Trading bots

How do I into bots? are there any bots worth their salt that can actually be used by people who don't know how to code?

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Yeah faggot someone else put a lot of hard work to give you something that prints money for free instead of using the thing themselves

why would I tell you?

Because someone told you once?

>make something that prints money
>not print even more money by selling it to others

Some guy was shilling his bot so I posted the same one with half price

Also you can shill it and get 40% of the money

you mean
>make bot public
>gets swarmed and becomes less productive because of oversaturation
>loopholes then get plugged

learn how to program
it's a skill that you'll find a use for all the time once you have it

Good luck when your shitty hacked together program fails and you lose all your money.

It it worked, they wouldn't sell it.

>Yeah faggot someone else put a lot of hard work to give you something that prints money for free instead of using the thing themselves
oh good. that's what i was hoping for. where can i find it?

if i was to figure this all out on my own where would i start? to code a bot. where would i even begin? is it even possible for a brainlet like me? i can't stress enough how basically retarded i am. i can barely do html

thanks famalam
I've got 20 good trades in a row right now

start with learning how to program
pick an easy language like python if you want to get into it as fast as possible
do one of those free edx courses like

It's not like you get a bot & it does everything automatically. You have to tell it which strategies to deploy.

i use slinghshoot for tradesatoshi and cryptopia, its good, you can make some profits on shitcoins, i dont use it much on cryptopia right now because they shut down the LTC and DOGE markets, its good on tradesatoshi on the PAC/DOGE
run on windows and you only need the api keys

I'm not a programmer, but I use Profit Trailer with mild success. If you can edit a config file, watch some youtube videos, and read a WIKI, you can use Profit Trailer.

I keep trying to make trading bot threads on Veeky Forums but its clear the majority of people here have no idea how they work. Anyone that says "If it worked they wouldn't sell it" is clearly clueless.

>Why would they sell a working bot?
Because selling the bot is certain income vs. an uncertain, volatile market.

>If everyone is using it doesn't it stop working?
Yea, which is why every user is encouraged to use their own settings. It's just a tool. You can point it at any pairs with any strategy you want. If you selected a hundred Profit Trailer users, about 50% are retards using the default settings competing with each other, and the other 50% actually understand the software and customize it daily to get the most out of it.

>It can fuck up and throw away your money!
Absolutely, which is why it is important to understand how to use it. There are plenty of built in safety features, but you can still fuck yourself if you are not careful. I let my bot pick up NANO on accident, and it set me back a week in gains.

I don't expect I'll convince Veeky Forums to have regular trading bot threads because its a fun meme to hate them, but that is one less bot to compete with I guess.

>tfw made bot that pulled over 100k in 2 months
>pajeet will never know how

actual advice? on my biz?

>mfw i've had a toy of this robot since i was 2 years old