EOM price prediction

Unironically, $1.00

sir this token is a good buy it will be easy 1000000000000x end of year get in or stay poor

It all depends on the announcement. But probably 1-2 dollars.


second this

i believe in jibrel long term but anything that Veeky Forums shills like this drops like a rock in the short term.

Depends. The announcement coupled with listings on Binance and Kucoin, amongst others, can make this a rather nice moon mission in the coming weeks.

50+ shilling threads in the last 5 days
muh secret golden egg
deluded fuckers

"big announcement"
-->sandniggerfaggots have a diner

"sandniggerfaggots" with billions in Fiat and oil, and connections to the biggest financial institutions.

Fuck off

won't help
deluded retard
next /bizshillmeme
will be 2-3$ end of summer at most
cap this if you want

is there a chance I can get a serious answer... why is this shilled here so much? is it a solid project or a meme?

Them having a dinner is not the announcement. They will make an announcement mid/late february.


Just wait and you'll see jibrel's moon potential

#JIBARMY we don't fall for FUD

>sees shillthread
>wants "serious" answer from shill
stay poor

even the poor sandnigger is embarrassed by you fucking /biztards spamming his telegram every day

You're so wrong haha

Us JNTLEMEN stand strong and proud. We believe in this project so much, no FUD can ever stop us!


I get the use case for jCash. but why would anyone tokenize their financial assets???

so that the jibarmy can become millionaires with a 500$ "investment"

Some of us put in small amounts, others larger amounts.

It's all about our passion for this project and belief in its long-term success.

You can hate if you want, but you will regret it. No JNTLEMEN will be listen to your FUD

Tokenizing assets will truly change the world!

>spams sandnigger telegram with fucking frogs all day
>spams /biz with blatant shilling every day 10time at least
>can't comprehend a single sentence written in the whitepaper
>passion for this project

Don't worry we are stronger without you
If you don't have the passion, maybe don't invest.


>muh secret golden egg
check their telegram
check the subreddit
check cryptopanic filtered jnt
check basically anything ever
nobody fucking knows about this
the same 5 people keep opening the shillthreads because at this point it became a meme

I loooooovvvvveeeeeeee Jibreeeeeel

Me too!

Don't worry about those guys with their FUD. We are JNTLEMEN!

People will start talking about it soon haha. We are early adopters of this technology.

STOP! I will not let this thread continue without a mention about token economics.

Token economics!


You try to FUD. You can't even even ahah

I'm laughing my eyes out at you fudsters

solid reverse fud right here


"Arabianbusiness interview- should be released in about 2 weeks :)"

Relentless fudding haha. Typical.
You won't be laughing when we're in the top 5 in a couple of weeks.

More like 1-2 years with a new marketcap Roof 2x more than current

Do you even know how rich the Sheikh is?

Your FUD failed. Goodbye.

You're still reading.

Kid Im bullish on JNT but you are deluded IF you think the family will tokenize more than a few% of their assets and they will just cause of good will since Jalal is well connected through handling a investment account of members of the royal family. Be realistic, the main Wirth of this token is that IF they manager to get a good start JNT will survive the sea of fire nexy year when the banks start Rolling out centralised cryptos -> See IBM leak.

Nvm phone spelling errors. Anyways JNT is the best current hold of the market and Binance can happends any day but most likely after the announcement. Iron hands tho or ppl will cry in a year or two..

Clearly you don't understand the whole value of this project. We will also bank the unbanked with JCASH. This will change the world!

However, I can tell you are a true JNTLEMEN, happy to have you in #JIBARMY

If i wouldn't believe so much in this project, then i would ve already sold my hold Stock, just because you are invested in it. You are so fucking emberassing.

We honestly don't need a hater like u on our team. We will win with or without you

You gotta relax my man, no need to reply to every post in the thread

You're not doing shit nigger, stop pretending like you actually matter.

You haters anger me. You keep trying to destroy our passion... Why?

JNT is the first backwards Veeky Forums coin. The worst FUD for this coin appears through transparently stupid 'shilling' that is so idiotic it is clearly designed to give the project a bad name. At the same time, the shilling appears through transparently stupid FUD ('The conference was a fake with paid actors!!!').

Weird phenomenon.

>it's evolving

Well most of us are just really excited about the project. Most FUDers are just poor pajeets from Telegram that don't want the price to go up while they "accumulate" another 600 dollars.

6 gorillion

Thank you JNTLEMEN. We will defeat the FUD, even the one coming from our own ranks. We're so strong, and the project will surely change the world by banking the unbanked.

Here, they can just keep talking about pajeets and the bazingo coin

I'm not interested in eom or eoy. It's my long hold.

The MCAP is going to be much larger than whatever they tokenize. If they tokenized 40M it would probably send the cap to 400M or 500M because they have to hold 40M worth of JNT. The easiest way to do that is to buy up the order book until whatever percentage you hold equals $40M and keep buying if it dips.

Long hold here. We will be winners. Don't worry. Just don't let the fudsters here get to you. They are full of lies and so much hate

I thought there was a direct correlation between tokenized assets and marketcap? So that 1 billion worth of assets = 1 billion increase in marketcap. Can you explain why the marketcap would be so much larger?

