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If you want to invest in next scam.


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>50% return

>5% monthly return
>50% yearly
>Cash out in Drops that will increase in value

2.0 was davorcoin

>magic trading robot episode

YES!!! More fake trading bot schemes!
I hope they work with referals aswell ima make some money!


~Trevon James

Holy shit, it really is bit connect 2.0.
How could you watch this and not think it's a scam?

Can't wait for pajeets jumping in on this and doing youtube reviews. Hearing them pronounce that shit will be almost orgasmic
also, fucking most ill fitting suit on that phone browsing faggot, poor effort


Holup bcuz we got scamed by bitconnect dont mean dis will scam us 2 niggas
Imma invest ma life savings in dis niggas imma go 2 tha moon bruh

Unless Carlos supports this I'm not buying this, he needs to tell me whatammagonnadoooo

>the founder

Hi, my name is Zachary Matar and I am an Web Developer, IT Manager, and Security Specialist. I have been in the technology industry for over 6 years and started programming at the age of 14. I have developed thousands of web applications to full blown multi-entireprise websites. I also built my own MMORPG games and managd forums & sites with over 100,000 members. I was an IT Manager for FlightDeck Air Combat Center the most sophisticated jet simulators in the world. I currently own my own Web Design & Digital Marketing company that has done work for over 100+ clients and manages over 50+ websites monthly. I love programming and the idea of people using something I have developed, my other love is for teaching others my knowledge and learning from people that I teach.


bruh im gonna sell my BCC and DAV which i was staking and go all in drops

>A key aspect of the Dropil services is the automated smart trading robot platform, internally and externally referred to as Dex. This platform is not a single bot or strategy, but rather a carefully curated and tested set of automated bots – all designed and programmed 100% in house. None of the logic or strategies designed and used by Dex have ever been sold or given to anyone outside Dropil. The strength of the platform does not lay with a single strategy promising ‘too good to be true’ returns that will make instant billionaires out of anyone, no such program exists. The strength of Dex is rather a system that allows very safe, strong net returns, with minimum user oversight. Dex supports running different modes which are a combination of logic optimized for specific tasks. Each mode contains a set of multiple strategies at its disposal and will automatically and autonomously switch to the most efficient strategy in reaction to market changes. The dynamic modes of the individual instances operate independently of each other with no cross communication; however, all performance is recorded in a central repository for continued analysis of all trading.

damn sounds legit as fuck. Im in.

lul. I just died watching that video


>internally and externally referred
>automated bots
>combination of logic optimized for specific tasks

I'm convinced.

*Muffled sounds of HEY HEEEY HEEEEEEEEEEY in the distancce*

if your bot is so good why do you even need investors
just take a $10000 bank loan, put it in and enjoy infinite money

This.. but it's sustainable goys

Anyone else noticed the oversized suit in the vid ?

did you notice floating dollars kek

see video title

That's the best part kek

>only 5% a month
lmao davor gives that in a day

The press release from 31.1.2018 stated that you get 1k free drop tokens on signup and another 1k on your first deposit.

The referal chain starts here for interested anons:
(put it behind the signup-URL, then post your own affiliate code for the next user)

they even managed to pull some test data out of their asses showing the 3-6% gains their network is doing

website looks nice and clean, this might be good

throw in some cents, get the 2k drop and sell once it is worth anything

Ok the signup bonus has ended but they still do the deposit bonus... it looks like you can deposit via ether, NEO, litecoin ec. too not jut dollars!

Please tell me these stats are faked

I hate to play devil's advocate with an obvious scam but it could be for risk management purposes. I.e. they are only risking your money and not their own. So if they fuck up they don't owe anybody shit.

Fuck both of them

Yeah looking into it you're basically buying shares of the profits made by their proprietary margin trading bot. You're literally just paying them to gamble for you.

>not buying into automated Pump and Dump scheme
lmao enjoying being poor


Or.......you could just put your cash in Ethpyramid like everyone else if you want magical dividends.

Fucking pajeets.

Post your fav bitconnect meme


who is she


WEW good find.
>We can't into layers properly
>But trust our margin trading bot.

>50% annually
So they will vanish around the end of 2018.. I guess you can make a quick few $$$ if you enter for a month.


Guys please fuck with this guy and his channel. He still stands 100% behind BITCONECKKKK and thinks they aren't a scam lol

this chink is so fucking retard

Is there a requirement to recruit people as part of this?

recruit is such a strong word. What do you think this is some kind of pyramid scheme?
We call it "hype sharing" goyim.

I swear if a youtuber named Jrevon Tames surfaces and starts shilling this thing

Well yeah. What's he gonna do? Openly admit it was a ponzi scheme?