The wolf of binance

Alright Veeky Forums listen up, today's the day I reward you faggots with something that's been in the works for over a month: I'm going to pnd LINK (Chainlink) on binance at 10pm GMT-5 (NYC time), and it's going to be huge. I'm giving this signal to my deluded linkies on Veeky Forums who've helped me come this far because you're all the reason why I've made it. I was a suicidal mess before I found Sergey, my marriage was almost over and we were in a large amount of debt, living at her parents and we hadn't had sex in near a year. I was cucked, but ya'll (and Sergey) saved me. I started fucking with crypto with my last $10k in 2015, and went up to over 3 million during the $20k btc bull. This is going to be my final thank you to you all, I'm cashing out after this and living a rich linkie life. I'm giving you all the chance to accumulate whilst it's still low.

I'm trying to optimize this pump as much as possible so have a few other whales I've met down the road helping me out. We chose 10pm GMT-5 as the start, as this has the chinks, pajeets and burgers trading... sorry eurofags. I've accumulated 3 mil at 40-50c (500k from the ICO) because this coin is insanely underrated, and has huge news + marketing that's not public within the next few days from the team themselves (We've purchased some shilling services who'll be using this as leverage tonight, more about it below). A definite $100 diamond in the mud with natural growth, but I want to make enough money to leave crypto for good before daddy BTC shits itself and makes us clean it up. My gay husband (its sergey) is due to give birth within the next few days and I need to focus on them instead of my computer screen and phone, obsessing over links price.

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I want to believe


How to I increase my stack off this? Sell and then buy back in?

I'm a suicidal wreck too user, I only have 9.4k and this is my one shot to not be a failure. Thanks

Please user, you're my only hope

larp shitcoin anyway

user at what price will you dump at? I only have 9k so I won't fuck up your plans

Holy FUCK you guys are dumb.

This LARP posts this so you all start buying waiting for a pump.

Meanwhile, you ARE the fucking pump, and he's selling to you at higher prices before you stop buying and this shit goes back to 40 cents or less.


>My gay husband (its sergey) is due to give birth within the next few days and I need to focus on them instead of my computer screen and phone, obsessing over links price.

that's why he said he's still accumulating. he gives some decent information and we pay for it.


Ahh it's happening!!!!!!!!!!11!!!11!!!!

This is actually happening guys. Guide me.. I only have 9k and need to up my stack. I'll love you fags forever

>all sweaty
>I am ready Senpai

get outta here imposter (link's a good coin though, more than a meme)

Guys I'm left having sex with Sergey right now and it's weird, the more I pump him, the higher LINK price goes.

I'll keep going for biz. And also because this is so fucking hot.

and sergy is hot

>I'll keep going for biz
thank you for your service

I'm so glad Link isn't a scam



If this actually happens I will double my LINK stack

It's finally fucking dawning on me that I'm actually going to be a millionaire. I have 70k LINK.

Holy shit, anons. It's actually going to fucking happen.

Marines. This is a fucking pasta.

You should sell right now and buy back in after the dump.

I sold 10k or so -- I'm too much of a pussy to sell any more than that.

Go to bed everyone

How can I increase me stack? I need this bad marines.. I'm a need failure with only 9.4k.. any help from kind Anons would be amazing. Just need to increase my stack a little. Sorry to be pathetic. I'm a good guy irl

does anyone want a chainlink sticker (vinyl, so it can be used outdoors)

why is LINK going up?
is it just another fucking PnD or is it actually doing something good for once

>No news
>Going up
>Is it PnD or is it doing something good for once?
Use your tiny brain, mortal.

Update OP? Hint as to when a poorfag like me should dump?


I miss my daddy Sergey. :(((;He was sooo soft and tender, like a fish filet from Wendy before the lunch rush.

He and I would play sword fight and eat Big Macs in his twin sized bed for hours. He would smoke crack cocaine from a Spiderman nightlight and ride me late into the night.

And on Sunday mornings I would wake him up by performing fellatio on him under the covers in the early morning sunshine. He would have me rub ketchup all over him and we'd lick it off together.

I miss those days. He would buy me chocolates and lingerie all the time. We even sold some Linkies together. I think he had like 18,000 Linkies before he dumped me. He said he was going to dump them too, and his only true love was the girl working the flielator at the local McDonald's.

This ForChan site has so many Linkies, I didn't expect to find even more like minded people here than I do normally on Tumblr and Facebook.

I'm looking for new Linkie daddy. Preferrably one that is more hung that Sergey (4.2in for those curious ;))

#linkie #bullrun #golinkie

EXACT same shit happened with ambrosus. i made out with stop limits, but jesus christ. obvious pnd

How can I capitalize on this bro, sell at .50 and buy back in?

peak of amb pump was 20% or so.. dunno if link will make that, but you could sell at 12 - 15% and rebuy after the dump

most sell orders appear around .00051 sats, so that prolly the expected peak.

Isn't that .43 cents? its at .47 cents right now

Get ready for the dump AHHHH

Just bought in, did I fuck up? Pls no dump.

how long for accumulation?


wait link seems like it has a ton of potential with the SWIFT partnership. why the needs for pump and dump why not just accumulate and sell it in a few years

weak hands gonna learn tonight

Too may different emotions for one day.

nice dubs

what do you mean by that?

t. poorfag considering shorting to increase my 9k stack

Guy, he posted the exact same text for AMB three hours ago. It pumped 20% then crashed hard.
Literally the same post, but AMB instead of Link. This is a scam. Do not buy.

I'm trying to sell my friend



does a bear shit on a street?

What do you mean user




these major pnd's have 2 pumps, one artificial and one natural

the weak hands will leave after the artificial pump slows down and they'll be pink wojaks tomorrow when they wake up and realize the error in their ways


nice fucking picture

top quality samefagging FUD
already bought 100K when it was 28 cents lmao

recoiled right after touching 55xx. hmm

I'm hoping this guy dumps, I shorted half my stack of LINK

looks like they're dumping the rest of it.

>He would smoke crack cocaine from a Spiderman nightlight

Glad someone pointed out this pasta

You're saying AMB was the artificial and LINK is the natural?

someone just bought 12k link kek


and 16k was sold

looks like the pump is done. there might still be some dumping to be done though, who knows

>finally realizing that scott adams was trying to give us the heads up about link when he was shilling his Dapp

at last i truly see

God damnit I fell for the AMB one, link fags stay away


if you have to ask you'll never know

people here are looking for instant gratification and will freak out as soon as the pump slows down

that's when people who aren't aware of the artificial pump will buy in

that's when the magic happens

if you don't believe me, just go to bed and check the charts when you wake up

your short will probably do well tho, I'm just saying you might wanna get back into LINK within the next 3 hours or so


I appreciate user, I know I'm not worthy.. one day I'll pay it forward

I do

This will dump even harder the second time right?


sold like 50 now lol

it's a really good sticker, looks so clean

>A product of (Indian?) scammers and experienced ponzi scheme fraudsters.


>only $1 when you could scam retards out of 10 easy
you're a saint. Do you get any cut of the 'shipping costs' or is that all to etsy?

Sorry to be dense, I've read your posts multiple times but I don't understand what you mean, even though I really want to.

Thanks for the referral. Been hoping to snag one of those for lower fees!

the shipping costs are to genuinely pay shipping, etsy is really good with fees, ebay is the jew