You're against female CEOs because you know we're better than men. Just relax while we take care of our business

You're against female CEOs because you know we're better than men. Just relax while we take care of our business

Leave, Plebbit.

will you be my gf? :3


Nobody wants to marry old, dusty ceo women lmao

You just made this thread. Stay in there.


>screeches incoherently

Women in power are insecure and try too hard. They act threatened and don’t have the ability to just be normal, effective, relaxed leaders.

how many more threads are you going to make?

tits or gtfo.

Look I'm not really against female ceos. I am against sexist ceos, check your rich white woman privilege at the door. This is a blue board. We only respect each other on this polite forum of peace

>Women finally inherit the Earth
>It's a charred husk after all the greenhouse gasses from male industrialists do their thang


>tfw no mommy ceo boss to snuggle with during meetings

>implying I wouldn't jump at the opportunity to be some CEO babe's house husband. Just walk our golden retrievers in the morning and lie on the couch on Xanax all afternoon.

The dream.

>my vagina makes me better than you
I wonder why people hate female CEOs

Any company with a female CEo is garanteed to fail

Women make better mothers than men, and that’s about it.

Yeah right they always have this 'so when can we get started?' thing going. A weird impression of the powerful women they read about in books and saw in movies. Men are no different though.

Tits or gtfo! (also demonstrably wrong)

go ahead. have fun wagecucking. kek
career wimmin age horribly, btw. and are completely useless once that ticking time bomb called their uterus goes off...

but hey, who needs money and the ability to be competetive in the marketplace when we can all just circle jerk about equality, inclusiveness and progressivism.

papa state will just bail us out when we fuck up and whine hard enough that there is still to much WACISM and INEQUALITY in the world

>mfw people drink the koolaid

Wow how easy biz takes the bait.
Seems like none of you guys is ever going to be a millionaire like this huh

like destroying Yahoo after proclaiming yourself the next Steve Jobs?
you're the laughing stock of the world.

I'll get become the CEO and yield my position to you, dear female.

is that ok?

read my virtual lips cunt


Not all are good or bad. I've seen good female CEOs and bad ones so I think the percentage would be the same for men.

inb4 welcometothepussypalace.png

For me it came down to a rejection of what I saw was traditional masculinity. My dad was a “manly man” and he wanted me to play sports and work on cars but I wasn’t really that interested in that. To add to it I was physically weaker and the guys that played sports were not shy about beating the hell out of me just for fun.
To put it simply I didn’t fit in, I didn’t like the things that the other boys liked and at the time there was this fear that I might be gay because I liked to read books, I hated violence, and loved musicals. After determining that I was heterosexual (despite the insistence to the contrary by the football team) I was in desperate need of a masculine model while still rejecting the masculinity of my father and the bullies at school and still get girls to like me.
I hated everything about those people that rejected me so I rejected them and everything my teenage mind believed they were: mindless, uncultured brutes.
An obsession with intellect: I was never going to be physically superior to any of my bullies but I knew I could outsmart them. For them it was “Do you even lift bro?” for me it was “Do you even read Nietzsche good sir?”
The Fedora: Everyone watched the latest movies and listened to the hottest pop songs so of course be being the smartest guy in the world made me above all that. I only watched critically acclaimed films from the early days of cinema and listened to classical music or jazz. The fedora was a symbol of class and elegance. Humphrey Bogart got all the girls and he wore one. Why wouldn’t it work for me?

The fascination with asian culture and bladed weapons. Asian culture didn’t appear fetishize brutality for the sake of brutality and overt displays of strength. As I had understood it, strength came from within, from channeling some unseen energy. I was fascinated with samurai and ninja. They were powerful. They spoke softly but carried a big stick.

Great sage friendo