Young women can be CEO's too

Young women can be CEO's too.
Why should MEN get to start companies and make millions?

Show some respect!

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Why not?
Also: What are women waiting for? If you want to make a company... do it.

>you will never have a goddess like her as a waifu no matter how big your gainz are


Um, sweetie... we would if it weren't for the patriarchy discriminating against us!

We will marry strong 6"4 feminist men instead of losers like you.

>terrible bait
>half naked woman
>off topic
300 replies incoming

>Why should MEN get to start companies and make millions?
Nothing is stopping the ladies. Just be aware that it's not easy for anyone doing this
gr8 b8 m8

what if her perrsonality is shit?
also try imagining her in the toilet shitting a big turd.


last time that happened

yahoo’s ceo also sucked

is posting this unfunny garbage on Veeky Forums really how you enjoy spending your life op? you could at least be trying to make money.

>Show some respect!

>Young women can be CEO's too.
Whatever you say.


There are kitchens all over the world that need a good woman to run them.

Stop playing the victim and go and make a company, you silly cunt.

Young women should be marrying decent, hardworking men and raising families.
Unlike men, women have very clear roles they are programmed for and it's their only salvation.

Companies with female CEO's and upper management fail prove me wrong faggots

No you don't you wanna tell them how to run their lives and then dumb them for a buff trophy husband airhead who will smack your ass every day. Don't give me that bullshit, I've been fed it before.

Nobody GETS to make a company. Even as bait this is a weak crock of shit.

Because woman will feel entitled to be handed a full grown company to them instead of getting on the kneepads and building a billion dollar porn empire from the ground up (pun intended).
(Fag intended)

Heterosexual cisgendered Christian white man here. As a member of the patriarchy I can confirm that the reason women don’t run conpanies is because we create invisible barriers for them during our secret patriarchy meetings. We make sure women don’t get paid well because we want to hoard all the money for ourselves.

true if big

huge if verifiable.

true if big.

big if true.

massive if sourced

anyone know her name?

There's no law that says women can't start their own companies or be CEO's, most women choose not to because of the effort and risk
>Remember to sage and report bait threads

scarlett kenney

i love you

There is no law keeping women from founding anything
Id like a nice company to be handed to me by some bullshit law, but thats not how it should work.

I can feel the hubris

Can confirm. I'm an IT guy at a large investment banking firm. Every morning when I come into work, my first task is to turn on the patriarchy fields.

I hate this meme. Women arent even as good as men at cooking. They only thing they are useful for is bearing children.



>here we come again....

Kek young women get fucked in a office by CEOs, they don't become them stupid inbred

I'll respect a powerful enemy, the parameters of which can be understood and calculated, and a risk management strategy which can be formulated in order to hedge against its downsides, because if I don't, it'll make my life worse.
I'll respect a reliable ally, the parameters of which direct experience have taught me an investment into a partnership with will yield dividends worth the effort, because to do otherwise will decrease the potential richness of my life.
Damned if I'll respect a halfwit cunt that unconditionally and childishly demands it, and will fuck my life regardless of my actions to whatever extent they are able, because it is in their nature to take every inch they are granted and use it to their advantage in every conceivable fashion. The only respect due to such an entity is the respect of granting no such fucking inches. And thus the only terms upon which I will deal with such an entity is where my power is absolute and theirs is null.
Unsururprisingly this is the exact situation into which nature has inserted men and women, and it is your dissimulation to convince us that we ought to surrender that position.
How about no, how about fuck you, how about if you want it, come and fucking get it like any other beast that would wish a feast at my expense.
Let's see how that works out for you.

Women can do it!!!!

She ran yahoo straight into the ground

Yahoo is a fucking bag of shit.
Now almost every article on the website praises women for existing or criticizes men- particularly Trump

Nice find, OP:

it would seem that virtue signaling isn't a good business model

Bullshit. Yahoo failed because of a clear lack of black people running it. They should hire more blacks, that would solve the problem.


>sister gets a job
>does her job well
>old man in charge wants to fugg her because she is hot
>promotes her to junior CEO 3 months later
>pays her to go on vacation in other countrys to meet there with other companys
>she arrives there and starts fucking instantly with the CEO of the other company
>comes back and for the next trip the CEO wants to be on board so he can fuck her
>sister doesn‘t want to fuck him despite this dude being loaded and rich af
>gets fired when CEO realises she will never fuck him
>applys for new job wearing her tight pants
>gets the job instantly
>same thing starts to repeat

Putting woman anywhere in jobs is a setup for disaster

As a feminist business woman that situation is clearly the fault of men. Why are you so keen on blaming women at the drop of a hat?

Maybe if you would think with you brain instead of your brain downstairs you wouldn't hire a woman as a junior CEO just to fuck her.

Shes Judea

this femanon has a point desu, man should have better willpower than just to nut and ruin his company over it.

tits or gtfo btw

I am actually a male and was larping as a feminist.

Women are shit and should never be allowed to work.

lmao women's place is in the kitchen but somehow vast majority of the best chefs are men. i wonder what kind of CEO would a woman be if they can't even manage their primary fucking job (cooking) better than men.

>women fuck their way up the ladder

What a surprise

I’m working for a woman who founded her company 30 years ago and has been ceo ever since, now with about 30 employees and 4 million annual gross. It’s not the norm but it happens a lot, sometimes women excel at math and management and do very well, especially since companies now have over the top diversity expectations. Or sometimes they just realized nothing stops them from opening up a company and competing on their own.

Holy shit, Dave Mustaine had a sex change!

I wonder what's next for her. Think she's too old to find some guy to marry/support her?