New FUN office. :)

New FUN office. :)

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>women on the team
selling now

Absolute shitcoin, holding 140k of these fuckers and ill be dropping them soon.

Absolute bubble.
Have FUN selling your new office in a couple months because of bankrupcy.

Remember what happened to tron after it got its "office" in california?

Better than a scorpio male

She's a fat sow on top.

>unironically mentioning astrology on Veeky Forums
inb4 50 answers

screen glare's gonna be a bitch

just the community braphog


>dismissing astrology before even looking at your own family members and comparing their birthdays to the shit it says about them

But yeah, jump on the dismissive train because everyone else is nigger

>implying they are even going to use their computers.

They probably run trains on that blonde bitch and take turns sniffing/tasting her fecal matter.


>an open office


When is your birthday?

What a fag.

bad luck is coming your way motherfucker.

Woman detected, seriously only roasties are dumb enough to take astrology seriously. Do you also see a psychic? Fuck me though them having a woman on their team instills no faith in me looks like these bags are gonna get even heavier.

That's the thing about motherfuckers. They identify so strongly with their gender that if everyone on Veeky Forums says women do it, they won't even bother giving it a try to see if their conclusions are correct. You're just a fucking retard that hops on bandwagons is all.

i'm interested
early august, so lion male
tell me old women

"new office" posts are the biggest sign you should jump ship

WOW what a fun and collaborative work space ;^}}}}}
I bet they even have an Xbox or some gay shit so they can just kick back and chill with some fifa in between getting absolutely nothing done because nobody likes working in a place like that

Move to bigger office
Hire more team
-> Bad thing

The absolute of Veeky Forums

im a scorpio male

whats wrong with us

You are either the most brilliant troll to ever exist on Veeky Forums or one of the dumbest cunts I've ever met in my life.

I wish we could up vote posts so everyone can see how dumb you are.

Libra, btw. I'm one of the most thorough assholes ever too so you can tell that balance bullshit to go fuck itself. If you don't mind I'll get back to trying to suck my own dick

You like being the center of attention.

Leos are the niggers of the zodiac in other words.

apparently women think scorpios are asshole sociopaths. I learn about it just because it makes it easy to pick up chicks. if the date starts to go sour I mention it and get them talking. If they're into it I lie about my sign and suddenly they're interested in me again.

shit's funny as hell, girls are so fucking stupid. At first I felt bad about it but then I realized dating is basically legalized prostitution.

actually, no
seems like the cosmopolitan failed u?

I'm a scorpio / dragon
Am I fucked?

kek based user
i always get a lot of shit from women just cos of my birth date. and i have to tell them about the 10 million couples research which debunks their bullshit. but women will be women.

People like her are the reason the wage gap exists.


You like attention. There's nothing more to it, nigger Leo.

Nothing wrong with you at all, really. Just don't cross you is all. My former concrete boss was a scorpio. Hateful fuck was always too angry to get a full night's sleep.

You've got a lot of willpower, that's for sure.

yeah probably true i can be extremely violent and vindictive if im angry enough

You better sell before everybody finds out that they made no partnership with any casino

>totally not the result of faulty logic conditioning by womemes who believe in stars affecting your personality
>10 years later

>nigger Leo
you're using stuff that people are making fun of you for believing as an insult. I've seen stupid but, fuck, you win Veeky Forums for the week

Libra/Rooster am I blessed astrology user?

Actually, thanks to the Earth's wobble or some shit like that, everyone's actual time-adjusted sun sign is 1 sign back. So you're a VIRGIN. HAHAHA!

Thanks just bought 100k

This is how every single scorpio I've met has been.

>doesn't even look into astrology and do a few comparisons between family members.
>being this lazy

lol, kys you annoying nigger

don't vaccinate your children

You're kind of proving him right by what you are doing, unironically.

Also Leo masterrace here by the way. We're the designated alpha sign, the chads and leaders of nature. Take pride in your blessing, you fucking faggot.

>having children

Lol, how often do you suck on your dad's little pecker?

>claiming to be alpha

This is exactly the type of comment that would come from a Leo. Of all the one's I've met. I'm not surprised at all by this.

how? If anything Libras are suppose to be nice and I'm being an asshole

What an actual queer.

>inb4 ur being baited and then the faggot will say "ha, fucking astrology cucks i was only pretending to b leo ur science a shit"

Just when you thought you thought this board couldn't get more autistic

Astrology was employed by the oldest of civilizations that brought us language, mathematics, philosophy, and many more foundations of civilization. The same minds brought us astrology. It was an integral part of the monoliths of societies that spearheaded technology and society where it is today. Ancient Greek, Mesopotamia, Egypt, etc.

It was employed by kings and others of the highest castes. Your "le women kek" meme just illustrates your lack of understanding and utter ignorance in this field.

I don't shy away from reality. I'm happy with who I am and take pride in my race and self. Also, keep redpilling these faggots on astrology. You're doing good work user.

I'm not an office fag, but these open offices looks like a nightmare... no privacy at all

So you believe that we are reincarnated 12 times?

you mean by people all the people that didn't have science?

astrology is literally the opposite of logical thinking..

Fuck off you dumb cunt

Yeah well, kangs were people too, and they fell for that and other bullshit, such as potions, curses and magic. They believed prophets and killed people because of what some kike wrote in a book. Doesn't mean they were any less retarded.

