>learning technical analysis
>made myself some one page summaries of different concepts

I thought biz might be interested + give me some feedback

interested also brap

these are kind of rough

info from investopedia/wikipedia/other TA sources

also interested OP

Looks sweet

I have some feedback that is relevant to all of your notes.

Is there any statistical evidence that this works? Why do you believe it to be effective?


nice, thanks

for elliot waves check the BTC graph (pic related)

RSI is a momentum indicator so it is not really considered "fortune telling" it gives an indication of how the market looks at a point in time

Indicators in my experience are grounded in reality more then the meme lines everyone uses around here (not talking about resistance btw)

as I said these are kind of rough

You seem to misunderstand. I said statistical hard evidence, not a vague explanation as to why something might work.

that was informative and easy to read now delete this before the normies steal the secrets

OP, do you know what autocorrelation is? What a mathematical "attractor" is?
If you don't, maybe take some stats and modelling classes before trying to use this crap.

post em all user, i will save them and read them later today
thanks for doing this

well the BTC graph is a perfect elliot wave for one thing

Great stuff op! post them all!

Fisher transform is the ONLY indicator

how many did you make??

A single stock graph following what you think is a pattern is not evidence. One of the traits of humans is that we often see patterns even if they aren’t there.



>i dont believe in meme lines

>to see why my ta works look at the meme wiggles on this meme chart

The btc graph is geometric brownian motion not some pyschological phenomenom

pic related is the fisher transform for BTC on the 15m graph

I have been making good money with this shit so I think I am entitled to "try and use indicators"

T. Maths degree

thats the plain BTC graph with labels corresponding to elliot wave sections

those aren't meme lines those are indicators
meme lines are made by hand

Proof you have beat market rate of return over any sustained time period?

Once again, a single graph showing what you think is a pattern is not evidence of anything.

If you truly have a maths degree you should understand that to prove any of these things you would need to actually back test them

Thank you OP.

Alsof: buy VEN.

I'm trying to help out some anons not argue with brainlets, if you don't like TA then don't use it

wow for a second there I thought it looked exactly like an elliot wave

I could statistically disprove the efficient market hypothesis in my PhD thesis.

Then it got scrapped, I got my PhD and hired by a big bank.

Just to tell you, if someone finds a system, it's not getting out there until it is milked to death.

You are not helping anyone and you likely don’t beat the market. You essentially are just gambling. As someone who works for an actual trading company, thanks for giving us money

please ichimoku cloud

Thanks for these, quite helpful.

Any methodology to the colored boxes in the top right?

This is true. There are a lot of ways to beat the market. You won’t find any of them online though because once everybody knows about them they’re useless. That includes everything OP posts.

why are you trying to help brainlets?

yes pls


thanks for this actual educational thread appreciate ya

well I do have a maths degree and these methods have been used for years, do you want me to back test all pf these right now to prove to you that indicators work? The screenshot isn't conclusive but it goes a long way to show the fisher transform works reasonably well

This hate of TA is getting flat earth tier, I agree that biz's TA of just drawing lines everywhere is retarded but momentum indicators are as respectable as checking volume

sorry haven't made one, might in future

I was going to fill them in according to how useful they were to me but I ended up making blue indicator analysis and yellow graphical analysis

>because once everybody knows about them they’re useless


thats how I know you are a brainlet, most of the TA that gets done these days basically amounts to a self fulfilling prophecy.

>the more of the market knows about and follows a set of guidelines the less the market follows those guidelines kek

This is the dumbest post on biz right now kek

Thanks user these are pretty decent

thanks! really interested so pls just post any you've made thus far

Nah it doesn’t show anything. You probably have a shit maths degree if you don’t understand basic statistics and are willing to put your money into an idea without any statistical evidence that it works. If you tried this shit in a trading firm you’d be fired for poor judgement and decision making skills.

thanks user, obviously these don't work all the time, somewhat less in crypto due to volatility so often a series of indicators is much better for analysis

As a professional trader I’m glad people like you are in the market.

Ummm can I get some BRAPS in this thread?! BRAP this roastie poster into OBLIVION

why do you care so much about this? not everybody can work in a trading firm and you admitted that the cutting edge stuff is kept under wraps so are we not allowed to use any indicators? I have first hand experience of this stuff working and my maths degree is not "shitty" I got straight 7s after first year so fuck off.

great stuff user, love u

actually nvm, I shouldn't have been so agressive you have a right to your opinion, what indicators would you suggest?

>inb4 its just AI/HFT these days lmao

on the bullish crossovers part you put sell instead of buy

ok anons, thats all I got, if you have any other indicators that are not complete rubbish suggest them

I will post other graphics on my twitter @NAG_EEE (and likely on biz)

kek, ill change that now

any of you use renko charts? only way to trade imo

please delete so normies dont find

>thinks gaussian statistics fit financial data the same way it does height

100% agree!


I too am interested, what do the pros use?

throw it all in the fucking trash because it doesnt work especially in crypto

thanks for these OP

do an overview of the TDI indicator? very popular among forex traders

its these OPs that give me hope for a future Veeky Forums
but first we have to crash until every normie hangs from a rope
ty op

Yes, check

The percentages are even higher in crypto

post fix

redpill me on renko charts user

what do you use?

one sec

Any indicators we use are proprietary, usually not available on the internet and I won’t tell you them.

>professional trader
professional at trading dicks for your mouth lmao

This is a sad LARP now.
But Ill bite. What do you think of modern portfolio theory?

You are allowed to use indicators, they just likely don’t work.

Ok well imagine you are a filthy peasant like me or OP that happens to not work in a financial institution but also dabbles in crypto. What would you do? Because I use a few of these indicators and they go a long way to establish good entry and exit points. Elliot wave theory, for example, allowed me to predict the peak of BTC and I sold at around 18.5k. Point me in the right direction to find some better indicators.

Again, just because something happens once doesn’t mean it actually works.

Bump for exposure, these are pretty helpful

Yeah, them are really good.
Been finding and trying them myself for a while. Wish I've found this earlier.

Regardless of that user selling at a good time what should those who don’t have access to your proprietary indicators do. Not trying to argue, legit curious.

Hodl and maximimize returns relative to desired risk with Modern Portfolio theory. perfectly timing trades is a meme to begin with.

post fix

Just invest in the market. Passive funds/bonds. You don’t have an edge against the rest of the market.

flip a coin or just judge the current market sentiment. basic candle analysis works to a very tiny extent.

Thanks anons

there you go user, don't forget to follow me on twitter kek

TY anons, I still like using TA though even if it just allows me to LARP as a proper investor. It works enough for me to trust it somewhat.

Thanks user, saved them all

do one for TDI

What size candles to use?

I keep going back to "Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits" - Richard W. Schabacker
It may feel old but I wish someone told me it existed when I started drawing on charts.

wow you really outdid yourself but i just go by instinct and tealeaves

>user does something nice for biz

I generally use 15m

whats your twitter?

thanks OP! really good work. May your gainz be large and bountiful


Reverse fisher. Thank me later.


redpill me on this, I have a fisher transform

>maths degree
lmao what's your specialisation?

you havent tweeted, why should i follow?

Thanks OP


(also did engineering)

because I'm going to post my new summaries on there


Is that an etheremon wojak? KEK’D