What does Veeky Forums smoke?

What does Veeky Forums smoke?


nothing cuz i dont want to die a premature and horrificly painful/disgusting/prolonged/agonizing death

>smoking in 2018

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>he fell for the smoking causes cancer meme



You people are faggots. Civil liberties get taken from us everyday and you fags are okay with it citing “muh health”. Go tuck yourself and keep sucking nigger cock with other democrats.

top grade a cannabis mah dude

dank memes

I work out at the gym and care about my health, what low-class filth still smokes cigarettes in 2018? I only smoke that Devil's Lettuce.

Camel menthol


nothing, mainly due to it setting off my asthma

>you have to smoke to be a libertarian

Camel 99s or camel turkish royals. Only god tier cigs for me

usually bellies, just ordered me a pack of panda off ebay, wonder what this chink shit taste like,

buh i smoke weed and im white af yo

that's some tasty tobacco right there

Unironically Camel & Cut Cuban cigars



i stopped smoking and drink marijuana tea instead


Black and milds

addiction will make you come up with some goofy shit, best believe those coffin nails you smoke will come back to fuck you if you don't quit

CRACK cocain

>being this brainlet

yes they are more expensive but they last a lot longer and and higher quality tobacco, see nicotine plasma levels

Camel turkish royal original is one of the better smokes out there

I don't smoke that often any more, occasional cig and hookah every now and then with Tinder bitches. You really have to slow it down once you hit your mid 20's...

These, but unfiltered.

they definitely do cause emphysema, and that is one nasty way to die let me tell you.

Buy bulk ingredients and mix own fluid, approx 30$ a year.

I fucking love Newports. Other cigs are meh. I only smoke about a pack per year though.

No, I'm not a nigger

marlboro reds.


I don't know about the rest of the world, but smoking is a poor-people thing here in America.

Shows a lack of impulse control, plain and simple.

if you smoke anything other than hash you are doing it wrong

I don't smoke, I sniff

pic related, it's emphysema.

Anyone else roll your own?


used to in college but I felt like a meme

how is this Veeky Forums related? Veeky Forums is going downhill because of stupid faggot bullshit like this thread
or fashion threads
or general data mining threads and /b/ tier faggotry
newfags, kys. you will never make it because you are way too late to the game and now act as fodder to inflate wallets


i vape weed bro. bought a valcano with crypto gains and it rips.

Literally this


Ya, we get it. You aren't cool.

quit 2 weeks ago, smoked parliaments though; poor fags need not apply.

Hello, Devon.

Marlboro menthols

Your mom's cock

Parliament Full Flavor, the true ticket to flavor country.

If you don’t suck on these, you likely suck on negronithon cock. DYOR

pot and djarum blacks. drink yerba mate and HQ beer.


Kent Nanotek
Rothmans Demi

Cos they fit pockets perfectly, unlike those bulky ass full size packs

Cig smokers in 2018.... man you fucks are pathetic


If you love to have normies dictate your actions, why are you here? Crypto is a bubble and a ponzi and horrible for the environment

err day
We don't have good cigarettes over here

Camels original

how is this thread at all relevant to Veeky Forums in the first place? unless you think discussing which fag you like to stick in your sissy mouth somehow equates to business and finance

blackberry kush

>Civil liberties get taken from us everyday and you fags are okay with it citing “muh health”. Go tuck yourself
holy fuck let me interview you for my podcast this is dank AF

[email protected]

Chink smokes taste terrible

Where my camel crush boys at

>Veeky Forums thinks smoking should be outlawed

no were just think you're dumb

the local middleschool

What's a healthy version of this look like?

My nigga. These or the red pouch of rollies. Mostly during the summer though. Rest of the year I'm pic related

this+. apparently whales smoke this in my country

Nat Sherms B&G. only thing I can smoke anymore.

who is that?


mixed with marijuana. Not especially fond of smoking either on their own.

You must be European

>go tuck yourself
no smoke no cry

Devils lettuce

Used to like Drum but Golden Virginia is now my spice of choice. I would be an Amber Leaf guy but I've never seen it for sale outside of Bongistan.


i smoke cock desu

>What does Veeky Forums smoke?

I don't smoke. I vape. I'm a vapist.

I smoke Parliaments. I can't stand flimsy bullshit filters.

>have only 5 days of smoking left before I cant smoke for two months because of deviated septum surgery

How do I make it through this?

Don't smoke

They stopped selling all my brands in my country.

No more american spirit, no more dunhill, no more pueblo.

And so I stopped smoking.

Only snuff for me.

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