Why do people question his prediction

His crypto predictions are spot on and yet I still see muh, bubble meme every day. Does Veeky Forums hate money now?

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bump for crazy but surprisingly accurate wizard. Long may he live and continue to predict the flow of cryptos.

God has given us a real-life Gandalf

Well he said 13,888 btc on Feb 15 and that's definitely not happening. I went all in on silver coins cus of this faggot last year. Could've gotten hundreds of btc instead

The thing with Clif is that his predictions are generally spot on, give or take a few months. Its eerily accurate.

But his other predictions and opinions get really...out there. He's been predicting $600 silver for ages now, says that the bank collapse will be this year, and also did several segments on C60. Supposidly C60 is this super duper anti-oxidant thats a thousand times more effective than Vitamin C. His backing it is based around this one study on rats. But unfortunately we have no other evidence, and C60 in its Olive oil form can possibly be very dangerous to consume.


Because he shills 3d printed water structuring filters and says we are going to war with aliens this year

A broken clock is right twice a day and saying "bitcoin will go up" is not exactly the most bone-chilling prediction

Can someone TL;DR his BTC predicitons? I don't want to listen to this oldfag the whole day.

> says we are going to war with aliens this year

He didnt say that at all, I watch nearly all of his broadcasts and have his paper. I'm not sure how this false rumor started. Not true.

He says we'll have hyperinflation start this year.

Interested. Quick rundown on this fella?

He needs to do more research on flat earth. Until he does that, he's a gullible boomer

Isn't it great we have this technology where a doddering old man can ramble at us for hours

What are his alt picks?

100% all in chainlink

Text mining only works for crypto because most coin prices are driven by Shills, FUDs, and FOMOes. It doesn't work like that for precious metals.


A Microsoft retiree who does text mining since 1997. He make very accurate calls on crypto since the beginning of time.


Where can I find his predictions? His twitter is full of odd things and last YT vid is 3 months old

Pay for them on his site or bad things happen to you.

It is available for $99 on his website, some here should have a link for the pirated report.

He himself says the dates aren't always accurate to the T
So 13k plus minus a week, we gon see



interview playlist

Can we get some links?

he did mention a dip around 15 january and major fluctuations that would make pp puke
later FEB, BTC around 13k -

Spring-Summer will be better than JAN-FEB
MAy-Jun bull run

August seems a BTC peak

He sees a possibility for BTC 100k EOY [and it will be like a international major happening] then a super dip to 64k -

i dont know if this 50k+ will be in august or after

Hey Clif just wanted to let you know that I get all of your reports for free from telegram groups. Just search Clif High leaks and you'll find it.

These reports are completely genuine and your bullshit FUD about them being fake is ridiculous.

Since you seem so fucking intent on scamming 4channers I want to let everyone know his meandering predictions are available for free with 5 minutes effort.

well he was saying Veritaseum was going to be the legendary gains. I looked into it. It is run by a Jamaican conman, who can't even say specifically what it does. Zero white paper. Thats when I lost interest. If that nigger somehow changing everything I will eat dirt.

He has a fetish for black shitcoin developers.

VERI is just one.

Populous and humaniq are other examples

He's a fucking loon, and you need to be a schizophrenic /pol/ poster to really believe anything he says.

Are you off your meds?

>flat earth

Until theres irrefutable proof that the earth is flat, we won't know. And no dont give me "the horizon is flat" bullshit