Biggest Moon Mission for Q1?


Sure why not

So long as they stay the fuck away from Nano and let it ruin all their competitors LOL!

Very good point. Apparently a big promo is to hit any day now to the terms of ~1mil.

Most definitely

just getting back to previous ATH is a moon mission by itself. I bought some recently cause it seems to be consolidating around the .0007-.0008 ether range

EOS is hitting 20$ in two weeks ;)

Very good point but my rationale is that, while we hit that ATH just before the massive January dip, the ATH was also just due to a UI Revamp. With FIAT, new promos, marketing put into action, open registrations, fixes with the engine, etc. the new ATH should hopefully usurp that one with ease.

I initially was going all in on ZCL but with Bittrex still having closed registrations, that was a turn around.

Remember when COSS token was 85% of the site's volume? It's just barely sitting at #1, if you add them both together.

Saw this on Reddit, bodes well for us bagginsholders! If BTC stays up, now IS THE BEST TIME TO GET IN.

Nice. Total volume is still pitiful though.

There are so many exchanges out there why would this piece of shit be worth anything if not for idiots like you.

oh yea, i knew it was worth holding the bags

Marketing hasn't even been put into play yet...

Is this a pajeet shillthread?
Its almost unbelievable when i read here.
The exchange has many broken features, typos, charts, locked money in transactions everywhere...
The news will flop like a motherfucker because the site will crash under the volume cause of your stupid shillthreads

Agreed, but that's mostly due to COSS falling. We were struggling to get anything else past 10k daily back in December-January. Now we have 7 coins that aren't COSS or ETH.


and still falling
i wonder why
Oh right, maybe because everyone that sends money to buy something loses their funds! That must be it
And those 1 month long responses to tickets, just amazing anons.

Just signed up and it looks like any other exchange, I guess it's nice that you can directly deposit fiat

why would this moon exactly?

Great bennies

$20 in the next bull run like KCS

Lol noticed how you just signed up? That's one big selling point. No closed registrations.

As the name implies when Fiat is instituted, it cuts out the need to transfer to another exchange. If I wanna buy anything other than what coinbase has to offer, I have to transfer to an exchange. While other exchanges aren't shying away from trying to do this themselves, bittrex gave vague date about doing so, COSS intends to roll out next month.

Thusly... accumulate now.

Remember anons. Believe what people say on biz. Noone could ever shill something so they could dump on you, could they

Fool me once, shame on you
fool me twice...

COSS is $0.68 or so...this isn't like dumping $35 XRB bags lol.

Remember anons...DYOR.