This scummy wog is about to rip off all australians when his ico goes live

this scummy wog is about to rip off all australians when his ico goes live

can someone ddos please

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what makes it a scam?

This coin is the next confido. Stay clear

the auscoin token has absolutely no purpose. founders are just doing an ico to crowdfund their atm rollout so they can get rich off the fees and fuck everybody else. no risk to them, no facing up to actual business investors or securities regulations

>implying this ausfag is dumb rnough to get tricked by a fuckin lebo dog

you might not be but at least 18k other cunts have expressed interest. straight into the tank of his bentley

"all of da haters" We hate you because you are a piece of shit

>tfw my gf keeps bugging me to check it out but I havent been fucked because it sounded like a shitcoin to begin with
time to actually read into it so I can tell her its retarded

cheers user

Aussie are officially piece of shit trash to me now.
90% of them at least. They shilled that GARBAGE canya coin on biz for days. It has a 'working' product and it was a new coin so i stupidly thought hey what the hell. It may just moon, new coins always do. Well with that stupid fucking name and logo, all it has been doing since release is bleeding. It is worth 60 cents now..... when it was released at $5.

FUCK YOU SCAMMERS, heaviest bags i'm holding...

Someone needs to call Tracy Grimshaw.

wogs always scam

chances are they would have just ended up shilling it first

Post GF's tits and ill send .1ETH

kek not worth it

Aussie media let this cunt on air, I officially hate my cunt of a country

Ment raw tits, but whatever

>rip off all australians

>scummy wog

so balance to the force and all that Disney shit

what an absolute disaster that interview was though

Not only does it make me look like an idiot for talking about crypto, but this cunt legitmately thinks hes the go to guy.
I fucking hate lebos

This. Fucking embarrassment

unofficially partnered with bitcoin but

upvote this shit

The ico launch has failed once, wait to see if it does it again lol

they just took down the FAQ too. well that lasted a whopping 20 minutes

spend weeks delaying their answers, upload a document that dodges most questions and gives shitty answers to the rest, then take it down anyway


starting to get sick of all the normies that keep posting photos they took of that faggot auscoin truck of theirs

holy fuck

"spotted in townsville ecks dee"

Guys, if you don't actively call cunts like this out then he just goes on to fuck the new investors [who are responsible for our shitcoins mooning] and turns them off crypto. If you read this post and just chill out you are part of the problem.

Upvote and share the ICO review above. It does all the hardwork of critically analyzing this scam so you don't have to come up with it on your own.

here is another aus scam coin to avoid - pecuniaxcoin. seriously, check out the fuckin white paper for it. dodgy as fuck and doesn't even make sense


Like and share this too. Blows Auscoin out of the water.

In the name of gains cuck this dodgy cunt to all fuck, we need normie sheep for our shilling gains.

>run by leb scammer
Nobody buy this piece of shit, get on Strayacoin if you want to support Aussie crypto.

this kebab cunt unironically has SELF MADE tattooed on his knuckles and expects to be taken seriously

The amount of faggot cuck apologists for this scamcoin is hilarious, I hope these guys get burned hard

I hate this nation. The country is beautiful but the people are lame as fuck

for them to get burned hard, this fat wog piece of shit gets to benefit though. ideally their ICO just flops hard and they cant do anything

All the people on their shitty Facebook page are complete retards blindly following kazz and slogget and if you ever speak up everyone rips into you. Well suck shit cunts your going to lose all your money. Look slogget up on google used to run some pyramid scheme with travel packages a few years ago

they're asking for too much, this won't sell out and will tank on exchanges, they are still literally going to raise some millions though, probably enough to cover their ATM deployments

are you in any of the facebook groups? normies will absolutely fall for this.

>bought a coin because 'It has a 'working' product and it was a new coin so i stupidly thought hey what the hell. It may just moon'
lmao no idea what canya coin is but it's your own fault for being retarded

>giving my money to a leb kebab shop owner
yea no thanks....

Word Template Whitepaper
Estimating $84M turnover/pw

I don't really understand what Auscoin is/what the ATM's are after reading the White Paper... It's a bitcoin ATM, what is Auscoin for? Can it be used for getting AUD with Auscoin?

It kind of just looks like an IPO with no actual basis...

I'm gonna pass..

Someone email Piper Alderman (large Australian law firm) and let them know Michael Bacina, one of their partners, is flogging a scam.

bacina isn't on the fucking team and a good deal is not a legal requirement. this will not be a successful ICO exchange flip and the price will go nowhere quickly because nobody will be making any money

Partners of reputable firms shouldn’t be putting their faces on fucking dodgy ICOs. He might not even know his face is there

I attended one of their events, they didn't know jack shit about blockchain. But they sure as fuck know how to shill normies.

Also these fuckers are also doing a hold club. They called it: "hoddle club"


What an embarrassment. He posts TA on the Facebook page like he's some sort of prodigy.

you are right user, i'll fire one off
fucking gay

The wogs phone number is on an Out of Order BTC ATM at a Money exchange in Swanston st, Melbs... 2 Pajeets run the shop, but they say they have nothing to do with the Gypo

yeah just watch that dumb wog flounder on sky business interview when he can't even explain why he believes in bitcoin

can't believe in something if you dont understand it!