Any other future millionaires here?

Any other future millionaires here?
$1 per coin mid 2018. 3B market cap is perfectly reachable

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In it since the beginning. This one is a no brainer. 3B market cap is too easy.

What echanges is this token on?


5x ico already. Pass.

it's not even on

I think x3 is acceptable. I'm in since ico so it's easy talkin for me. But if it dips to x3 it's worth buying it I think. But yeah don't buy it at x5 just wait for the dip.

Shh let me accumulate more.

where to buy it


should I go there by plane or vpn will be enough?

vpn is fine

Me, Veeky Forums ignored all the Universa threads, too late now

well its for 5 cents now. Maybe I will buy some

I can't ever bring myself to buy the "fastest" new coin on the market, any tags or monikers of "fast ethereum" are pointless -- this coin doesn't offer anything new and competes with some established crypto who has scalability solutions being worked on in the pipeline. If all this coin offers is speed then it's dead on arrival when ethereum introduces sharding or BTC implements lightning network. It'll pull an XRB pump once and fade away into Reddit obscurity.

I have some major doubts, included by this guy ^ but the whole Putin wants crypto and cryptoruble thing makes it seem like a decent fuck it. I truly think Putin is trying to swing something, but is this it?

If you're patient and can get a dip to .03-04 get in.

Easily $1 this year. $10-20 somewhere in 2019.

It's not even x100 yet.
That's why I'm telling you moron. I'm done accumulating, and there's still time for Veeky Forumsnessmen before the big boom. And I'd like you fags to shill alongside me.

what was ICO price? and why this is not on coinmarketcap?

ICO was 0.0125 at the end. It was by stages.

Is not on CMC yet because reasons. I submitted the info several days ago, but they have to review it.

Mainnet comes Q1 still, as well as the ERC-20 tokens swap for the actual coins. That's when the coins are officially released.

so its safe to buy it on cobinhood? is there any official info that cobinhood is legit exchange for universa?

Cant find anything

kek user was responding to someone implying 5c was the ceiling genius. UTN will be the first BIG breakout after the end of the bear market

Shitcoin, good luck selling your bags on these normies, lol.

It's legit, when you take the tokens out, the contract is this one

Which you can confirm on their telegram @Uplatform

yes, it is the ONLY legit exchange for UTN at the moment, do not buy any you see on ED. You can ask the admins in their telegraph channel to verify this. According to them UTN will be in the next Binance community vote as well