Hey guys, i'm new here and came from /r/cryptocurrency...

Hey guys, i'm new here and came from /r/cryptocurrency. I heard this is a better place to discuss crypto and you guys welcome anyone. Can someone give me a summary of the memes for this board and what the green writing is? Thanks!

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Welcome aboard!

We’re so happy to have you :-)

What’s your favorite crypto? Haha! :-)


Have you heard of LINK?

Thanks! I'm a big fan into ripple and tron, what about you.

this is just like any other subreddit

the green text is achieved like this [green]text[/green]

bad larp is bad larp

[green]Ohhhh I see haha xD. Why did people say that Veeky Forums was mean? You guys seem alright[/green]

Reddit told me to stay away from it, is it good?

go all into devery user

it's amazing, the founder is an absolute genius, my dad and I saved up enough this year to buy a full 100k during the dip

>faggots giving low quality bait (you)s
Jesus, have some standards.

You need to lurk some, newfriend. We fucking hate Reddit.

1/10 larp


fuck off
we're full


This is wojak. We post him when a crypto isn't doing so swell at the moment.

Devery bitconnect and confido are all dipping right now
You should get into those asap! :-)

What else? Any slang you guys use i should be aware of? Thanks :)

Nonono, that's pink angry man :-)
Know your memes!


Decent bait. Not really though

devery is nothing like bitconnect and confido...

welcome to Veeky Forums sir, your lucky day is today you gona be rich
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