This shit is going to bounce hard at 100k

This shit is going to bounce hard at 100k
You can go for a quick flip (3-5% gains) if you want
I'm going to sell at 107k myself

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This is a long term hold you dingus.
This was listed today on a normie brokerage that allows for 20x leverage.


Rofl @ selling EOS

Veeky Forums has been replaced by brainlet chart reading binary options people. Jesus Christ.

Why is it

Unironically read this copypasta you’re welcome

Here comes the EOS redpill:

1. Will be faster than ETH will ever be (millions of tx/s)
2. Weiss ratings: EOS is *only* crypto to tie, and later SURPASS ETH.
3. $1B capital injection program for EOS projects.
5. No transaction fees.
6. Not vaporware. The testnet for devs has been out for months. Mainnet launches in June.
7. Can host Facebook on EOS.
8. EOS has partnered with big VC firms who will pick winning projects to fund.
9. Google co-founder Eric Schmidt has partnered with EOS through his VC firm TomorrowVentures. He provided a quote for an EOS press release.
11. Most VC funded EOS projects won’t do ICOs, they will airdrop to EOS token holders. Think of owning EOS as owning NASDAQ and receiving free stock in everything listed on it.
12. EOS tokens are real estate on the EOS blockchain. They give you access to EOS network bandwidth for dapps. You can rent your EOS out to devs for passive $, in addition to $ from EOS VC project token drops.
13. Real estate is better than fuel. You don’t burn it, you hold it for incredible gains.
14. Mike Novogratz (CEO of Galaxy Digital, former Goldman Sachs partner) & early investor in ETH, announced $325 million EOS fund. He sees potential in EOS over ETH.
15. Richard Jung, former CEO of Bithumb, joined to lead the Korean community.
16. EOS is the biggest thing in crypto since Bitcoin, and will probably flip Bitcoin and Ethereum.
17. Elite developers are excited about EOS. Much more so than any other platform. This includes Ethereum, Cardano, IOTA, Hashgraph, etc. EOS will crush all of them.
18. $100 - $1000 by 2018/2019

tl;dr EOS will probably brute force its way to the top 3, top 2, and eventually the number 1 spot.

*Actually* screen shot this. It’s 2018 and Veeky Forums is still skeptical of and ignorant to the next big thing.

Chartfags fuck off.
Lolicoin is the Patrician hold of internet deviants who collect fancy moon moneyz.

oh look the EOS mobile shill lets await his copy paste and 40+ posts in thread only for him to ignore
>the money in ETH alliance

>Here comes the EOS redpill: Here comes the EOS redpill:
all these threads have 40+ replies from you. you are pathetic.

the fact you look at Weiss as some kind of authority discredits all of your other points. brainlet confirmed


I hold a small position on the basis that the DPoS is OK & original, Novogratz is invested & will increase my holding if horizontal scaling is actually real

Even the projects Dan L has 'abandoned' are doing well bitshares & steem

1. sharding can get ethereum to nigh infinite tx/s, eos is struggling to hit millions in testnet situations
2. jews
3. you can buy skill but you can't buy genius
4. ??? you said this already
5. at the price of decentralization (validators)
6. you're valuing a testnet 6 billion dollars. eth mainnet was worth a few millions at release
7. can host facebook on the internet as well, doesn't really mean much... social media networks don't get popular by being decentralized, and eos isn't even properly decentralized
8. jews
9. jew
10. jew
11. tokens given for free will be worthless for the most part, see Waves
12. lol, nobody is going to rent shitcoins from your broke ass.
13. deluded
14. is this why he's got more personal money in ETH than the whole of that fund?
15. ok
16. lol
17. never heard of any developer excited for Eos, it's all third-worlders and facebook-tier people on Steemit
18. $10 by 2018, $1 by 2019

post eth address with eos holdings so we can screenshot your pajeet ass having low thousands of them

>Holding long term on this fucking market

While you stay on your pretty coin for months like a cute husband I'll just come home every now and day to fuck it when she feels lonely and get out as soon as I can

teach me how to fuck coins senpai

What I predicted is fucking happening
This bounce is going to be great

Just look at this baby.
Manipulated to perfection, they're going to remove that red wall, and holy shit you can imagine what's going to happen.

lol red 99k

it's not really happening tho ;)


>muh jews

Fuck off /poltard

Also when plasma/casper/sharding?? Because EOS is due June 1st 2018. Better get money skelley moving ASAP.

good pick OP, already at 101k

Yeah, I did made a mistake though, the true reversal was 99k