In the last AB's thread, he said that both XLM and XRP are shit. XRP even more so.

With this in mind, I'm thinking of maybe getting more LINK with my XLM stack. What gives? I'm already super comfy with 70K LINK but would pump it to almost 100K if I did this.

From a risk perspective, it's not such a good idea to go all in but I have faith in LINK and AB.

Picture related is car I'm getting once I make it.

I'm holding my xlm till atleast the end of this month dude, I am a link holder also but why would dump xlm now be a good idea?


>sells xlm before fairx launch

great advice desu

Your taste in cars is good
Your investing instincts are not
You will notice little different in life if link moons and you have 70k vs 100k
You will notice much difference if link does not moon and xlm does after youve made a solipsists consolidation

Keep the XLM.

FairX will not launch until 2019 dudes. What evidence does anyone have that they are even working on it?

The IBM guy threw cold water on anything happening soon.

XLM is a shitcoin in the end

Nice choice OP, pic related what I plan on buying with my XLM stack when it hits $10 by eoy

>solipsist consolidation
Underrated post.

Yeah, I'm torn on this. I know I'm more than good with my portfolio now but AB has a certain way of activating my almonds...

>buying more link
lol why

It will lunch this year that much is confirmed

> dumping XLM for a complete shitcoin
>tfw LINK at 40 cents
>where it was almost 6 months ago

Lol weaponized autismo


Who is AB? Are you really going to make a personal financial decision based on something another user said?

do gays not have a clue about female anatomy or are you guys just stabbing frantically in the dark now kek

>Picture related is car I'm getting once I make it.
kek, waste of gains

> he doesn't know

I unironically sold my xlm because of his opinion. I dunno man, the guy looks like a fucking Chad. I trust him.

Link to thread?

I'm trying to make the same choice. Is there any chance that xlm will get to the same price as link at any point? Because that would allow me to reach my goal. Looks like it did earlier tody but I was working. Is there an alert system for this?I keep waiting for them to drop the fairx beta but now link is pumping and xlm is pulling the old "sideways rocket."

XRP will make them obselete.

Interledger is the future of payments and XRP will be the most used coin with it.

no way i'd sell xlm now. lol, i'm still accumulating.
i hodl LIN too, but have no clue what's gonna happen withthat one.
but xlm is a good prospect


>He doesn't hedge against his own mind.