I have figured out how to mine BTC at an alarming rate

What should I do with this knowledge? I am able to mine approx 3 BTC/day with only 2 rigs. This will last for 4 more days. How can I scale this without the room or means to acquire more rigs?

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kill yourself

no you haven't

no, you didn't.

If you had, you wouldn't be telling a fucking soul until AFTER it stopped working.

Then again you are a complete faggot so who knows.

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Tell us how faggot or this is fake

What I'm doing isn't magic. It just won't work once the difficulty increases. There are other people doing this, it's saturated as it is. I'm asking you how to scale. Tell me how to scale and post a BTC address. I'll screencap.

>without the room or means to acquire more rigs?
cut others in

Talk to your gaming PC buddies.

plug your power into two outlets. Double the juice.


I live by myself and have next to no friends. This is urgent. What am I to do? I just think this opportunity is ridiculous and the time window is so small. I feel cheated.

Next difficulty increase is in 8 days you larping faggot

I know this is bait but spin up some GPU instances on AWS, you might be able to run them for a few days before you get shut down.

Try your best to find some GPU's to buy then return. Or if you just need hash power then you can buy some from a site like nicehash and point it to the pool or whatever your using.

>get a biz user to send you money
>keep the money
>make another larp thread

also, you make 30k per day with this one weird trick but you need seed money.


It's a tad bit longer than that, brainlet. And I only have 4 days because I haven't paid my electricity bill.

I never asked for money and I'm not going to, champ. I'm asking for ideas.

ok reinvest the 3 BTC you make every day into more rigs lol


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Just say it
If you don’t say it here please just tell me how to do it
I’ll give contact info

The issue is that I am not willing to sell my BTC to invest in hardware that will depreciate. Fuck, this is where being a normie faggot and having friends comes in handy.

Email me how, I’m a retard in love and need the Btc To go live with my long distance partner

Quixoticalvixen at gmail dot com

What he wants is send you his secret mining program that happens to contain a trojan that will steal your cryptos, kthxbye

Sell them you cheap fuck.
What you're sayin ITT is: I don't want to use my own money of which apparently I make a lot so I wish I had friends I could exploit for this

thats only 12 BTC man


Wrong. I'm not contacting anyone. I'm only interested in hearing ideas. When will you retards understand?

What types of rigs are you using to mine BTC ?

then nobody cares or will help you

Selfish cunt.

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This is a larp, but: ovhcloud.com/products/servers/gpu-servers

Antminer S9

which blocks?

which blocks have you mined, post them.

Once the difficulty goes up you're fucked so cut your losses. Obviously there is no way to scale your operation and have it be effective in the next couple of days. Move someplace with cheaper power so that your profits aren't affected by difficulty increases or put them shits up on craigslist and get into something with more TH.

>what is zero interest credit card?

Enjoy paying 2x gpu prices though. And proof or kys faggot.

Lets say this isn't fake. You have 6 days to upscale. Hop on craigslist and pay with your btc for premade rigs.

Instead of 3/day for the next 6 days (18 btc)
You lose 2 and can get 10 (60 btc)
Enough money will get you what you want immediately, btc is as good as money and the people selling them usually will accept it.

If your glitch was real you would be even buying from scalpers.

that's nice but I cracked BTC algorithm and can generate secret hash for any public hash! send me 1btc and I'll explain how it's done.

Fuck i wish these reddit meme fueled faggots would fuck off soon

Is somehow you're serious, I have a botnet capable of 150 GH/s - 400 GH/s. 50 million devices online would probably hit the TH benchmark..

Then you already have a custom firmware image that exploits this bug that only applies for this difficulty level? I think you're full of shit. If this was legitimate you would not be the only one, and the hash rate would be drastically overestimating as people exploited this bug pumping the rate of emission.
Instead hash rate is relatively flat.
But I have a large S9 mine and if you can prove it, I'll cut you in on a part of the profits from the exploit. I'm not going to fall for silly obvious scams like "dude just run this firmware containing these precompiled binaries" or any such nonsense. If you want my iron, I'm going to need a mathematically consistent explanation of how it works. If you can give that I'll code it myself.

He's mining on a testnet.


I have figured out how to mine BTC at an alarming rate.
I need your help for collecting the capital needed for buying my super rigs. If you'll send 30 btc to me I'll buy the rigs and later repay you 300 btc for your generosity.

Please sir. I am Pajeetastani prince.
Pleas send moeny for mining and I will send 10x back.
Very stable invest. Must act quick sir.

this might work in india pajeet, but not everyone here is as stupid.