I thought someone was autistic enough to larp as a dumb cunt but I think it may actually be a dumb cunt

but u were an adulterer in a past lyfe which is why in this lyfe ur a virgin who shitposts on teh 4chinz

i'm totally not cold-reading you and telling u wat u want 2 hear just so i can take you are money ecks dee

So instead of talking about the tech of the coin or the backers, you faggots argue about zodiac signs and the women in the picture. sick

It's more interesting, you nerd. Plus, 4channers are drawn to misogyny and like to disprove bullshit science.

>paying someone to have an astrology reading

What a retard. Disproves something without actually taking the time to even look into it.

What's to talk about?

This shitcoin is FINISHED, it's dropping right now while everything else is at least stable.

It was fun while it lasted, now I'm gonna be stuck with 120k of these shitcoins.

How has astrology benefited you directly?

Literally what?

They were the birthplaces of the modern scientific method you imbecile. Unless you want to discredit minds such as Pythagoras, whom by the way, was balls deep into occultism and metaphysics. >but kek le women magick meme

>Yeah well, kangs were people too
Niggers were never kings over anything other then their piles of shit. Secondly, they are not people.

>They believed prophets and killed people because of what some kike wrote in a book
You mean to refer to Abrahamic religion, yes? I agree with you that it's a load of bullshit. At least we have common ground on that matter.

This. I used to think bloodletting was a scam. But I decided to try so I fished up some blood sucking leeches.
Now? I am whiter than ever, I feel more alive as my body resist hard movement and I lost weight. Not to mention it feels great putting leeches on the dick. Literally free succ.
There's a saying the old ones knows best, and the middle ages people truly were wise.

gud post

but oh how wrong their methods were...

And don't straw man Pythagoras, all he did was figure out triangles anyway. If you want to look at some other idiot genius, Newton believed in transmutation and Alchemy. I don't know about you but I've never seen anyone turn lead into gold

Holy fuck. If you can't see how knowing about someone's personality can help you, then just kys man. I wouldn't expect you to look into it anyway, so just go ahead and dismiss it

You need to draw lines on a circle in order to figure out your personality?

And if you look to your left here, you will see a retarded nigger.

unironically this

What a retard. Just lookup your deadbeat father's birthday and see if the sign's description matches him. Or your whore mother.

I'm out anyway, later user

you can't be serious, this is some TA level retard shit

Also, the south node and ascendant are a lot more telling of someone's personality. At least that's what your meme "science" pushers fall back on when their sun sign generalization bullshit gets debunked.

Clearly it failed them cause they got rekt and stayed in antiquity

>always do the opposite of what your astrologer says

>retrograde mercury spells bad news for your health

>saturn 33 degrees in libra is an indicator of strong emotional support

Astrology is like alpha Jehovah's witnesses
>ignore when it wrong like it never said Jesus lives in Brooklyn 1996
>act like it is the shit when it is right.

Astrologer here

post the full chart and i'll tell stuff about you, it should look like pic related

Sure I'll bite.

>your numbers make you an 8, you should start a small business; guaranteed success

>competitive mind
>deep understanding of electronics and technology
>good luck in gambling
>struggle with liquidity/property
>quite emotional
>paranormal activity in home
>water leak often in home
>how's your young brother?? if any

>open office space
>one guy is browsing youtube with 1/5 of the screen width
>other guy has a screenshot of his 'coding' open

>your good gains begin around 2013 mid
>love things of dark nature/theme

>competitive mind
i'm the most uncompetitive fag you'll ever find
>deep understanding of electronics and technology
basic understanding if any
>good luck in gambling
have lost a lot of money betting on sports. if crypto counts as gambling, i'm at break-even.
>struggle with liquidity/property
bout to inherit an apartment
>quite emotional
quite indifferent
>paranormal activity in home
none whatsoever
>water leak often in home
the sink is leaking a bit (like in every 2nd household here)
>how's your young brother?? if any
no siblings

if this was a shotgun technique, you got me to reveal a lot about myself that you failed to reveal. congrats. now you have more ammo to shoot at me with stuff that might actually be accurate.

My birthday is September. I'm Virgo. That's pretty funny since I'm a kissless virgin too at age 25. Heh. Heheh.
Give me my fortune reading, OP.

>your good gains begin around 2013 mid
was a poor student who also got friendzoned then
>love things of dark nature/theme
that one is actually correct

You've already got the biggest team in Crypto stop hiring people and get your license already you fucks!

Also, what defines a virgo anyways? I heard that they're usually the most financially successful but the most socially bankrupt and kisless forever virgins

alright, guess i have a lot to learn, only doing this since last 3 months

What does it says ?

kansur dies of kansur xdd

no wonder I had a bad feeling about this scamcoin.


this is the dumbest thing that I have ever read on this board...perhaps even Veeky Forums all-together. My only hope is that it is spill-over from reddit (I woulen't know; never been) and that your stupidity is not contagious.

>yes sir please make the sitting on the street sir, i will be making you an astrological chart sir

>thinks a lot
>luck in matter of money and material
>love electronics and dark things of dark nature
>good with the ladies
>great sense of humor
>not good with studies
>grandfather passed when you were young
>understanding of hidden things/knowledge

Will I be rich, user?

Not if you believe in poo in loo charts drawn in sand and shit.

t. logic pro