Just received some inside information regarding a very important partnership to be announced at 5pm GMT today...

Just received some inside information regarding a very important partnership to be announced at 5pm GMT today. If your not already in on this you have approximately 4 hours before the massive pump begins.

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big if true

I can confirm this. 8 of the 20 NDAs will be revealed. It will be a 2-3x price increase when it hits news.

Don't want to compromise my job because I know there are people here that would report the post, which just ruins these things for everyone. All I can say is it's with one of the biggest Swiss food companies.


Another Veeky Forums insider post.. i'll be sure to buy up now!!!!!111oneone
oh wait i already hold bags of this crap b/c of /biz


attention il y a des gens ici qui vous rapporteront

>Swiss food companies
Alright, you have my attention. Get a tripcode at the very least.

lol gtfo retard
ur one of the faggots who got dumped on yesterday and now u want to get rid of the bags

Faggot larpers trying to dump bags on fellow autists, shame on you. I already got burned last night

thanks just sold 100k

What? Can anyone confirm this? Could be massive news.


no one can confirm this because they have all under nda u retard
and the nda's are at least until end of february/beginning march
this asshole here got dumped on from the fake p'n'd grp yesterday and now wants to get rid of his bags

The only people who got burned last night were the people who sold. Hopefully a few anons decided to hold on to their coins.

This is legit a good coin. Just shit back and enjoy the gains.

Might just be a lot of noise but there's a link.

My dad works for swisstendo and confirmed op is full of chocolate shit.

super Swiss food Company executive who can't write French correctly... sounds legit

I laughed at the larper yesterday. Bu looking at order book today, there has been accumulation going on. Something is up. Tread this waters at your own risk, but seems that maybe a pump by news is incoming.

je ne suis pas ici pour discuter de mon français

Jamais entendu parler d'un dialecte? Swiss n'est pas la même chose que le français standard.

Just got 5k. When do we sell?

Je ne discuterai plus. Je vais faire beaucoup d'argent aujourd'hui. Je garantie.

Been holding this coin for quite a while now, definitely my most promising hold. Lots of buzz about supposed news coming out this week so I'm excited to see.

>putting 2500$ in a random investment because some anonymous person online said he had inside info regarding the investment
wew lad. better pray hes not larping

lol swissbro said his firm dumped all their amb. you would have to be an idiot to buy in now

Hai guys my vaporware piece of shit with zero working product had their LinkedIn post liked by a guy that used to work at a big company 8 years ago as a janitor!!!11

Pairtnershep confoormeddddd

swissbro confirmed on tg he wasn't on Veeky Forums yesterday dumbfuck

ambrosus is a promising project regardless, its not like your buying some shit coin

what is swissbrah tg chan pls senpai

> being this helpless

Check Twitter at 5pm GMT. Be ready to fomo.

that was a fake post, confirmed in this telegram channel which you probably aren't aware of

First "Swissbro", then the PnD yesterday, now this.

AMB is turning into the new APPC of bagholders and PnDers trying to hoodwink newfags

which is too bad because this a very solid project

Im in the telegram retard and he never said that. You fell for a photoshopped picture from other desperate brainlets such as yourself. Enjoy holding your heavy ass bags.

You're either a fucking liar or you haven't been active in the telegram. He 100% said this.

stop it at once you niggers are destroying the coin - lmao nvm just buy VEN.

calls a liar, but lies himself

Larp. you must be one of the wojaker's we banned.

Lol you are beyond saving. Have fun getting dumped on by the rest of the brainlets that were in the swissbro thread the other day. This shitcoin is going straight to 0


pathetic fud attempt bro.
Just accumulate and shut the fuck up

Ceo on the offensive in reddit vs MODUM coo. Next announcement is partnership with nestle in a few hours

I know you guys want to earn money, but you need to turn off your emotions.

This coin is currently a strong sell by tradingview indicators, and do note that another group got dumped on hard yesterday with the same news being spread. I got in early and set up a stop loss at minor profit so I didn't lose out, but A LOT of people got burnt few hours ago.

