Who would win in a real fight?

who would win in a real fight?

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The bull. Are you serious? Those things killed the dinosaurs. Bears are bitches. They ate that Timothy retard though lmao

Depends on a lot of factors but an adult bull would probably be able to defend his self.

A raging bull is literally unstoppable

The bear, it's been tried in the past, and the bear wins most of the time.

the bull would gore the fuck out of a bear

The one with the sharp projections

more often then not the bull, but sometimes the bear....

I think if a bull connected with its horns in the first charge, it would win, but a bear has more staying power since it can stand and use its claws.

The bear is here to stay fags

Bear vs tiger = bear
Tiger vs bull = tiger
Bear vs bull = bear (pls let me be wrong)

there are lots of historical recountings of encounters between grizzly bears and bulls while cattle were being driven from texas to montana. a full grown grizzly could handle most bulls, but the few times some alpha bull heard leaders met them they did handle the bears.

a trillion of suns


Bears eat bulls for breakfast

> literally unstopable

If there are trees in the area, the bear by far. Open field is a little more tricky, but I still think the bear has a solid chance. Again, if you simulated this, there are just so many factors that could affect it.

I want the bear to win, but I think the bull will.

>all the retards saying the bull win, even though people used to do battles between bears and bulls, and a bear would kill like 20 of them until a bull got a lucky hit

Depends on enviroment, if large open field and bull gets a full charge ram, will probably destroy the bear lol but if the bear manages to grapple the bull then the bull is done for

this used to be a thing in 19th century california

the bear was tied to a stake with a chain around its neck and the bull was free to move around. the bear usually won

If polar bear, bear wins, otherwise bull

I've always been interested in this. Let's look at some stats

adult bull:
2400 lbs
strong as shit
one directional attack mode, essentially defenseless if attacked from the sides
horns can gore tf out of ya

kodiak bear (biggest non arctic bear to make it fair):
1000-1500 lbs
excellent wrestlers
strong af bite, extremely thick bones skull fat fur and muscle
sharp ass claws
bite that could easily rip out the bulls throat
actual killer instinct, predatory animal

I think the bear would fuck a bull up the majority of the time. All it takes is for the bear to get to the side or grab a leg and takedown, and the bull is fucked. The bull's only chance is to charge and hit the bear head on, which I don't really see happening. Bears are known to take moose and bison so I don't think a bull is all that different. On top of all this, bears actually kill shit for their whole lives, bulls just get mad and spaz out but they aren't really killers like a bear is. despite the 1000 lb weight difference I'd put my money on the grizzly

also they used to make the bear fight several bulls until it lost. a bear could easily get through 3-4 bulls before it fucked up

An alpha grizzly vs alpha bull? There's no doubt in mind the grizzly would destroy the bull.

I love Bull, he’s done alit for the market but he has no ground game. I would say Bear wins in round 2 via rear naked choke.

the bear usually goes for the neck once the bull misses with its charge, either by claw or going for a bite

Yeah. the matchup is basically a huge powerlifter vs a smaller bjj fighter. 99% of the time as we've seen through mma, a skilled grappler that knows what he's doing will wreck a big untrained guy. bear vs bull is basically this same matchup if the bjj guy can bite hard af also

The bear would definitely fuck up a bull are you kidding
A male cow vs a grizzly bear?
Bears are tanks even it it got gored once or twice itd still fight and hold its groud like nothing happened
The fact that grizzlies stand on their hind legs while already being taller and larger than the bull gives it an insane advantage
The bear would maybe get gored, stand on its hind legs, collapse his weight on the bull and bite the back of its neck while gripping around with rediculously large claws

Ted would win

Also if the bear gets out of the way of the horns even after getting gored a bit the bull is finished

whale or shark beats both


A bear will be cowed by a larger, raging animal. If it's one of those 2500 super bulls, the bull will win then expire from infected wounds. There's simply too much meat for the claws to shut it down and a raging bull of that size would break the bear's jaws with its thrashing.

Also look up Spanish bear/bull fighting. This match led to the extinction of the sun bear. If it was such hot shit, they'd still be around.

Sun bear was probably a small nerd bear like black bears that just look and act like oversized dogs afraid of everything

the most badass predators


In Lonesome Dove, it was kind of a draw, IIRC.


I appreciate this write up user. It literally got my heart pounding.

Depends what kind of bear
Have you ever seen a grizzly?