In theory it's a 1B increase but are you going to sell them your JNT? They need to hold 1B in JNT. Unless they hold the entire supply it won't just be 1B. They will be holding a percentage of the supply which is valued at 1 billion. Which means the actual market cap will several times higher

That makes sense, thanks.

How can you say, that this makes sense?

This user cannot differ from tokenzied value and speculation value. 1B is 1B and will always be 1B tokenized value.

How come volume just went down 50% today? WTF

Thank you for helping out another JNTlemen. We are #JibrelStrong

nice falseflag fud you nojibrel fuckhead

Yeah sure but we're talking about what impact it will have on the price of the JNT token, which affects marketcap.

People are buying and holding in private wallets, whale groups soon finished accumulating.

I would love for you to tell me how they can tokenize a Billion without moving the market cap higher than 1 Billion that doesn't involve them having all the tokens.

Really? You link all my comments just to FUD.

Waste your time elsewhere please

Is there a way to check the historical amount of tokens held by an address? How do we know if top wallets are accumulating or selling for example?

you are relentlessly spamming the thread with your obnoxious autistic posts, pretending to be a retard on purpose, so everyone who sees the thread associates JNT with you, and your dumb hashtags and cringy-on-purpose phrases like "JNTlemen"

I've seen enough autists marching a crusade against a certain coin or project here for weeks or months, for whatever butthurt reason, I guess this is your crusade, the epic JNT fud mission, where you're fudding by pretending to be a retard who's all over jibrel and spouts autistic bullshit constantly

Wow, did you seriously take the time to write all this just to discredit me?

Clearly, you've never had passion for a project before

dont listen to the haters, my friend. you are a true JNTleman. we are the great jibrel marines. our mission will be a success, and we can never be stopped. we will one day enjoy the sunlight of accomplishment, and you my friend, will be there will me. fight on.

Bunch of good damn jibronies with their fucking J.eet N.etwork T.oken flapping their fucking cock holsters. I hate all you motherfuckers.

this is not passion, you are a cringy retard on purpose (i fucking hope)
I hope this project takes off, I really do, but please, if you are not pretending, if you are just genuinly this autistic:
>Me too!
>when we're in the top 5 in a couple of weeks.
>This will change the world!
>Thank you JNTLEMEN
then just stop
you are making everyone invested in this project look bad
but I highly doubt that someone on Veeky Forums can be this oblivious of his own cringy behaviour

*with me. my apologies for the spelling error. my excitement for this project knows no bounds.

stop being an absolute cockholster dear friend. we are in the jibarmy together. and we will fight together for the success of our coin. we will fight as JNTlemen...with...or without you.

Happy to see the #JIBARMY is getting stronger. We have so many haters to fight on our road to success! But we will prevail, because we are JNTLEMEN.

Nothing can stop us as we make the world a better place, by banking the unbanked.

You boys not done accumulating?

>you are making everyone invested in this project look bad
Wow, you think?
He's a FUDer you idiot

thx just sold 100k

yeah I figured, nobody can be this autistic without realizing I wonder why does this coin make so many people assblasted that they march a crusade like this, and pretend to be a retard for hours in every thread

You Hold so many JNT, yet you keep fudding and haven't developed any passion for this amazing project.

I honestly feel bad and I am ashamed to count you in our ranks. Please sell

Stop responding to the idiot with his 21 posts.

i have accumulated 500 already (i am now all in) and i know as a jibarmy member that my invest will be 6 figures end of year. glad to have you aboard JNTleman. we will win.

I think I'm gonna just filter jibarmy, jntlemen, jntmarine and jibrelmarine


I'm currently holding 11k JNT and I think I'm set for now. If this takes off, I'm a happy camper and if it fails I haven't lost too much money.

EOM prediciton: $1.20

you are not a true jntleman. true jntlemen stick together...through thick...and through thin. take you negativity elsewhere my friend. i still wont kick you out of our ranks of course, but i am extremely disapointed in you. true jntlemen stick together. cmon.

You are now a JibColonel.
We are winning this battle, never lose faith! Soon our fight will spread to reddit and Twitter, prepare yourself Jntleman!

Remember we are on a mission to change the world, by banking the unbanked.

Nice Pajeet-ing. Keep it up, if the price stays low I might just pick up somemore

We don't want you with us if you think we are pajeets.

We're on a mission to change the world, by banking the unbanked.

ahhhh i tip my cap to you my true colleague. i will hold my JibColonelship with pride. we will attain our true potential...and when we do...we will settle in the sunlight of the promised land. we will get there soon my JNTlemen. without a doubt in my soul and mind.

Jibrel: Banking the Unbanked




Dude, you are so fucking cringy. I'm holding a lot of JNT, but you really make me question my decision. Piss off. Please. It's fucking embarassing.

thank you for your large investment in our team. even though your rudeness is disapointing, i still hold you as a true JNTleman.

Again... Another fudster trying to pass as a JNTLEMEN.

Our JIBARMY will crush you and you won't prevent from achieving our dreams of banking the unbanked!

That's exactly his intention.

This is my only intention

Im excited about my lambo

>t. 10k jibbies