What do you think of Female CEO's?

What do you think of Female CEO's?

>diversity pass from media companies, so you're always in a good light
>unpaid internships for thirsty men
>zero blowback from women because they are trying to start careers

Sounds perfect m8s.

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post her feet pics for future evaluation

When are you transitioning?

Had a woman as a CEO until last year, wasn't remarkable but not shit either.

how many btc to be her exercise ball?

>What do you think of Female CEO's?
not a whole hell of a lot

>no work gets done
enjoy finding a new job every time the company goes under

She is one of the hottest women on the planet. But she's also bad at her job.
She can be my waify once the board ultimately gets rid of her.

if they could only stop ruining companies, that would be great

>fired male employees
>hired female employees

Destroying successful companies, one company at a time.

I'd fuck her so hard all of her farts would end up being sharts

>Yahoo CEO
>Google plaque

I short them. I always win.

reminder that Marissa is a fucking maniac


Im pretty sure melissa meyers was fired from yahoo for driving the company into the ground.


Soyboys love them, but then soyboys will always hide behind women.

Women have a role to play - they are a support class which exists to support men. They do not possess attributes that lend well to any type of leadership role and therefore tend to fail at it. They belong at home or wherever their man needs them to be, doing whatever their man tells them to do.

Any company with a female CEO or even executive positions is a solid short if its public. Look at AMD vs NVIDIA for a pretty good example of the difference a competent male (NVIDIA) CEO can produce vs a female (AMD).

Came here to post this

t. nice guy who gets rejected for chads.

Lisa Su is a fucking boss, not sure what
is talking about. Other than her they just seem to be a bit less than competent, nothing particularly bad aside from your pic related.

she looks like a dude tho, so shes got that going for her