I'll give you one warning

BTC is about to be going on a running of the bulls to rival Spain's. Forget the moon -- every indication this could be going straight to Jupiter.

If you've got it, HODL. If you don't, BUY, BUY, BUY. Do not miss the bus. BTC @50K by EOY, easily.

What are these meme lines even.

nigga wtf are those random ass lines

> meme lines

This is the RSI indicator showing a up side down triangle effect which is initiating a bull market signal on top of a bear bounce trap

You are using a coinbase chart??

TA on a coinbase chart without candles.


This user gets it. Listen up, brainlets. Just follow the chart. Unlike the tripfags, I'm not after selling you investment learning packages. I'll stay anonymous, and never try to shill you to my Twatter.

I want all anons to make it, because I started out as one of you. Listen to me now, and see your money pile up. You'll know it's me because I'll show my graphs with hand drawn lines.

these lines make just as much sense as every other ta faggots stupid drawings. there was a faggot weeks ago who infested every thread saying XLM will definitely hit 9000 sat within the week. then that larping omegafaggot who was probably trolling was doing the same shit

Wait, how can you even predict a rotten cat jump if the double down shark indicators are after the downward trap signal?

Strong Hawkline all the way through, nigger. What is this, amateur hour?

what a load of shit, you whales wont be able to manipulate this for ever. it will go to 1k like it should.

get out of the market before the crash, might happen in a week, a month, but its going to happen.

Are you blind? Based on the oversold RSI combined with the MACD 200 we are due to a dog jump. Everything is in the chart from OP

Thanks for making my day op. You made me lmao hard with this childish drawing. I do believe you are right though

this image is Veeky Forums perfection.
it's the culmination of years of shitposting and memes to create the ultimate shitcoinn shilling faggot larper.

>random ass lines on a coinbase chart, of all things COINBASE. NO CANDLES.
it's... it's just so perfect


Thanks just shorted 100k

absolutely amazing meme lines, best TA thread this month

this is why schizos shouldn't do TA

its dead cat bounce you moron by the way what is down shark thank you

I don't know if I'm getting trolled or if those lines are travelling back in time.