Can anyone justify why an imaginary bleepcoin that produces no value and can be replicated very easy into other coins...

Can anyone justify why an imaginary bleepcoin that produces no value and can be replicated very easy into other coins can worth more than Walmart, an actual company with billions in tangible assets that offers services to hundreds of millions and employees more than 2 million people? Unless you can justify this bitcorn will never go more than 300b market cap again

made me think

Because one is a commodity valued directly on the principles of scarcity and the other is an asset valued on the principles of discounted cash flow?

Learn basic economics faggot.

What services does the US dollar offer that a Bitcoin does not?

>inb4 you cant spend Bitcoins
Thos is no longer true and 5 minutes of research would show it.


>discounted cash flow
the people use btc as an investment the more volatile it becomes. the more volatile it becomes the more useless as a currency it becomes. you can't escape this circle because unlike government currencies you can't enforce people to adopt your coin

walmart is a shitty american company dying to amazon and blockchain is a global technology bringing web 3.0

so how much you think btc can be worth? amazon is 650b market cap can they pass that?

btc won't be worth anything, pure currencies will die from either regulation or private companies/banks FINALLY releasing their own instant payment systems to quash the competition blockchain brought (but odds are btc will kill itself due to the scaling war long before then). smart money is buying smart contracts, ETH and competitors.

it's only volatile because it's a commodity with low adoption. As adoption increases, volatility decreases. Also lol at your thinking that you could easily make another bitcoin. You can copy the code but it's not the same, you dumb faggot.

also amazon will continue to grow

lmao. the more you invest the more volatile it becomes. the more volatile it becomes the less adoption there will be. Do you know that a ton of stores actually used to accept bitcoin before November? after that almost all of them stopped accepting bitcoin. If you want btc to be used as currency you should STOP investing in it. you should only use btc to buy stuff. But you won't do that, and nobody in crypto world will do that so it will continue to be volatile and unusable as a currency.

>294.37 BILLION

That's nearly all of the alt coins put together.

A lot of people around the world can't buy Wal-mart stock very easily and trade it. You also can't own 100 millionth of one, and you cannot buy goods with it.

Meanwhile, shitcoins like Bcash and Litecoin can be traded on a $10 smartphone with internet in India and easily converted to whatever the fuck you want. If demand exceeds supply even by a small amount, the value of these coins increases tremendously, especially when you have more and more people merely storing it for value.

>smart money is buying smart contracts
You mean people falling for Indian scammers

walmart is part of the new world order, it will never die. same with the latter company you mentioned.

How valuable is it to make jews obsolete?

>what is omni
>what is counterparty
>what is rootstock

and NEO that is actually shartes/assets

I said ETH "and competitors" you miserable faggots, also to the rootstock faggot, be sure to livestream your suicide when bitcoin hits zero

Not all in BTC just pointing out how wrong you are saying BTC is a "pure currency" there are many different application platforms built on bitcoin.

none of which will come to fruition since it's no longer possible to deploy a non-contentious fork on the bitcoin network. doesn't matter if they are good products, bitcoin is passed saving.

Huh? Omni and counterparty are functioning right now with applications (safex, maidsafe, tether, etc.). You have no clue clearly, from you think banks can just make their own token. What are debit cards? If you think cryptocurrencies are merely a electronic payment system you don't understand blockchain technology.

I understand blockchain, I also understand capitalism and economics (and you don't). banks won't be creating tokens, notice I said "instant payment systems," not tokens. if you think 90% of the population cares about the fundamentals behind blockchain and trustless networks, you have a lot to learn.

Instant payment system already exists. How is that a feature of cryptocurrencies? Instant transactions for bitcoin already exist two, between users of centralized services like coinbase. Bitcoin isn't valuable for just being a payment system, its a secure global ledger than can be maintained by nodes that don't have to trust each other or any central authority. Without that, instant transactions have been available since bank wires were invented.

>the more you invest the more volatile it becomes

obviously you didn't take in anything I just said. what's the biggest market that can benefit from bitcoin? mexicans and indians sending money from their work in developed nations back home to their families living in shitholes. how do they do it now? expensive international transfers and services like western union. guess what's going to happen? that's right. those payment systems are going to get a whole lot cheaper and a whole lot faster and bitcoin and other pure currencies will not have the demand to get to mass adoption. it doesn't fucking matter we have a secure, global, trustless ledger because the vast, vast majority of people don't fucking care.

wires still take a day, not seconds, and are the opposite of cheap. the people will go with what the payment companies and banks shove down their through which will be easier and cheaper for them to use than bitcoin (considering poor mexicans can't exactly spin up a full btc node so they can use the glorious lightning network).