Is he really bog's son?

Is he really bog's son?

/biz makes fun of him, but he force a lot of bizfags to commit suicide once he dumps all his crypto bags

No, he is our savior.

The Bogs fear him.

He is Sminem the Saviour of Worlds.

What's his name again?

how did this guy invent etherium

wait, is that satoshi nakamoto?

This thread need more sminen

someone give me a quickrundown on this Aldmer

This is still a meme in the DYOR phase. Nobody that isn't a fag will tell you. Suck a cock and suck /ourboy/

how did his High Elf become so powerful?

He is actually the original bogdanoff. The bogs we know today are actually Sminem who, in the future, clones himself, underwent identity reassignment plastic surgery, and then travelled back in time. This explains how the bogs have been able to amass such vast amounts of wealth and power, and how they always seem to be two steps ahead.

Now down to the Smegdanofss


Witness my double dubs of truth

no user, he's their FATHER!



Prepare your body



looks like an average russian to me

Feel sorry for the little dude, you shouldn't be bullying him. Live is already though enough for him.

Shitty forced meme. Neck yourself please

nobody is bullying him faggit, kids a boss, were trying to contain his aura and apply it for crypto gains.

He genuinely seems like a good little fella. I hope his life turns out just fine.

benddacock cuminhersnatch

You post photoshopped pictures of him and his family (he didn't asked for that).

Look the Bogdanoff brother are adults and made them self freaks. Don't make this little kid lose his smile...

>being this much of a newfag
sminem didnt start of on biz..

its a russian meme

>little kid

I hear the Rothschild keep him alive as the only living Bogdanoff kryptonite