DYOR. Better to FOMO at around 5PM if Twitter turns out to be real and lose out ~5-10% profits than to be dumped on

>weeeeeeeeee, our piursunal armyuh

can you.. just go back?

These LARP faggots are the roasties of Veeky Forums and as such must be treated the same.

Proof or gtfo

>mfw retard Veeky Forums brainlets will actually get rich holding Europe's VeChain when they accidentally bought it falling for some pajeet's shill

Yesterdays larp was a blast. I made a quick 15% from everyone pumping it before I dumped, then I got to watch all the retards beg for neo.

That being said from what I see this is a good project anyways.


Will this pump be bigger than yesterdays?

i've met this guy once, he was pretty drunk and wanted some fun, he has a nice ass, can confirm

i'm in the telegram, and swissbro never said they dumped AMB...he reiterated that they are still positive on it being undervalued. He DID say that he wasn't on Veeky Forums yesterday, but I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, because the only user I saw trying to pass himself off as swissbro did it last week...i knew it was a fake when he started hyping alts that swissbro had already flagged as garbage. you people need to check trips. as for amb, who knows if this is true, but it is basically trading slightly below its average value, so it isn't like this is a bad time to buy.

You are a fucking moron. Im in the telegram aswell and he even confirmed that yesterdays swissbro thread was him. You are almost as deluded as the linkies

Serious question, what do you get out of lying? I don't get it. Anyone can search the archives and find the telegram to see you are making shit up. So whats the point?

Was also in telegram and confirmed they dumped their bags.

CEO already gave a sign 2 days back.

Dude, is your life so sad that you derive pleasure from lying to people? Seriously, Veeky Forums can be funny when people are memeing LINK to death, because we all know it is in good fun, but deliberately deceiving people is pathetic. You're in the same boat with all the other scammers...go make some money and get a life because the 50 year old you is going to look back on times like this with regret. It's just sad...you need counseling because you obviously have some serious emotional problems.

u can read i assume?
more community manager next week

You are such a desperate brainlet you keep trying to lie in the face of truth. You deserve to be poor


You realize the telegram isnt secret right? Its searchable...

This is not true. What's wrong with Veeky Forums? First it was the 'cash out' copypasta, then the sniff threads, and now this...what do you gain from doing this? It isn't like amb is overpriced and you're a whale trying to accumulate, so it means you're just lying to be a moron and hurt people. healthy people don't act like that, and the sooner you find out, the better.

one autist argues with other autists
just stfu all of u retards and watch some healing my little dickpony


LOL look at Ambrosus reddit right now.

CEO is getting BLASTED for trying to make a post about Modum HAHAHA

How much will this pump be? my body is ready

5 dollars

Don't lie to me boy. Give me a real answer

kek, maybe 1 dollar but who knows

This company feels like it is run by some boiler room. Using tits from youtube video to shill now childish post on reddit bashing other competition and now all these pump and dumps showing up lol. If it feels like a scam it probably is. This is nothing but vaporware and a good couple years off from even being anything.



Hope I don't fuck this up lads! I'm a poorfag, so this pump could really help me out

These kind of people are the ones who wil lget burned the most.

Can't you see that there is no fucking volume for this thing? Buy orders will be made out of thin paper which will make them super easy for dumping.



I'm definitely waiting for an announcement first, thanks for the warning though



>we're getting more people on board to shill this up your asses

AMBrosus is a great project with a great coin and a team that's pretty much the Expendables of crypto and supply chain. It's going to be huge in a year or two, but it's also got the PERFECT volume and structure for pajeet P&D scams. Be careful anons

38 mins

I'm ready OP, thanks for this. When is a good time to dump my bags

is this it?


You sound Pajeet

Wow it's fucking nothing

What a pathetic pump lol. Looks like dump dump dump

its not 5 yet

all those last AMB threads are larps

AMB pumped 8 cents or 16% last night AFTER fake-seeming swissbro (no tripcode, said he didn’t have on him) said they cut their position in AMB.

guess which coin it would be!

How is this proof?

swissbro is super busy atm, he said wasnt him, his last true thread was more than week ago

could be chainlink

how big is the pump group?



When are they selling?

8pm gmt