sure it looks like this when you open the red envelope.

If you're a iOS user like me you might be having some trouble. Here's a quick tutorial to get the app started. It takes 30 seconds.


Airdrop is soon within 2 hours! They will release 6/7 red envelopes at a time and they do go fast so be ready. Always make sure you're opening red envelopes from this username. H

If you only have limited Vitality points open RUFF enevelopes only. They are already worth something!

RED is also a good one to collect. It's already trading for a decent amount

Yesterday's airdrop was at 8:45 which is in 20 minutes. Signup only takes 1 minute. The Red envelopes will disappear in 10-20 minutes. Only 1000 people can open them each

These airdrops will be continuing for 2 more days. They always increase the amounts each day. The last day should drop the most.

hey what do the diamonds do thanks

its not an airdrop if you have to do anything to get them

Diamonds can be used to buy more Vitality points. Those are used to open the red envelopes. Sometimes you run out and you can't open any more.

Also you can use 2 diamonds and it will pick up the red envelope with the highest balance.

Lastly you use them to create your own red envelopes to send to others.

You only need to signup on the app. Signup is free and quick

You don't need to buy anything.

Other airdrops you have to own the coin.

You don't need to buy any LMC to get the airdrops.

thanks mate


The wallet is based on Ethereum ERC20
AiLink (ALI)

Total Supply = 10,000,000,000

Circulating Supply = 2,000,000,000

ICO price = 0.1RMB ~$0.02

Whitepaper: ailink.in/AiLink_whitepaper.pdf

The girls on the bottom left are the customer service. If you have any problems with the app visit the lomocoin telegram group and ask for their help.

Damn I only have 5 Vitality points. I'm going to miss out on 1 red envelope. That's why it's important to not waste them on any of the unofficial envelopes.

Here's the link to the post about the 3 coins being airdropped.


RUFF is already trading at a decent price!

Don't get fooled by envelopes like this one. They use the same picture but it's not from Lomostar.


LoMoStar Red envelopes are up

THE AIRDROP IS RIGHT NOW HURRY! The envelopes won't last 20 minutes.

Getting cucked on opening the second RED one

It's the second RUFF for me haha I'm 5/6 though

Damn some people get 4-5x that amount I got. There's some luck to this

Only open these ones. Ignore the others. They could drop another batch shortly so save those points!

Another batch soon get ready.

Probably going to be it until tomorrow morning

I'm out of points so it doesn't matter to me haha. They had 2 last night that's why I think there might be 1 more.

oh good to know thanks!

Still checking once in a while since they only put up 6