Trump Fucked us all AGAIN

It's over.

thanks just bought 100k

>trump up at midnight to sign some crypto bill

hahah ok

Fake bitch bastird

fake and gay

Nice try faggot but that's not how you use a semicolon

“These bitcoins people have been getting into”

Yeah fake news bitch cite the source

ban this bitch

Will you morons ever stop with the fake news FUD? Don't you ever sleep? Oh, wait, India is GMT+5:30. That explains it.

No more lambos for you guys!

Isnt tax evasion through crypto already illegal you fucking fudster cunt?

I read that part and thought "yeah this is fake" then remembered its trump who supposedly said it and thought "maybe not" i mean it is fake but trump is retarded enough to say a phrase like that

this is shareblue. 100x worse than the pajeets and scum of the earth. most of them will be lined up in a firing squad once Trump fully takes control


Trumpi does that, he can kiss his re election bye-bye for sure.

Not /our guy/

This proves this isn’t a place for /pol/

Trump talks like a retard. Why wouldnt you believe that he said that?

A lot of /pol/ have already dropped support for Trump. Only a few reddit newfags remain.

bears are desperate

You guys are right lmao that’s exactly how he would phras that

>governments fair share
taxation is theft. There is no difference between mob protection money and taxation.

Hello fellow non-redditor. Bernie 2020 amirite?

Of course.

Fucking brainlet polsters will still find a way to make themselves believe he isn't a fraud. KYS faggots. Trump has been the worst thing to happen to this country since 9/11.

Trump probably doesn't even know about the cyber money.